Monday, August 13, 2007

goose bumps

I can't believe the last sunday scribblings topic was Goosebumps and I wrote about Tom Wingo! Sometimes my impulsivity frightens me. The first thing that popped into my wacky little head was the goosebumps I had gotten that day while reading. The next day I realized how SO many things give me goosebumps and any of them would have been a better choice. I also realized a fun thing would be to try and give YOU, the reader goosebumps. Then I realized... Hey this is MY blog... Why not write about it anyway? The following topic ALWAYS makes my skin crawl.... Help me give you the willies... Visualize Please.... here goes
My sons big toe had an ingrown toenail. The ingrown toenail became infected. His toe was swollen and red like an angry little alien. First the podiatrist tried lancing the skin on the side of his toenail. Lancing is cutting the infected toe to let the pus and blood escape. ( any willies yet?) A week later, his other big toe gets infected. Same procedure. The first toe got better but the 2nd one needed a more drastic approach to curing his problem... He needed to.....( horror music please.....) remove my sons toenail! ( Full blown goosebumps yet?) He started out with a very long needle to slowly inject an anesthetic to numb him. Then he clipped and dug and pulled and pullllleddd some more and from way down deep where I didn't know we had toenails, he removed a very long shard of nail covered in blood and He held it up in his surgical tweezers. How do I know all this? Because my craaaazy son ( Yes! the kid who calls me crazy) VIDEO taped the whole nasty procedure! The doctor said this was the first time someone asked if they could video his work. I couldn't believe how steady my son held the camera as he watched his toenail being pulled out of its nail-bed. ehhheeeehhoooohhh ( that's my chills) I can't watch the entire video, but I made the mistake of looking up at the very moment the nail beneath the nail-bed was extracted, looking just like a jagged piece of broken glass pulled out of a murder victim.
Is it because he is my son that I am in Willie city? I can't look at his toe without being covered in goosebumps. I can't even listen to him tell the tale of his toe without goosebumps. I can't even write about it now, without them.
Today he went back to the doctor for a re-check and is on antibiotics because the nail-less toe is getting infected again! This is so worrisome. He has been soaking it and putting bacetracin on it and covering it like he was instructed. I hope the anti-biotic ends this chilling fiasco that he has been handling so courageously. ( or as he says - So metal)
So how did you handle this tale? Was I able to make your skin rise even a little bit?
If not.. How about a visual ( warning... Not for weenies)


deirdre said...

Well...I just finished dinner, so goosebumps weren't the issue. Ewww! Actually, it sounds incredibly painful, which makes me cringe for your son, and for you too.

Tammy said...

Now THAT gave me goosebumps! My kinda kid!

giggles said...

Yes, Yes and Yes.....a rush down my back after the fact....I get a pain in my stomach and actually feel the kids pain! Maybe have him checked for diabetes....he should be healing right away! Have them do a full blood work up! Has he been extra thirsty lately?
Hope he gets well soon! Is he putting it on Youtube? Feel better big guy!

Hugs Sherrie
Extra big hugs to that brave guy…with no toenail!! OUCH!

~Michelle~ said...

Ewwww! Gross!

Your description was very good at giving me goosebumps, but of course I had to look at the "visual" for the full effect!


Jane said...

Oh my god, Lucy....this did give me the chills. Once I had a Plantar's Wart and I had to go weekly to get acid put on to it. It literally slowly ate a hole away in the bottom of my foot. I'll never forget that! Now my daughter came home from camp 2 days ago with a very funky wart on the side of her big toe....just days before we leave for vacation!

Hugs to you, beautiful!


spider said...

Eck, Lucy! The poor guy. Wonder what on earth is causing this traumatic toe trouble?!

I didn't get goosebumps per se but I did feel a tightening up the back of my spine and my face got all contorted while I read your post. Yes, I'm a weenie, so I won't be looking at any pics anytime soon. But thanks for the offer...I think...

Eck! Get well toes!!! BTW, does the toenail ever grow back once it's completely removed?

Anonymous said...
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