Wednesday, April 23, 2008

3 Word Wednesday

picture reflected stop

I have stopped and viewed this picture
I have reflected often about that blustery day
My children exploring the twin towers
Never imagining Towers could be blown away


Tammy said...

This picture is a sad reminder of the fears our children must live with now.

The happy reminder of this shot is these three beautiful blessings.

Bittersweet Lucy. XXOO

Remiman said...

As I watched it all unfold I was incredulous. I still think of it in a surreal way.

giggles said...

Powerful piece, bringing tears to my eyes. I cried then, now seeing your three little treasures there makes it even more of a devastating reality here on the West coast!

Prayers to families who were affected by such a tragic loss!

Love to you

paisley said...

how lovely that you have a good memory and a picture with which to back it up.. all i have is the vision of a wonderful young man,, that wnated nothig from me,, but a turkey burger we never had to offer him at the seminole golf club in jupiter beach florida... rip deeg sezna

myrtle beached whale said...

Very well done.

Scribbler said...


Good one

keep it rollin;)