Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mamma Mia, I'm now Lucia!

The other day when I went into my local Italian butcher shop, where they have the best chicken cutlets.. Instead of shouting Buon Giorno Luanne! (his usual friendly greeting) Tony shouted "Buon Giorno Loretta!" haha
He caught himself immediately, laughed and said "loretta? I don a know why I call you Loretta" I said.. Loretta, Luanne.. I don't care, Do you want to know something Tony?.. My name is actually Lucille! "Lucille?.. Lucia? Oh I like thata name so mucha betta, I no care for Luanne! Lucia! YOU are a Lucia! from nowa ona that'sa what I'm a callin' Ayou! (trying to do my best to recapture his cute broken English) Then he went on to insult my nickname Luanne a little further..."Yeah, Luanne, that'sa not a good a name, I no like!" As I was leaving, his partner comes out from the back of the store, where he apparently listened to this whole conversation and he says Arrivederci Lucia! Today when I went back in for what else? MORE Chicken.. They both welcomed me by my newly appointed Italian name."BUON GIORNO LUCIA!" It strikes me so funny because if you know my name story, you know This makes FIVE names I now go by!
My given name Lucille, My nicknames Luanne,Lucy,Lulu, and Now Lucia. (I know there are probably more names people are calling me... behinda me backa butA Nota tellina me abouta!)


keith hillman said...

No, I've got a far better idea. From now on I'll think of you as Lacricia. It means success. I like it.

Anonymous said...

Anna said:



Danette said...

*Looks around* Wheres the gondola? Man I felt like there was a real live Italina next to're good, really good.

I love little mom and pop shops like that. Nearly gone are the days when you could go to the locla market. that was before the day of being super sized this and super sized that.

Ciao bambino!

paisley said...

i like lucia,, i can't believe you haven't been called that by him all along... what is a good italian butcher doing calling you anything but lucia?????

forgetfulone said...

Oh, Lucia! Youa cracka me upa!

Lucy said...

haha! Glad I crack you up Diane!
Paisley, I guess he didn't connect luanne ( that odd name he hated) with Lucille, Lucia
Danette- I so agree, wish I could find more little shops like this one. It is so nice to have the small talk and familiarity. If your short a buck or two, no problem, they know you will be back.
Annavita! thanks so much
Keith, You can call me whatever you like, I just wish i knew how to pronounce it! :))

giggles said...
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giggles said...

I love it!! Very cute story especially with the accent. I do appreciate the personal care when shopping for such items! Even though I do the Costco thing, I hate the warehouse atmosphere so many stores now offer!

Hugs Sherrie

one more believer said...

i so loved that story... thank you for sharing... italians gotta luv em... very similar story... this man owned a vegetable store... lovingly handled his vegetables as he loved his wife.. used to sing italian songs all the time.. started calling me renata..