Sunday, March 22, 2009

my Potpourri week

This past week felt at least 10 days long. It began with me making the Monumental decision... Long panel? Short Panel?

After driving the garage door guy and Mr. Petals a little crazy... I finally selected LONG PANAL.. reasoning.. "Why do we need so many squares out there??" I also chose 'sunray' as my glass selection...partly because the name reminded me of summer which I love. (this is what it looks like...)
Our garage doors are so old and this is an improvement we've been trying to get to since we bought our home TWENTYFIVE short years ago! I think they are actually the original doors and this home is at least 75 years old.
Whenever I have a lot to say in a blog post I wonder how many readers will actually stay with me and read the whole long post? I hope u do!

This long week also had me worried again about my 'pregnant like' state. Instead of a pregnancy test, this week my doc had me go to the hospital for a sonogram. This is step one. She wants to rule out anything gynecological before having me seek out a gastroenterologist to find out WHY my stomach is SO distended, I appear to be about 6 months along! I feel just as uncomfortable as when I was. It's funny how you don't forget, even though the last time was 16 years ago. Every night while trying to fall asleep, I lay there and feel as if I ate a whole watermelon. I feel so anxious for her to call me with these test results so I know where I stand and what my next move needs to be. (thank god I do know for sure, it is NOT buying baby clothes!) My sweet nurse pal Sal, heard how I was feeling AND looking from her sister and decided to pamper me with a huge tray of her delicious eggplant parm! She delivered it to me with so much concern and love AND meatballs on the side!! Thanks for your love Sal! I love U!

This past week also brought my husbands 53rd birthday. We celebrated with our boys with some out to dinner fun food drinks and laughs. I love that when the 5 of us sit down together we usually always find something great to talk about and laugh over. I baked his favorite box cake ( I am by no means a talented baker!) Fluffy white on white. We all devoured that entirely by the next morning! Another thing Mr. Petals and I have been enjoying doing a lot of ... (no, not that).... PaInTiNg! Since everyone was so kind and didn't make fun of my last attempt at art.. I would love to share my latest masterpiece with you!.... TA DA! I really loved this one.. It doesn't look as stylized as my last one. I am imagining these to be olive trees in Italy!

Last night we had tickets to go to a local performing arts center and see 'Mostly Moptops.'
They are a beatles tribute band. My youngest son is a beatle lover and we thought he would enjoy this. We ALL did! The main singer was VEry entertaining and he really sounded so much like our beloved Lennon. It was so much fun we purchased tickets for two more upcoming tributes. Fleetwood Mac and CSN.

This past week was mishmashed with many emotions many worries but with much fun and enjoyment (as well as many clients who drove me looney). It also led me to a final blog decision... I was upset about HOW often I hesitate on what I choose to write about because I've given my blog address to just too many people I know.(in the words of Jackie Gleason... I have a B I G mouth!!) I often find myself thinking... hmmm, no I shouldn't write this... cause so and so may misconstrue its meaning... or hmmm, No I don't want to share that because someone may know TOO much of my business... I was even actually thinking of beginning a new blog and not telling anyone except my cyber friends, but my week end conclusion is this... I just don't give a damn and I am going to write about whatever or whomever I feel like writing about. (although, of course, as ALwaYs, taking into consideration that my sons may read) What do u think of that decision? As you can tell from the garage door story.. I am a bit wishy washy in the DEFINITE decision category... so if you think I should start a new blog.... This blog decision is not so final!
Are u still with me?? Thanks!! hope u choose to leave me a comment too! <3


keith said...

You covered a lot of ground here! An a-door-able post!!

forgetfulone said...

I love your painting!

Are you thinking of starting a new blog? I like this one! What's up?

Tumblewords: said...

Oh, man. Now I'm stressed. I didn't know old, damaged and ugly garage doors should be replaced. After all, I don't look at them. Your painting is way cool - it does look 'Tuscan'. What fun! Hope you get to feeling well very soon! And just change the names to protect the not-so-innocent - that should work for this blog...

Giggles said...

Oh my goodness....I thought you were going to say you bought that's amazing....I am so impressed....seriously looks awesome!! Sounds like a good time at the mop anything Beatles...anything!

I have that same garage door but no window....Although I like the light in a garage....I find the window a safety issue, people can look in and see if you're home!!

If you need to start a new blog, your crew will follow you!! I'll write you an email about that!!

Very heartfelt post!!

Love Giggles

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I think you we'd follow you anywhere especially now that we know you can paint so nicely. Where's Mr. Petals masterpieces? if you think you'd enjoy writing more with a select audience I say start a new one.

Granny Smith said...

Otto and I have lived in this old house for fifty years and are still just talking about replacing those old garage doors! I love the fan top you chose.

Your painting is very accomplished, and I love the colors. Your fun-with-family activities sound wonderful especially accompanied with a good dose of laughter.

And I always read your blog all the way to the bottom, no matter how long, because I really care about what happens in your life.


Tammy said...

1.Nice choice sweetie
2.Poor girl, being bloated just sucks!
3. Painting was REALLY good! Tuscanish
4. Happy Birthday lucky Mr. Petals.
5. Beatles as a family...very cool.
6. Just keep this one it's the real two cents.

Much love,

Bone said...

I stayed with you.

And Lucy, you know you can always write anything you want about me. I will never misconstrue. I will only construe :)

Thinking of you and your test results. Keep us updated!

Devil Mood said...

In the end it is up to you but I do think that giving freedom to your 'big mouth' is part of who you are and people love you for it.
I didn't know you were such an artist, that's a really great painting. Shame on me!

I hope your stomach situation will be resolved quickly. I often look like I've had a watermelon when I finish dinner. ;)
Oh a Beatles-tribute band, I'd love to have been there!

Skittles said...

I hope you find the answer to your tummy problem. It's probably not a good time to offer you a bowl of bean soup.

OMG at that painting! Yes, it does look like something Tuscon! *applause applause*

Hurray for deciding to be yourself! :)

Skittles said...

Me again.

I meant to mention the the first picture of your husband(?) on your sidebar reminds me of Tony Orlando.

Anonymous said...

Anna Said:

Hello from Mrytle Beach, S.C.

I told you I'm one of your biggest fans.