Wednesday, April 16, 2008

sneaky secret

shhhh! sometimes secrets are not meant for touching only one
sharing harmless secrets generates a little Lucy type of fun
each morning when Mr. Fussy pours his morning cup of brew
He's unaware that I've been adding a tsp of cinnamon or two
I started with a drop and each day the nearly invisible amount goes up
Leaving him unaware he is reaping healthy benefits in his cup
He is getting fiber, iron, magnesium while it lowers his cholesterol & sugar as well
New studies find The aroma may help memory and cognitive skills, its a bit too early to tell
So why not just tell Mr. Petals the truth about his daily cup of tampered Joe?
He will then swear he thought it tasted odd or bad, a certainty that at our stage... I just KNOW!
I trust my fellow bloggers aren't blabbers and hope I don't seem a coffee jerk
It maybe giddy, It maybe daft, but I'm now quite amused with each pot I perk!

Todays 3 words for
3 word wednesday,
are- touching visible stage


anthonynorth said...

That was fun, as always. I'm now going to smell the tea.

Giggles said...

I guess he doesn't read your blog! You are a monkey....a very loving one though!!

Love ya

Anonymous said...

I love cinnamon tea!

green eyed monster

Tumblewords: said...

How funny this is! I know about cinnamon and I also know others like your hub! Still chuckling.

Linda Jacobs said...

I love it! Men don't have to know everything! For months I made decaf in the morning my my husband and he never knew it until I got caught red-handed.

L said...

nice one

Redheels said...

You are a sneaky one, for sure. He is lucky to have you looking after him

Tammy Brierly said...

I didn't know that! You are a dear little sneak. ;)

I don't think Elton likes girl booty. LOL

btw: I can't be in cold or hot water so we just used the hose and pray the wet suit works.:0


PJD said...

cute. maybe I'll try this some time. my wife does not brew coffee at all, so I'll have to sneak the cinnamon in on myself. It'll be hard to keep it a secret, though.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a mere male I think you are very sneaky lady! At least it's not cenapods you are adding!
(I don't think I spelt that right!)You will have to bribe me not to tell!

myrtle beached whale said...

put a splash of Vemma in it and you will have something. LOL

TC said...

I never knew that about cinnamon. I'll have to try putting it in more things. (I don't drink coffee.)

Deirdre said...

We've been adding a shake of cinnamon to our coffee for a few weeks too. And a little chocolate as well.

paisley said...

with all the coffee i drink,, i could probably resurface as a rock star should i start adding cinnamon to mine... may well be worth a try.... look out you tube!!!!!!

Lucy said...

thanks everyone for all the nice comments...

sherrie- NO he doesn't read my blog.. Only the stuff I FORCE Him to sit through!
Linda- I tried that once, but I couldn't handle the headaches! haha
Paisley- YOU ARE a rock star baby!

Anonymous said...

This was so fun! It was cleverly written and sinisterly sweet! Sometimes its just fun to have a secret even if its delicious and helpful like those secret little elves that had all the shoemakers shoes repaired for him in the morning!

Anya Padyam said...

Interesting, fun take on the 3WW prompt,

Anonymous said...

most amusing... my mom used to add little bits of valerian to my dads coffee to help him rest... needless to say she he noticed nothing nor did she... thou she does make excellent cinnamom coffee as well.. she uses cinnamom sticks in the water

Jen B said...

I had no idea cinnamon did all that! I think I'm going to start that secret at my house for Hubby :D
How's things with you two?
curious ;)