Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Miss cookies kitchen

Do you remember your favorite colorforms set?
Do you remember mine? Miss Cookies kitchen! It had little cabinet doors that actually opened allowing you to place the little dishes and such neatly in there. I remember spending many hours fantasizing about having my own kitchen someday. With my own little cabinets that I would organize and keep Just so! Geeez, what a wacky little kid I was! Here I am today, with many little cabinets, wishing Miss Cookie would get her ass over here and straighten them all out for me. I will admit when I first bought my house I was very attentive to all the details such as having the pantry divided into sections. Rice and pasta here, Cereals over there. Oooh that shelf will be Just canned goods!! I WAS living the Miss cookie fantasy (or nightmare.) Now It's, "here -shove this box of oatmeal up on top of that teetering pile of ramen noodles, that should fit". Life is just too busy and when there is time I would rather be doing ANYTHING else but! Somedays the"booby traps" ( that's what my husband has appropriately named them) get to me. ( Although- I won't admit that to him!!) When you are cooking and trying to get the flour and have a few other items drop on your toe, Or the dreaded tupperware cabinet! It is like a house of cards in there! ( I will use cereal bowls for storage, just not to deal with that scene.) When things get this crazy, I think it may be time to dig down and find the Miss Cookie gene that I had as a child. Another problem Miss Lucy's Kitchen has is too many of the same item! I've been so unorganized lately that I will buy MORE sugar or salt or syrup, only to come home and find I already had 2 or 3! If we give up fresh fruits and veggeys, I could probably skip food shopping for a month.
Tell me about your colorform memories!


spider said...

ABSOLUTELY, I remember my fave Colorforms set. It was the one with the girl (or maybe a boy?) that you dressed up according to the weather.
I don't remember what the name of it was, but I LOVED it! Haven't thought of it in years...thanks for the memories, Lucy!

Gee, I think one of my girlfriend's had Miss Cookie's Kitchen. And my boys both had various Colorforms...I seem to remember a Sesame Street or Muppets version.

Speedy Chick said...

I don't remember having a colorforms set. I can relate to the clean organized house to start then reality quickly sets in. Luckly I get the bug 1 every year or so to re-organize my life. Sometimes it works:o) Oh and once I dropped a pack of frozen hotdogs out of my equally unorganized freezer and my toe hurt for weeks.

deirdre said...

I used to spend hours arranging and re-arranging my room when I was a kid. I love, love, love to organize, may even start hiring myself out. Even so, there are so many times I get home from the grocery store and discover that we still had enough of a thing to see us through til the worlds end.

Anonymous said...

Miss Cookie's Kitchen was definitely a favorite for my sister and me. Loved it. We have reminisced about it not too long ago. We thought it was so nifty with cabinets that opened.
Jane and Jan (sisters)

Michelle R said...

I don;t remember it but my sister has talked about it for over 10 years. I am trying to locate one to buy for xmas for her. I tried ebay for over a year now. DOES ANYONE KNOW WHERE TO FIND ONE? Any suggestions where to START a search? My email is my name is Michelle.
PS- My favorite colorforms was Wonder Woman :) In the early 1980's

Michelle R said...

PS - She also said that there was another one called Miss Cookie's SPACE kitchen too. She loved that one too. Either one or both would be good.

marvinf said...

It was nice hearing about your fond memories of playing with Miss Cookies Kitchen. I was the desinger.
I was working for UPA pictures when the owner and designer Harry Kislevitz asked to work on some projects for him. Cookie wasn't the first but it was the one that gave me the most fun, then and now.
Thanks for the memories.
Marvin Friedman

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love my Miss Cookie's Kitchen. It was my favorite childhood toy. I didn't remember the name and either did my mother but I still spent years describing what I could remember to everyone who would listen at antique shows and flea markets. No one knew what I was talking about and then along came Ebay and I was able to describe it loosely with key words like colorforms and kitchen etc. and there it was on the screen!!! Memories came flooding back and it was a THRILL! I spent hundreds getting one and it now is here and whenever I look at it I am a little girl again on Concord St and that is just priceless!! Thank you Marvin!

Linda T said...

Love Love Miss Cookies Kitchen. Esp. the cupboard doors. So good to see pics. And you live in that adorable beautiful house? Pls. post more pics. It is lovely ;p Are you on facebook?