Wednesday, July 30, 2008

3 word Wednesday

TheThree word wednesday words are-


It may be temporary but mention 'Gamble' and I become insane!
Thank god they've omitted casinos from any nearby town or lane
I can resist vices like alcohol, crack and pills
It's craps, roulette and slot machines, that give me crazy thrills!


paisley said...

well never having been a gambler,, the casinos around here hold no draw for me... but i am glad they are outta your reach if they do for you!!!!

tumblewords said...

I hear you! I've never had a problem with gambling but have always felt like I could -

pia said...

My father was a gambler--but he made it work for him--stock market and poker. His cousins however....A two generation family of gamblers makes for good stories though for some reason i didn't even think of writing about them

Was supposed to be in Vegas in two weekend so I guess I had it on the brain

Giggles said...

Hahaha Pepper and you'd be dangerous together! I'm like Tumblewords, I have the potential to have a problem with it....I keep myself in check....I love everything about it!! Except losing money!! Fun post!

Hugs Sherrie

forgetfulone said...

I forgot all about three word Wed.! No surprise there. We went to the casinos in Louisiana a week or so ago. I'd love you to go with me!

Great poem and great use of all the words.

Remiman said...

Years ago when I was in the Army, I played poker and lost my pay check. By the end of the night I'd won all but $50.00 back but it scared the bejesus outta me and I've never gambled for money since.

anthonynorth said...

Luckily I was brought up by a gambler, and I saw the errors of it early on.
I like the way you wrote that.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Hey a few years ago they built 2 casino's not even 1 hour away. too close for comfort.

Just Jen said...

I don't like any of that stuff but give me a good movie and a bag of chips and just get the heck out of the way! LOL
sorry I haven't been around for awhile, I tried hiding from my troll and get her to think I left for awhile so she would stop visiting (she hasn't left any new comments) but then I thought, that's stupid...nobody is going to get me stop writing. I had time on wednesday and put up a few posts...LOL

TC said...

Oooh, fact or fiction?

I'm personally not much of a gambler. I'm just no good at it, and I don't see any sense just handing over my money :)

one more believer said...

that is so funny!!!... tho never a gambler in casinos.. it is the gambles of life that i am often lured to as a fish to bait...

Lenore said...

The thought of losing money stops me!