Thursday, July 31, 2008

13 reasons JULY was awful

13 reasons why July has been the worst month.

1. My husbands company went out of business
2. They only gave him less than 2 days notice
3. When he went to cash his last paycheck, they had no funds available
4. I went through a health scare that took several tests and weeks before I knew I was okay
5. My cesspool backed up into my salon
6. My husband broke a rib
7. I broke my pinky toe
8. My middle son needed MORE toe surgery
9. We only got to the beach once
10. My dog hurt his toe
11. Another Fender bender
12. yeast infection!
13. Humidity + STress level = Bad temperments!

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Jay said...

Sorry, but it makes me feel good about my life!

The Rock Chick said...

Oh my! Sounds kind of like out July around here. My daughter had to be hospitalized for several weeks, my big screen TV caught on fire and I lost the transmission on one of our cars.

Let's hope August brings us all some happiness!

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

forgetfulone said...

So glad July is over for you. August is gonna be better! What is it with feet/toes? Gotta get you guys some padded footwear! LOL

YummY! said...

Not a good month for toes around your place.

I hope August is much better for you.

Happy TT.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

you, your family and the dog better stat wearing steel toed shoes. as for your husband losing his job, i can feel his pain. we didn;t even get one day.

daisies said...

oh my gosh honey ... that is just awful :( i am so sorry for all the trouble july has given you ... sending you all much love, xo

Deirdre said...

Repeat after me: August will be a good month...August will be a good month...August will be a good month....

paisley said...

holy crispers girl,, you and your family should be off the shit list for at least the next six months!!!!

wow... and what is up with all the toes being injured.... that's what i wanna know....

forgetfulone said...

I have some gold for you on my blog.

Gill said...

OMG and you are still sane!! Hang in there Lucy, surely it can only get better?!

Giggles said...

Oh my I didn't know about the yeast infection!! .........Damn that sucks!!

It's over now, all the bad luck is gone!....all done...only good luck from now on!! I feel your pain! Horrible things happening to good people, NOT FAIR!! Steel toed boots would be a good idea, unfortunately it doesn't sound possible if the check bounced! Listen to Deirdre...she's got the right idea!!

Sending you big hugs and's not contagious is it?
If it is....NO HUGS FOR YOU!!
Only Love! Giggles

keithsramblings said...

July was one of the worst months I can remember ever. Except for the 10th - it was my birthday and I got a fuss made of me!

myrtle beached whale said...

Does your doctor give you a group rate? I would think with every broken rib or toe you should get a free yeast infection treatment. Damn good thing you don't own a camel.