Monday, August 27, 2007

When DON'T I get that sinking feeling?

"I get that sinking feeling..." This phrase is the Sunday Scribblings prompt this week. I've been real busy and thought I would have to skip this week, but the prompt is too great , I need to touch on it, even without time to really, really search my pre-occupied, frazzled brain.
I feel like to personalize this topic it should read like my title. As much as you know me as a kidder and someone who likes to have fun, I am SO full of doom and gloom. The meaning of A sinking feeling, according to Answers. com, is a sense of dread or apprehension. I sense dread & apprehension more than I care to disclose! The first strong sinking feeling that popped into my head when I read the prompt is one that every parent has experienced. Thinking I had lost my child in a store. Even though it was a matter of seconds before I found my son hiding under the clothes rack at macys, It felt like an eternity, like time stood still.A low Ringing in my ears the sinking feeling sinking below my heart and into the pit of my stomach, making me nauseous as well as dizzy. Sweat immediately formed on my upper lip along with chills down my spine. Calling his name out became a shrill cry that quickly drew attention from other compassionate moms nearby. The feeling of relief in finding him is indescribable. If you are a parent I don't need to type more.. YOU KNOW what I mean.
Another time I experience that sinking feeling is when I totally embarrass myself by saying something Ridiculously stupid. My most embarrassing moment? Being at the wake of a family friend. His distraught wife hugged me goodbye and with tears said "Thanks so much for coming"? What did Loose Lipped Lucy reply? "Thanks for having me." Even in her tragic circumstance she actually squinted at me looking puzzled. I was MORTIFIED! My husbands sister still teases me and remembers my famous blunder. That sinking feeling is still present just re-telling it.
My kids keep telling me I worry too much, they must be right, because whenever they're not home and my phone rings, my heart sinks. It is amazing that I don't have more gray hairs. Forget it if the phone rings at 4 am. My husband needs to call a paramedic after he hangs up. I think my heart actually stops beating, till I hear him say "Wrong number".
Another classic sink happens if I even think I may have offended someone's feelings. Last week I worried all week about something I said to a favorite client, I finally had to call her to apologize. She thought I was a NUT, she didn't even think twice about our conversation. What the hell is wrong with me? This sinking feeling thing is going to do me in, I know it.
My Obit will read " She Sunk!"


Ally Bean said...

I agree with you that I get that sinking feeling way too often. I don't know if it is the age I am or the age in which I live, but apprehension is my first response to much of what happens in my life.

Love your obit. That is a good way of making the negative into something positive.

daisies said...

oh yes ... those crazy sinking feelings do haunt us don't they :) the sinking feeling will do me in too i think ... can i steal your obit ;-) hugs!!

Tammy said...

I'm a fellow worry wart Lucy! My stories are like yours. I'm singing "Don't worry, be happy." lol HUGS

giggles said...

Awe, I'm so sorry you worry so much. I make the kids tell me what they are wearing before they leave the house, that's how bad I am. That way if anything happens I will at least know what they had that silly or what? When I hear an ambulance....Lucy you know the rest of this one....first thought," hope it's not the kids or my brother, or anyone I know. I had the same kind of funeral blunder...I doubt they hold it against us! That is why I like to believe most people have good intentions and don't mean to offend people. I let things roll off my back! I try to have more faith in myself and humanity, and if they think bad of me, well that 's their choice! Really not much I can do about it. I know my heart is pure and has no intention of hurting others! Thanks for sharing such an intimate side!

Hugs Sherrie

Rich said...

Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and viewing my blog. I am glad that everyone is enjoying my photos, Hope to have more inspiring ones in the near future.

spider said...

No, dear Lucy. Your obit will need to include, "She cared."

deirdre said...

I recognize every one of these feelings. It doesn't even need to be 4 a.m. for my heart to sink with a phone call - any time out of the norm will do it. And I wish I could just forget all the things that have fallen out of my mouth. Why do we torture ourselves like this?