Tuesday, April 22, 2008

drum roll please...

It's time to draw the winning name from my anniversary contest!
FIRST i want to thank everyone Who visited me and left a kind comment.
My ♥ was very moved by all of your sweet comments.
As the comments came in I wrote each name on lined paper

I cut each name out and put them in a bowl..

And THEN I closed my eyes....reached in....tossed them around.... and chose the lucky name....

TAMMY! You are the 2008 winner of the Lulu's Petals Anniversary contest!!
Congratulations Miss Tammy!! I'm so excited for you! xoxo (Your prize will be on it's way to you very soon!)


spider said...

Hi Lucy,
Well I'm too late to enter the contest but never too late to wish you a big CONGRATULATIONS on your second year of blogging!! As you know dear Lucy, it's YOU I have to thank for encouragement to begin my own blog. May you keep writing your wonderful posts for many, many more years. Thank you for what you do.
Much love always,

giggles said...

Yeah I am so happy that Tammy won!!! So glad you have picked up the momentum of your blog this year as mine sort of has some lulls! Well done Ms. Petals....it is so fun to visit you! You inspire me!

Love Giggles

daisies said...

congratulations to tammy : )

i love all the pink!!

latree said...

congratulations tammy...
pssst... lucy, what's the prize?

myrtle beached whale said...

this goddamned contest was fixed. as soon as I saw the pink paper I knew I would be buying my own freaking Dapper Dan Pomade. Hey everybody, come over to my blog. I am offering free breast exams and everyone is a winner.