Thursday, July 10, 2008

we need Marty Feldman eyes

Today while innocently out driving down my local, ever busier avenue, I couldn't help but notice HOW utterly distracted EVERYONE driving seems to be, ESPECIALLY the people driving BeHIND me! As everyone is going 60 mph, and everyone is starting to brake for the upcoming red light, I glance in my rear view mirror. MORE and more often, the driver behind me is tailgating at that speed, hasn't slowed enough for the upcoming red light and their heads are down looking at WHO the hell knows what! texting? dialing? zipping their pants?? Their eyes can't be on the road behind THEM, when they're not even On the Terrified motorist in FrOnT of them... ME! Two separate times today, I quickly moved to the left lane to give this type of distracted driver more stopping distance AND insuring that if he rear ends Someone, it won't be me! Don't you think this is putting a whole new spin on the task of 'defensive driving'? I find myself missing the days when most people were ONLY hot footed, impatient drivers. (like I still am!). Compared to these distracted speeder types, we are safer drivers! Remember how it used to be?
the red light turned green and Whewwwww the guy in front of you floored it. NOW... we need to beep to remind him to get his head out of his ass whatever he is busy with and just #$%@ MOVE!!
Please pacify me and take notice next time you are on the road.. Anytime you see a driver s l o w l y moving along, Or doing something dangerous or stupid... Peek in at him. Guaranteed his eyes or ears or hands are busy with another agenda. Driving is secondary.
Is there NO one in a hurry anymore, except me? I would like to get off the damn road and GO HOME to do the things these morons prefer to do in their Cars. Email and text friends, make important calls, drink my coffee, eat lunch and put on lipstick. Or like the moron I saw today, I prefer reading my newspaper at home, NOT while it's on the steering wheel and I'm going 55! Is NO one worried about safety out there?? Maybe, I am becoming an old cranky woman? Am I alone on these observations? Do these people who occupy these roads with me KNOW how distracted and inconsiderate and DANGEROUS they are??
In a few months I will have the very scary and very undesirable job of teaching my youngest child to drive. GONE are the days when we advised our kids to "keep your eyes on the road" Now we need to teach them as impossible as it may sound to accomplish... "Keep your LEFT eye on the road ahead of you as at the same time you Keep your RIGHT eye on your rear view mirror, making sure the texting, speeding fool behind you doesn't get you from behind!" The only person who comes to mind who could probably have actually pulled off this trick was Marty Feldman! Who knew being cockeyed could have its advantages? Like the above pictures depict... distractions= disaster. If my rant has helped anyone take a better look at their driving, I am happy I ranted!


Gill said...

I so identify with this post and here I was thinking it was only in South Africa that people drove like this!!

Tammy said...

LMAO Lucy this is so true! As I ease away from driving at all, I have become more aware of the changes when I do drive.

Smart cookie to have your son keep an eye on the rear view mirror. Better yet teach him the wonderful world of biking. So scary! HUGS

forgetfulone said...

I'll be old and cranky with you. I can't believe someone was trying to read a newspaper while driving! Well, yes, I can believe it, but that is so stupid!