Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dear Diary

November 2, 1970
Dear Diary,
I am so excited to be writing in a real diary! For many years I have been writing in a black and white notebook. I have always wanted you, white with gold trim and the best part a Lock and key! Now, I don't have to worry about my mom coming across you and reading all my thoughts. This is what happened, Last week my 6th grade class was asked to collect donations to Unicef while we were trick or treating. Our teacher, Mrs. Langanthall told us who ever collects the most money will win a prize. Cindy thinks she is so cool, she said she doesn't even go trick or treating anymore. She tried to make me feel like a baby. What is she, crazy? Who wouldn't want free candy? Today, she told me that boys get their periods too. I have no idea about that, So I just said "Of course they do", but I will ask my sister when she comes home from High school. I can't believe I collected the most money! $25.00! ( I know Cindy was jealous when she saw the prize). A beautiful Diary! My First Diary! I can't wait to write my brother a letter and tell him how I won. He is stationed in Seoul Korea and I hope he gets to come home soon. Why do we have to have this stupid war diary? I hate it.
I promise I will take great care of you diary. I couldn't believe how many of the kids in my class just threw their orange Unicef containers in the trash. Why wouldn't they want to help other kids? When I grow up I want to have at least 6 kids. Three boys and three girls. Like my favorite show the Brady Bunch!
I'm still not sure if I want to marry Tom C. or Bobby Sherman. Tom looked soooo cute today. When I said Hi to him, he threw his head back and his hair flew in his eye. He had on the blue Peace T-shirt! But Bobby Sherman is my favorite singer and I just melt when I look at his posters. This is going to be a tough decision. I know I have lots of time though. I better go do my homework now Diary, because I want to go ride my bike with Linda after dinner. She is my best friend, you will hear a lot about her. I am 2 months older than she is but She is sooo lucky- Her mom is buying her, her very own Monkey! bye 4 now, LuLu

Lulu and Bobby
Mrs. Bobby Sherman
Lulu and Tom


Tammy said...

I LOVED Bobby too! :) I would have loved to have kept a diary. What a empathetic 6th grader you were. XXOO

paisley said...

well i was a david cassidy girl myself... but bobby sherman was alright too....god we are old!!!!!!

Rob Kistner said...

...and they call it puppy love... ;)

giggles said...

We could have been friends in sixth grade only I'm three years older, but I had a lot of empathy for people and I thought I'd have six kids too!! Funny, I wonder how many sixth graders think that. We should do a pole, (how many kids you thought you'd have when you were a preteen and how many you had?)
Very sweet post...those monkeys were so cute.... never had one though!

Hugs Sherrie

gautami tripathy said...

It makes me feel so ancient..LOL!

Remiman said...

OMG that is such an awesome post! Like, it is so perfect and all, like you know...I lovet it!!!!!

I always wanted 5 kids and with Judy. Had 3 with D. Well D. had them. My contribution was just a drop in the bucket.

I did UNICEF one year too, but i didn't win a prize. That's ok though 'cause boys don't keep diaries anyway.


~Michelle~ said...

Yes, those truly were, the days we'll remember (love the Natalie Merchant clip). I too, remember getting my first diary with the lock and key and gold trimmed pages. I had such a crush on a guy although I can't even remember his name now...

Fledgling Poet said...

This brought back such memories...I was smitten with David Cassidy and Donny Osmond. :~) Those were the days!

Saoirse Redgrave said...

What a great post! So flighty and young, so full of energy!

Very cool!

Stephanie said...

Found you via Ally Bean, and had to comment because I too had a gold trim, lock and key diary. Those were the best!

And the monkey? My dad had his own monkey. Got it from a mail-order magazine thing. He hated that thing, and one of my earliest memories is of him telling me, "I will NEVER get you a monkey." Sad.

daisies said...

i love this :) wonderful!! xox

deirdre said...

You've captured the voice perfectly! You brought back a lot of memories.

spider said...

Priceless writing. Priceless memories. You were as beautiful a person then as you are now.

I had a hankering for Bobby Sherman, too...for a brief time. He's was a little too cutesy for my taste, even back then. I seem to remember his dimples, though, and thought those were darling when he smiled. Can't remember, however, a single tune he sung!