Sunday, July 27, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings.

This morning my husband and I set out shopping for a carpet. I can't believe how much time and energy I can put in to making the 'perfect' purchase. I should have my head examined. It is thundering and lightening, downpouring ridiculously, and we are driving all over long island for this damn perfect carpet. Do I go for the perfect size or the perfect color? Being a typical woman, How do I not go for a great deal? After tons of internet and catalog and now store shopping.. this is what it comes down to- perfect size vs. perfect color ( I CAN NOT have both) and both vs. the best price!
I couldn't wait to come home to a hot cup of tea and a dry set of clothes. Now that I've had both... I've made my insane but as always ambiguous choice... I am going for the perfect size which comes at a better price than the perfect color ( which I adore) This is for my salon... If you read a few posts back you know.. I am in desperate need of redecorating my salon. I totally fell in love with -

this carpet but it is a few inches too long and would mean having to have those few inches go under a wall unit, which would look weird and may make the wall unit off balance. So I went for size AND for a better price and went with this one -
As you can see by me writing about all this, I am still battling indecisiveness!
So now I am contemplating buying the first one anyway and using it in my house! What do you think of an area rug over a wall to wall rug?? I know it's done all the time, but I've never done that. (it may make vacuuming a bitch)
In the meantime.. I am happy to have an Unconscious muttering to take my mind Off the rugs until tomorrow, when i guarantee you I WILL make my husband totally Crazy! haha

  1. Memory ::
  2. Oh how I wish my memory would work
  3. Original ::
  4. My original brain seems to loose a little bit more space each year
  5. Exclusively ::
  6. I'm glad that I'm POSITIVe that I am exclusively the only wife my husband has.
  7. Listings ::
  8. I should begin listing all of life's events so I don't have to rely on this rotten brain
  9. Bucket ::
  10. Should I kick the bucket unexpectedly, I don't think my family would Know how to find ANYthING!
  11. Knight ::
  12. I woke up this morning to find my knight in cutoff t-shirt armor, had already cleaned the bathroom!
  13. Dusty ::
  14. He apparently didn't realize the dusty livingroom could have used the same attention
  15. Choice ::
  16. If I had a choice I would rather bleach the toilet bowl over dusting 5 thousand nicknacks too
  17. Sunlight ::
  18. The way it's raining right now, it feels like the world will never see sunlight again
  19. Change of plans ::
  20. We were going to go out to dinner, but all this rain has made us change our plans and opt for a pizza delivery.

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Deirdre said...

Both rugs are beautiful - I say get both and enjoy them.

I have wall to wall carpet in my house in a color I don't like, but can't replace yet, so I've put a golden yellow area rug in the living room to tone down all that blue (yeah - blue). I works well.

forgetfulone said...

I like both rugs! For my house, I like the top one better, but you're right that it wouldn't look good with part of it a wall unit under it. The bottom one is pretty, too, and it will look nice in your salon. I'm glad you're getting that taken care of. And believe me, I understand indecisiveness!

The Gal Herself said...

I love that you turned your mutterings into a story, and I think it's very romantic that your knight cleaned the bathroom! I hope you enjoy the new floor covering. (PS. The vacationing rock star on my blog is Bruce Springsteen)

spider said...

Hi Lucy,
Gee, I go with the "both rugs" notion. Nice choices!

With Alexander out of the house, his room is to becoming my spinning room. Wish we lived near to each other 'cause I would definitely love your expert decorating advice. No matter what, I can't wait to get my wheels out of the living room and tucked into my very own space. Chris won't know how to act when he doesn't have to trip over wheels!

Loved your "home" piece...
xoxox, Jenny

Redness said...

Oh you are so clever ... love your mutterings ;) and most everything your write. xoxox

Anonymous said...

Anna said:


I have wall to wall carpet and yes I have an area rug in the dining room. I like the way it breaks the solid color and adds character to the room. I like your choice for the salon, it's pretty. Bring the one you favor upstairs where you relax and can enjoy the carpet.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I'll take either one of those they are beautiful. I always lean towards the one that will show less dirt....

Giggles said...

I'm with queensize...less dirt all the way! My rule....I have to love it!! Because if you doubt it you will hate it down the road!

Hugs Sherrie

Just Jen said...

ya know, I like both carpets...LOL..I know I'm no help at
how's the salon coming along anyway? Is it reopened or still in the 'fix it' stage? is better...LOL