Wednesday, May 07, 2008

3 WW

3 Word Wednesday words -cautious human maybe

Today we're not outside being cautious watch dogs or doin' some fun destructive diggin'

We're too exhausted from a full day of gettin' a stupid fancy dog groomin'

We ARE aware that we should be dirty, stinkin', outdoor mutts

but our crazy owner thinks maybe we're human


giggles said...

They look adorable....makes me miss mine terribly!

Don't fool yourselves know you love get way more attention when you're clean...heck you can even see again!!! You don't fool me with those pouty faces!

Hugs giggles

paisley said...

they are so cute!!!! i have two dogs too,, but they are big bruisers... i love them like babies tho...

dogs are the best!!!!!

forgetfulone said...

Great job! I love that meme - even though I haven't participated in it. I want to... it's just... I have no excuse! On my pay it forward book giveaway - no, you don't have to give it away when you're finished with it. Thanks for stopping by today!

Tammy said...

Awww, they really hate the groomers but smell good enough to be on the bed. ;) Gotta love um! XXOO

Bone said...

That is hilarious, Lucy. And must be exactly what they're thinking.