Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Who's your Idol Favorite?

Is this years American Idol just not too exciting? You have your Lakisha and Melinda. They're amazing singers. You have Cool Beat boxing Blake, he is definitely the best guy. You have your adorable, Poised, charismatic Jordan (my fav!) But the others are kind of Blahhhhh. I only started watching Idol 2 seasons ago. That was the year Carrie won. There were many exciting singers, Like Nadia and Bo & Constantine. Last year Taylor was my favorite from the get go. Was he the Best singer? No... My husbands favorite Chris Daughtry probably was. Taylor though, had such charisma and was SO entertaining. Of course let's not forget he had Soul too.
Is it me? Am I idled out after 2 seasons? How Sanjaya could even be considered in the running is amazing. My cockapoo Molly belts out better sounds when wanting to come inside. ( Gee, that sounded like something Simon would say) As good as Lakisha and Melinda are, I don't know, they just don't seem like Idol material. Shouldn't an idol ideally be younger? Not be married? Not be a parent? I guess I have that old movie " The idol maker" in the back of my head. An up and coming kid the boys/girls will go gaga over. Has anyone heard of that movie? It's pretty old, maybe 20 years. Peter Gallager plays the kid that they make into a star. I bet it was his first movie. I remember really liking it.
So, for me Jordan Sparks possesses the attributes I think it takes to fill those Idol shoes. ( Although, I don't think she will win because most people don't seem to agree with me) At only 17 I am so impressed with her assuredness and bubbly personality. If you put me in that spotlight at that age I think I would have turned inside out. I am rooting for her, so I will try to hang in there and watch these other Idol fakers try to entertain each week. I would love to hear your point of view. Maybe you can enlighten me as to How I may enjoy the others.
(I just looked up The Idol maker.... Here is the info if you are interested.


spider said...

Hi Ms. Lucy the Brownie,
Can't contribute opinions to your "Idol" post as I've never seen the show even once. But, I can tell you that I loved your dessert e-mail...tho' what am I to be? I'm really a vanilla cake with white frosting kind of gal. None of the other choices do it for me...well, maybe carrot cake IF it had raisens and really good cream cheese frosting. Picky, eh?

Jane said...

Hi Lucy!

I rarely watch TV but I do occassionally tune in to Idol. I just find Simon so damn annoying and rude. I know he's supposed to be like that, but sometimes I just want to reach in to the TV and beat him senselessly over the head with a microphone.... he he :))

Ally Bean said...

Even I, who has never seen an episode of American Idol, know who this kid Sanjaya is. And having seen him on the news one too many times today, I just need to know where do I vote for Molly?

Kimberley McGill said...

I'm not a idol watcher either - but the news has put Sanjaya into my field of consciousness - I am in the process of trying to extricate him as we speak -- if he wins the world has gone more bonkers than I thought!

giggles said...

Hey Lucy my favorite got voted off this week! I have more of a passion for Indy music than mainstream. Chris will be an excellent Indy singer song writer! I heard some of his acoustic on you tube and I really like him. He has the personality to make it on his own. Pretty much I am done watching idol for the year. They have screwed up by booting off some goods ones before the game was even started. Like the guy that wouldn’t cut his beard, and that Bailey girl! Not just to be agreeable but I thing Jordin or Gina are good but Blake will probably take it. I don’t like watching Blake…so I’m done…

Peace Giggles