Monday, May 05, 2008

The wobbly years

Years that sting like a freshly scraped knee
Adolescence, peer pressure, Who should I be?
Uncomfortable school dances clad in uncomfortable
dress clothes
ignored by students who play- act cool
with an upturned nose

Beforehand at mirror practicing a nonchalant smile
Young adult reflection regards an insecure sweet child
Confidence gathered ready to step out and beguile
Yet Not quite ready to unleash repressed inner wilds

These years seem long these years have crippling pain
but a sunny day is brighter after many days of rain
Young teen angst, uncertainty, awkward social shams
Are stepping stones son, for becoming
a self assured, stable, young man


forgetfulone said...

Hey Lucy! Maybe they should call you the forgetfulone! tee hee! forgot you had a blogroll! Go check out my post now. I added some comments from you.

paisley said...

lucy,, that is awesome!!!! i totally love it... and i am hoping you share it with your son!!!...

by the way i shared mine with my mother,, and she was thrilled,, and said,, we don't need to say a word,, never feel like i have to explain... it was so nice to hear those words from her....

Tammy said...

Lucy, this is a wonderful poem that nailed the horrible part of teen years. Well done, you! xxoo