Monday, March 16, 2009

Natures perfect food


I can't help noticing how many fruits and veggies end up in the trash in my home.
I always seem to wait too long to cut up that 3 pack of Gigantic cantaloupes from costco... when I finally attempt it, SLIME!
I Constantly buy, wash and put grapes in a beautiful bowl on my table... Kids pick at a few of them the first day... a few days later.... FUR !
I know how important it is to eat many vegetables. I buy them!.. I wash them!.. I prepare them! I cook them! TOO often even though the date says they should be fresh.... MUSH!
But the point I am really trying to make here for Heads of tails...?
EVERY TIME I open a bag of lays potato chips or Milano Cookies.... they Are PERFECT!!! No washing, no chopping, no cooking, No Slime, No Fur and Only occasionally a bit Mushy ( if I choose to dip them in my red wine.) THAT's good eating!
(thanks for the weekly infusion of inspiration Skittles!)


anthonynorth said...

This is a problem. Luckily, I'm a big fruit & veg eater, so it rarely goes off.

Hootin' Anni said...

I'd much prefer the fruit to the chips any day. But that's after I learned [from the advice of MANY doctors and cardiologists] to stop eating the salty, fatty foods.


Skittles said...

I have to nod in agreement with you here. I have two smushy oranges and one smushy apple in my fridge right now! I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure I also have some brown, wilted lettuce, slimy zucchini, oozing tomatoes, and bendy carrots. All of which I bought before vacation.

Junk food always lasts longer. Oh wait. No it doesn't. I eat it.

Tumblewords: said...

Good point! Very tasty, the Milanos and chips. Yes!!

Deirdre said...

As hard as I try to eat all the fruits and vegies I buy, there's always something that ends up in the compost bin anyway. The only cure has been to buy less, only what I'm sure we can get through in a week. It cuts down on the variety, but I feel less guilty when I clean the fridge. That's gotta be worth something.

And, no, a cookie never goes to waste around here. Not ever.

Tricia said...

We are a bunch of fruit & veggie lovers at our house. Fresh produce doesn't last in our house, although I often wish it would. Chips & cookies are cheaper too.

Tabbikat's Thoughts

Robyn Jones said...

LOL!...there you go...we should all switch to chips, cookies and pretzels....

Patois said...

Hee hee hee.

Giggles said...

Hahahaha chips rock, so does popcorn, and chocolate!!

love ya Giggles

Tammy said...

That's so true in my house. lol XXOO

b said...

Okay,now that was funny. A box of those reconstituted chips are even better...neither mushy/fuzzy/slimy nor broken. Pure heaven!!!