Thursday, March 22, 2007

Dress Success

I finally found a dress! Since January I have been looking for an appropriate dress for a wedding that I'm attending in April. You may have read about my "try on" struggles. You may have read about the search for the correct bra for a dress I bought and have since returned in this post( second paragraph)
This has been exhausting. I've been to Seven different stores. I have tried Petite and regular styles. I took varied sizes depending on styles. I tried a zillion undergarments for the dress I thought I was going to keep. Bus-tiers and tummy tuckers. Have you seen some of these? They are like breast and tummy straight jackets. Whole pieces that you step into and need a helper to do so! I was thinking... How the hell will I pee? I will have to undress each time and call in a bridesmaid or two to pull me back together. My husbands patience during this 2 month shopping hell has been exemplar. He has sat and held my purse. He has gone back to the rack for sizes. He has patiently helped me with accessories. I have nicknamed him Clinton
Well, after realizing this dress and all its necessary torturous undergarments are just NOT for me, Clinton suggested I go on line and shop for dresses. I though he was crazy, Didn't he just watch how difficult this was with tangible items? How the hell will a cyber dress fit? Nothing is as it appears on this monitor. I didn't have the heart to disagree with him, after all he had been through. I ordered many dresses knowing I could return them to the store. Nordstrom is the best website. No matter how much you buy, shipping is only $5.00! I couldn't believe it when they arrived. This cute, simple yet stylish, only requires a REAL bra and stockings, UN-petite sized dress Fit almost perfectly-!! Being only 5' tall it is nearly impossible to find a regular size that's perfect. I needed the shoulders lifted up a bit. It is being altered as I type. The best thing is I have shoes and a purse that match beautifully. I AM DONE! I AM EXCITED! I will be seeing people at this wedding that I haven't seen in many years. I just wanted to look my best. Is that so terrible? So, I am a bit nutty, what can I say. Clinton is already dreading what I will put him through when it's Our kids getting married. Hmmm Maybe, I should start shopping soon.....


spider said...

Hi Lucy,
Now that I know what you look like...and YOU, my dear, are beautiful... I can with absolute certainty say you're going to look a STUNNER in that dress. The other one was pretty, too...but I think this one is truly elegant and rich-looking.

Your "Clinton" is a good man, indeed.
The last thing you would have needed is for him to lose patience.
Instead, he was there for you all the way. A real keeper, that Clinton is.

Speedy Chick said...

What a beautiful dress. I am sure you will look fantastic all you really need though is to take that great personality I see here and you will be just fine. I hope you have a blast:o)

Kimberley McGill said...

What an absolutely gorgeous dress! Simple lines with enough "flair" - nothing over done. You will be beautiful! I know about the shopping blues - I usually end up with a whopper of a headache.
Have a wonderful time!

Lucy said...

thanks everyone! It was fun sharing it with you.