Wednesday, August 22, 2007

ABC easy as 123

I've been tagged by my cyber soul mate giggles to do an Alphabet Meme! It's a fun way to let others get to know us and it forces us to think about what and who we are!
Rule # 1 Using the first word of my sentence as a prompt, write your own sentence that captures you/your essence!

Accept my imperfections, we are all human, why should I be different?

Break away from negative thoughts( even if it leaves my brain blank)

Create a loving home environment

Decide a goal I want to achieve and stick to it

Explore my hearts desires instead of my thighs

Forgive myself as readily as I forgive others

Give Of my time and love and friendship/ Give UP guilt trips!

Hope that my children are always happy and healthy

Ignore the ignorance/negativity of others/ as well as dust bunnies

Journey through my life with a confident step ( in funky shoes)

Know that I am truly loved

Love my loved ones and friends unconditionally

Manage my Am Ex more maturely

Notice the little things and enjoy them

Open my mind and my windows and breathe deeply every day

Play and laugh and find fun in each day

Question the insensitivity of others instead of just feeling disappointed

Relax and don't let little irritants get to me ( take a xanax when necessary)

Share my knowledge, my ups and downs to help others prevent the same downs

Try to be the best person I can each day

Use my compassion, my humor and my listening skills to help others feel good

Value my family and relationships also my successes

Work on bettering my self as a mother, wife and friend ( and dog owner)
( maybe neighbor too)

X-ray any broken relationship and find a way to mend it

Yield to the insane, negative and morons in my life. They need the right of way, let them have it.

Zoom around when cleaning to have more blogging time ( try not to break nicknacks in the process)

Rule #2 Tag as many as you want but at least one person!

Rule #3 List who you tag! Here they are! If you've been in a bloggers funk like I have, I hope this meme may be inspiring!



giggles said...

Haha very good answers my dear friend! I loved the zoom around one! I need that! Ignoring dust bunnies is good!!!! Letting the insane have the right of way, is excellent!! Well done, I welcomed the new insights into Lucy! Best of all, my cyber soul mate…so cute…loved it!

Love and Hugs Sherrie

Ally Bean said...

Love your "ignore" and "yield." I'll do this meme sometime in the next couple of weeks. It's a good one.

ann said...

loved it Lu!

daisies said...

what a fun meme!!