Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Intimidated ::
  2. often! But NOT deterred

  3. Brush ::
  4. Your hair before coming to me please...KNots are time consuming!

  5. Masquerade ::
  6. yourself as anything you want but when you look in the mirror you should like who you see

  7. Procedure ::
  8. If only I could begin the procedure of daily exercising

  9. Tattoos ::
  10. are too permanent for me. I can't even decide which pair of underwear to wear each day... If I ever got a tattoo... I would be sorry a short time afterward.

  11. Square ::
  12. I am really into square jewelry this year. Especially antique squares!

  13. Tuck ::
  14. I really miss the bedtime ritual of tucking in my kids.

  15. Boyfriend ::
  16. I once had a boyfriend who I thought I liked but everytime I kissed him I got nauseous.

  17. Badass ::
  18. He WAS a badass M.F., in a rough fraternity, tattoos too! haha

  19. Thousand ::
  20. I wonder what the world will be like in a thousand years?

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forgetfulone said...

Those are great responses! I knew the brush would be something about hair. Duh! I love what you said about the boyfriend. I still "tuck" my kids in at night, almost every night, though they are probably getting too old for it. I want to have a few quiet minutes alone with them, and my daughter often tells me things she wouldn't say in front of anyone else, or tells me how she's really feeling about things. I like to say a goodnight prayer with the. I will be sad when those days are gone.

I thought about what you said on my journal. I'll be emailing you soon. Hugs. Diana

Giggles said...

Wonderful answers and we are on the same tattoo page that's for sure!
I can't decide what to pick at a restaurant let alone a life long tattoo! This song is for me right!!?? Just kidding! I had this album and still have the piano music for it!! You bring back memories... glad you never married the bad ass MF.....you may not be blogging today...he'd probably never let ya sit down long enough...lol

Hugs Giggles

JP/deb said...

Wonderful take on the prompt. I feel grateful that we still have the younger kids to tuck in because I certainly miss that with the older ones. xx, JP/deb