Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Panic at the beach

Being short on computer time, I decided to re-post and older post from '06, for Heads or tails see/sea week.. Not many people followed my blog back then and probably haven't read this one. (hope this isn't cheating Skitts!!)

I have been accused too many times, especially from my boys, of being too uptight. So, Today when I lost sight of my 13 year old son at the beach, I tried to remain calm. This was my first trip to the sea this summer. I was looking forward to total relaxation, total detoxification. As soon as we arrived he said " I'm going in" and before I could gather my thoughts to tell him all the usual Mom warnings ( Make sure you remember this umbrella/ Remember we are on this side of the concession stand/ Don't go out too far out / check back with me soon - He was gone.
I stood by the water trying to see where he was, with no luck, so I started walking- trying to figure out which way the tide was drifting. Some people drifted east some west. So I walked both ways. No luck. I returned to our chairs and fellow moms (all so kind) said he didn't return. Now tell me, how long would it take you to panic? Am I a total NUT like my 3 boys think I am? After an hour and fifteen minutes of walking and searching, I spoke to the life guard. He called the others on his walkie talkie to keep an eye out for my sons description. After another 30 minutes, I was beginning to seriously panic. I went to the main lifeguard stand, where they called the police. I have No idea what they would have done, besides, maybe give me an oxygen mask. I was really in a panic! No sooner, did they call them, that their radio beeped informing them that my surfer boy had returned to our chairs! So they gave me a ride back, in their little beach jeep. The few moms I had spoken to earlier each ran up to the jeep to tell me- "they've found him!" (God bless all Moms, we really feel for each other) Well, of course my little guy didn't walk down to see the naked chicks at the nude beach as the lifeguards suggested. He wasn't wandering totally lost or drowned at sea, as i feared. He was just jumping waves, swimming and having a 13 year old Ball! He drifted pretty far away, but he said "of course I knew the way back, I'm not like 8, Mom"
He was so shocked at me for calling out the posse and of course he looked at me like I was,- (as my other son nick likes to exaggerate)-crrrrraaaazzzzyy!! No, I didn't break his legs, I didn't kill him. I just had a long talk with him and then we actually stayed and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon. Me in my chair, finally taking a cleansing breath and enjoying the sun and sea breeze.... him ...jumping waves and waving to me constantly!!

update..( i tell u, reading this again.. I CAN'T believe I waited THAT long... Today I must be even crazier because I think I would have called the police after 10 minutes!! )


Skittles said...

I panic almost instantly. I always envision a million possible scenarios and what I will do if each one comes true, who I will call, etc.

So glad you could play today. No rule breaking that I see. :)

Tumblewords: said...

Scary stuff! I remember taking my daughters to Yellowstone and walking on wooden sidewalks through the bubbling mud. Those girls had bruises on their upper arms because I was squeezing them so tightly. Whew.

skywind said...

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peppylady said...

I completely understand and where do you think my gray hair comes from.

Coffee is on.

Bone said...

I was thinking as I was reading that you were VERY patient.

"of course I knew the way back, I'm not like 8, Mom"

LOL Loved that. This story reminds me of the time my cousin and I got separated from Mom and my aunt in K-Mart. I cried, of course.

Giggles said...

When I first read this post, way back when, I knew we were kindred spirits....This could have been me to a tee!! Hugs...still funny what mother lions we are!

At the begining of each summer I searched for the most unusual sun hat for her to wear so I could spot her every minute over all the other kids in mainstream hats!

No wonder she has a hat fetish...lol

Hugs Giggles

Penny said...

Well you know I am not a mother, but I would definitely be a lot worse than you! I'm glad it was ok though, and you did get a chance to semi-relax!!

Granny Smith said...

Uh-huh. I recognized myself as I used to panic when one of my 3 boys did such disappearances - especially around water. It still happens to me in dreams, sometimes (where we are all young), although my little boys are now in their late fifty or sixties. You can never stop being a mom!

Tammy said...

I don't panic easily but add my kids with water and I would have freaked. My mom drowned at 44 in the ocean when my kids were 2 & 4. I have a healthy respect and fear of oceans. XXOO

linda may said...

Yeah as a Mum I know just how that feels Lucy. It is not pleasant is it. My eldest son in particular loved to wander off exploring.I used to think when he ran away in the supermarket he was trying to see how many little old ladies he could knock over or get to shake their heads in disapproval at his mummy.