Monday, April 07, 2008

LOST highway

I don't think this is what the prompt was intended for but LOST highway brings one thing to my mind... One of my favorite obsessions, L O S T ( the tv show.) I have been riding down the L O S T highway for only ONE short year!
I was a later voyager. I started season one on dvd in March of '07. I could NOT get enough. My husband wanted to savor this series and watch ONE episode one day, ONE another.. I got totally obsessed and a bit CRAZY.I would want to see two or more in a row and He would obnoxiously say.. "Okay that's enough, let's not rush this" I Would Jump off the couch and scream "Your not the fucking L O S T police". I was like an addict who needed more. When we finished season one, I ran out the very next day to buy season two. AGAIN, he would try to hold us back from seeing too many at once. It was like he wanted to get his moneys worth or something? He definitely likes tv way more than I do, BUT when I DO like something.. WATHCH OUT! Season three came out mid december of '07 and we finished it before Christmas, and IN time to start season 4 on tv. My husband started his nonsense again, he didn't want to watch it weekly on tv... he wanted me to WAIT some more. "Let's wait till it's on dvd, we will enjoy it more that way." I don't recall what I screamed: "kiss my ass" rings a bell. Each week my son's friend Jon would join us as we all traveled down the Lost Road. ( thanks to dvr, we FF all the commercials) Then the hiatus.. due to the *%$#% writers strike. ( I think my husband was gloating) We have to WAIT 6 weeks to have more L O S T. It is like torture, UNTIL... blogging pal Rick mentions he likes the show "rescue me".. I picked up season one at the library. I FORCED HUBBY TO WATCH MANY IN A ROW... The following week- season two..Tonight, I just finished 3 hours of Rescue me.. I'm shakey and I NEED to get hold of season three! (This show is also like crack.)
If you aren't hooked on these two shows yet.. Trust me. You owe yourself a 'feel good' present.. go to amazon (or just take the highway) and let the obsession begin.


paisley said...

never seen either of them.. i just watched season one of dexter,, after rave reviews... it was "different" but i wasn't thrilled.. so maybe i'll try lost or rescue me next.. thanks for the suggestions...

Deirdre said...

I watched the first season of Lost on DVD and was hooked in the first three minutes. It was about a month after losing my sister and I was in pretty bad shape - but from the second I started an episode it was like nothing bad had ever happened in my life. Something that can take you that far away from reality without involving substances is pretty good.

I was never able to watch just one episode; went through the entire season in a week. I record it too - love my DVR.

jadey said...

LOL it is good to see I am not the only one who really gets into watching certain shows.

Motherhood for Dummies said...

I keep meaning to get into Lost. My husband adn I just discovered "Hero" and love it! So we want to try out Lost cause we have heard such great things about it.

tumblewords said...

This is too funny - I'm not a TV fan so I replaced each title with chocolate and found my own road. LOL
Excellent post!

rebecca said...

i just became a LOST viewer this past year myself, catching the reruns. i'm dvr-ing this season's episode and haven't started to watch them yet....i dvr so many of them i have to balance them out! i also started watching Rescue Me a year hooked on it also. yeah, i agree, two good shows....but i'm more like your long as i know they're there, i can catch up anytime.

and i also thought of LOST when the prompt came're not alone....:)

myrtle beached whale said...

Glad you liked Rescue Me. It is one of the edgiest series ever on television. Funny and tragic. Lots of real-life emotions and situations.

Remiman said...

As I come to the end of the highway I find I have no time for tv.
Now let's see:"Your not the fucking L O S T police".
And, "kiss my ass"????????
Sorry, I don't belive it not form you! ;) yOU MADE THAT UP JUST FOR THE BLOG RIGHT?

Lucy said...

REL.. ( my very intuitive friend!)
No! I Didn't make that up! BUT my husband knows when I get dramatic like that it is my VERY tongue in cheek way to get my point across! He just laughs his head off when I "put on" this dramatic, intense(funny) protest!
RICK... LOVE rescue me.. so glad you got me hooked
REBECCA..If you're like hubby, I can't invite you over for our lost party! :)
SUE- chocolate?? bring it over YOU can come to
the lost party!
MFD- that's the next series I would like to try!
JADEY.. If you're crazy too.. You CAN join me for a marathon
DEIRDRE- I could see how it was able to take you away from reality. DVR has made me like tv again.
PAISLEY- I've never heard of Dexter, but I know you will love these. xo

keith hillman said...

I'm surrounded by lost fans, at work and at play! Am I the only person who isn't hooked?

Medhini said...

I was crazy about LOST season one. And I would watch it with such amazement that people wondered if the acting crew were my 'family' or something. But by the time season two got aired something vanished and I got lost in another highway.

giggles said...

Have been a "Rescue me" fan since the beginning. Bryan watches with me. Haven't discovered lost yet! Sounds like you are an instant gratification chick, while hubby likes to savor it! You have my vote....bring it on baby! I often use that "what are you the (what ever is fitting for the moment) police, for dramatic affect too! After watching it I would be NEXT!!! Never enough time in a day eh Lucy!I jumped in on Greys Anatomy a little late, then watched a marathon of first ones to catch up! I'm sure I'll take on the " Lost" reruns, somewhere down the road!

Hugs Sherrie

UL said...

Lucy, I love LOST!!! I hate it when it's not on every week! I started from season one, missed quite a bit on two & three, and now hooked back onto four...would you believe me if I say I wrote a post on this very subject a few weeks ago!!