Friday, April 25, 2008

COPW looking for PHSM

Why is it if something breaks... You just can't seem to replace it with something comparable? Have you noticed how inferior new products are to their ancestors? It's Outrageous, Manufacturers are purposely producing cheaper products, so we have to buy more of them over our lifetime. My in-laws have an ironing board that is in perfect condition, they bought it in 1950! In my 28 years of marriage I have already bought THREE ironing boards! THAT's Outrageous!
A few years ago my toaster oven broke. It was one of those Black and Decker mounted under the cabinet types.

I loved it, it made Toast well. It heated up pizza quickly. It let me have access to the counter space underneath it. I went out looking for a new one... They didn't make that type anymore.. the sales person said.."oh they were too dangerous, they can cause fires, they stopped making that type" Stopped making that type? OUTRAGEOUS! What about the cavernous holes that are drilled into my cabinet holding up the
(now needless) toaster oven bracket?? What now? Most likely some Ass left his 'under the cabinet' toaster on.. while he went out shopping and then to a movie and then to his house of ashes, and Now they are ALL deemed UNSAFE! Just like the moron who took the blow dryer into his (final) shower with him and Now we all have to have THAT huge warning label attached to the cord. I'm surprised they didn't just STOP making blowdryers... "Oh They'll electrocute you those crazy hair dryers will, they are too dangerous!!". So I had to buy a different toaster oven. Well, let me tell you they are all junk! If you want a MONSTER toaster oven that doubles as an ACTUAL oven... well then maybe you will have toast quickly.. The smaller ones( which are still large enough to now overpower that corner counter section that used to be clear)
well... They DON'T work well AT ALL. You have to preheat it on tuesday if you want toast on wednesday. As for reheating pizza... you may as well call and have them deliver a new one, it would be quicker. Cleaning the crumb tray? Forget it, I will just wait till it's full and go buy a new toaster oven. My old black and decker was a breeze.. Just unhinge the bottom... a few crumbs fall onto the counter.. scoop them into the garbage... wipe the counter. Easy as toast used to be.

My newest outrage?... My shower head sprung a troublesome leak... This is one area, I don't need change. I won't tolerate change. My shower calms me. I NEED my Really good shower and I NEEd it every single morning and often nights too. I like that water hot. I like it powerful and pulsating (ooh la la) I like a handheld shower that will ALSO stay in it's little holder and NOT fall on my little head. I like a flexible hose that doesn't make me feel like I'm sharing my shower with alien.

So far.. No luck... I've bought two... they are both going back to the stores, (as did many toaster ovens till I realized they are all crap.) The shower head however.. Im not giving up as easily. These newer ones make me feel like I'm showering at a hotel.( even WITH the stupid water saver thingy removed) No matter how fancy the hotel... You just love coming home to your own clean and vigorous shower. I DON'T want to shower at a hotel next time and think.. oooh just like home! That would be too weird! speaking of those water saver thingeys... ARe they for real?? Do they really think we are CONSERVING water with that little dribble of a drippy shower?? You will be standing there Four times as long to get the soap off your hair! Those devices are wasting energy. Almost as much energy as I've been wasting looking for decent replacement products for essential conveniences in my busy, pizza eating,toast making, clean life! (Can't you tell, I'm not as calm as usual?)
If anyone knows of a powerful, wonderful, secure (handsome) shower head.. Can you please give me his (model) number??
translation of my title- Crazy, Outraged, Perturbed, Woman looking for Powerful,hand-held, shower-massager.



paisley said...

there are no american made products anymore,, and in seeking a cheaper way to produce all of the "must haves" for our society,, they have totally thrown quality to the wayside,, and went for cheap quantity.... evidently someone figured out we love to buy things,, so replacing our must haves must give us unlimited pleasure......

i totally agree with this rant,, but like i do in so many other areas ,, throw my hands up and say... what the hell can i do about about it?????

Tammy said...

I'm with you Lucy! My showerhead has been pampered and it moved to my new house with me. It's so old but nothing I've found compares. Fast and pulsating is a must. ;)

I enjoyed your take on the prompt.

Robin said...

I'll chime in with a vent about shoddy construction if you like. Grrr...

anthonynorth said...

It's the throwaway society nightmare. Nothing is ever made to last.

Greyscale Territory said...

It's so strange that you mention toasters. Right now I am cringing because I have to go out to get a new one. Each time I buy one, they seem to have more problems attached - like the toasting timer won't exactly regulate. It has a mind of its own. And the times toast gets stuck! I've lost count.

Yes! Throwaway products are definitely today's bane.

Enjoyed your spiel!


forgetfulone said...

Oh, I sooo agree with you on all of this! What a great post. I hate the toaster oven in my kitchen. I'd rather have my counter back, but my husband insists. We use it maybe once every 60 days or so. And then, you might as well use the oven.

And I hate taking a shower at a hotel. When I shower, I want some serious water pressure!

It's a conspiracy to get us to buy more stuff!

myrtle beached whale said...

Great take on the "end of the world" prompt.

keith hillman said...

As a serial 'marryer' I always found that the quality went down with each new bride! As for appliances and things, we now live in throwaway times. And of course, todays bits and bobs cost but a fraction of what previous generations paid for theirs.

giggles said...

Yes Yes and Yes....You go Girl!!! I agree one hundred percent and it's my bone of contention as well! What's up with this throw away world! Are they ever going to make the manufacturers responsible for making these inferior products? It's insane I tell ya....too much junk being made! Give me quality...or stuff it! Great post Lucy lulu!

Hugs Giggles

Constance said...

I dread buying anything new. Maybe I need to live off in the wilderness somewhere... nah, then the shower would be a cold stream. :P

tumblewords said...

Everything I have is old - except my 30 yr old d/w gave up the ghost. I searched for a replacement and was told that the less expensive ones won't clean dishes - I bought one anyway and it's true. I can't think of another use for a dishwasher? What's with this idiocy? See, how angry we are? Great post!

Just Jen said...

you got that right! They do that on purpose for the $$$
I found that power massager at liquidation world for 12 bucks, got one of those there? Everywhere else I looked they actually sold it in parts!! the hose 20 bucks, the connector to the shower another 10 bucks...OUTRAGEOUS!! Then they have those stupid rain ones, oh so romantic with water that dribbles out....last time I saw a waterfall the water came out with some pressure!
I still miss my old microwave...LOL

Stan Ski said...

'It'll last a lifetime' - and the small print gives a new definition of lifetime. At least you can throw it away in the same box it was wrapped in when you bought it.