Friday, March 30, 2007

Conversation with..... My cousin Vinny?

A recent conversation with a potentially new (mobile) Dog Groomer- ( who by the way, says on her away message (with an attitude)" it may take me a few days to get back to you," she got back to me 6 days later)
Me- thanks for calling back, Are you taking on new clients?
her- Yeah
Me- Oh good, My Friend Dawn Highly recommended you,
I have a schnoodle and a cockapoo...
her ( interrupting me)- whey do ya live
me- about 5 min. from Dawn
her (Interrupting me again)- I doWn't go dat far.
me- excuse me? ( and with a very nice tone) I am just a bit south of her, maybe 5 min.'s
her- No, my van is falling aparrrt and I don't go further den i have to-
you gotta understand, this ding is gonna need a lot a repairs dat I can't afford.
Me- ( hesitant and befuddled) I seeeee, thanks for calling. Click

Hellloooooo???? Is it me, or wouldn't grooming 2 new pets bring you a bit closer to affording things?
How independent for someone driving a dilapidated van( and needing some speech classes?)
If you remember my good golly miss molly story, you will know why a groomer coming to the house sounded so perfect.
The truth is the girl that I usually take Molly to, does a great job. Now that a sweet pal gave me a new secure collar/leash combo... I think this was a VERY good outcome.


Deirdre said...

Amazing. Makes you wonder how someone like that gets into business at all.

Anonymous said...

Lucy, I think you should write scripts for plays or something. Your excellent writing has me on the ground laughing or on the bed crying, depending on the subject at hand.
As far as the dog groomer goes, I was on the gotta whey wid words, goil!

Mary J. said...

that was a hilarious post. I found a new groomer for my dogs - mainly just for nail trimming - right behind my vet's office. It's a tiny joint and she keeps 5 big dogs in there with her. Very talkative, but she did a great job cutting one of my chi's nails.

Ah, good help is hard to find.