Thursday, May 01, 2008

P- is for Pissed off

13 Things that have pissed me off THIS week

#1- I agreed to blowout a clients hair on a Sunday (my day off) because she was going to a wedding. She scheduled her hairCUT the day before so that on Sunday it would just be a quick blowdry. A blowout is complimentary with a haircut, If you choose NOT to have your hair blown dry on the day of the haircut that is your business but it will still cost the same price... she had the haircut on saturday and expected to receive the blow out on sunday FOR FREE! How did I deduce her intent? She declined the blowout after her haircut, which she NEVER does, that is how I KNEW what she MUST be expecting and I quickly gave her THIS example.... If you go to a restaurant for dinner and dinner comes with a free dessert, you can't pass on the dessert and then expect to go back the next day ... sit down... and eat free dessert. ( it took a lot of restraint, not to say - free Fucking dessert) ( And it would have been a better example If I would have said ... go back the next day... WHEN THE RESTAURANT IS USUALLY CLOSED...sit down and eat free dessert) My example allowed her to understand her expectations were wrong, but I am still pissed off because this was NOT the first unbelievably 'cheap/rude' episode by this woman.

#2- Safari.. It sucks.THIS week and every week. I am constantly being Shut down. I can't leave comments on certain blogs.
I have downloaded a new browser. It's unfamiliar and uncomfortable. Computers are more frustration than I need.

#3-I had to buy three, yes THREE shower massage heads THIS week, till I finally found one I love, Which means I had to RETURN three, yes three to three different stores, wait on Three different lines and deal with Three different people with attitudes, because Three different manufacturers of shower heads can't make a decent shower head. (this appropriately is #3 on my %$#@ing list.)

#4-Molly and the rain. My cockapoo WON't get wet. I WON'T let my floors and rugs get wet by her. She Has driven me crazy with THIS problem.

#5-Phone solicitors! Always when I finally get ready to eat, get comfortable,get naked, get dinner started, get ready to relax, get ready to Make a call- THey Call me! THIS is driving me crazy EVERY weeek.

#6-THIS and every week, TRAFFIC is pissing me off. When did my town get so congested? ANY time of day lately, I am in bumper to bumper traffic on my local avenue. It used to take me 5 minutes to take my son to his lesson, now it Takes 12 minutes. I just don't wan't to waste that extra 14 min. of our lives going back and forth because of TRAFFIC!

#7-DUST! yes even Dust has pissed me off THIS week. What the hell? I dust on Monday, by wednesday it's back! I know that dust is combined of many things, one of them being dead skin. I hope my family has More than 3 layers of skin, at this shedding rate, we will be skeletons by Summer.

#8-GAS prices! need I say more about THIS? My wallet and tank are running on empty.

#9-Trader Joes is out of Quinoa! THIS stuff is SO delicious. My son persuaded me to try it and I love it.( I make it with tomatoes, onions and basil) I've only seen it at traders and they aren't getting any in until mid may. SO perturbed!

#10-I never win the lottery, but THIS week I actually had a ticket that I won a whopping big ONE dollar with! Yippeee. I'm not being sarcastic, I was happy to win EVEN a measly dollar! I brought the ticket into the store... It's a loser... Apparently,I threw away the winning one accidently and Kept the loser! Good thing I had only won a One.

#11-Rescue Me THIS show has rescued me from the normal crap that I am exposed to on the %$#@& TV. I borrowed all three seasons from my library. I LOVED them all. Season Three ends in such a cliffhangerish way... I NEED season FOUR now... It doesn't come out on dvd.... till F&@%G JUNE 3rd!!

#12-LAUNDRY ... it's relentless. It will never leave me alone. I get it washed, dried, folded, put away.. I turn around twice, jump up and down, IT's BACK... MOre and MOre... and I need to wash,dry,fold,put away again and again and again. It will definitely BE what finally puts me into the NUT house. NO one warned me about the horrors of this when I had stars in my eyes about being a wife and mom-They could have said- "WArning-You also have to be a *#@*ING Laundry Queen!" )

#13 THIS is NOT me! THIS unusual intolearnce and hotheadedness, My moaning and complaining is all due to THIS Goddamn, F@#*ing peri- Menopause! I hate feeling pissed off all the time! I used to be described as a "sweet" girl. What the hell happened to her?
I think I've lost her along with my favorite sock in the last dryer load.


forgetfulone said...

I've been wondering the same thing, too? What happened to sweet Lucy? Just kidding! I love ya. I've been wondering what happened to "sweet" me! I'm not sweet lately. Could it be "peri-menopause?" And what the crap is that? That's what they told my sister. Now I'm pissed about something else! Among the many things you already mentioned. I hope you finally got a shower head you like with good, hard, water pressure. If so, I think I'll borrow it so I can steam off this funk I'm in. I loved your TT, by the way.

Deirdre said...

Everything you've listed is reason enough to be upset all by itself. All of them combined is just way too much.

It has to be peri-menopause, because I'm sooo not terribly sweet anymore either - still a nice person, but don't push me, dammit.

I've got a bag of quinoa in the pantry and not a clue what to do with it. Recipe please? We're trying to eat more whole grains these days and brown rice is boring.

Remiman said...

Hmmm, I don't suppose it would go over too well for me to tritely say, "have a good day," now would it? Well, never one to shy away from controversy: Lu, have a great day! ;)

Jane said...


I've certainly missed being here! Life is finally calming down a little, but there is a way to go.

I can relate to this list! My son loves certain shrimp dumplings from Trader Joes. I love that store but every now and then, they don't restock certain things that I can't find anywhere else. Do you have a Whole Foods near you? They sell canned Fire Roasted Tomatoes. Those would be so good mixed in with your dish. Since I tried them, I can NEVER go back to any other tomato. I hear you on the laundry. I'm determined to make a note of how many loads I do a week. It feels overwhelming.

giggles said...

I tried to leave a comment last night to no avail. That's the browser one covered. This morning I read yours over the phone to my friend who was also talking about our merry menopause...oh yeah that's peri menopause!We howled together! So funny....don't bother to try and make it go away with drugs. It's actually our awakening out of the drug induced stupor of motherhood! Just keep saying " HE....LLO I'M BACK!!!" KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK let me out.....HE....LLO....WHERE'S MY REAL know the REAL one where there is time for ME!!! Then buy a tee-shirt that say "IT'S ALL ABOUT ME"! and I dare ya to try and stick to it!!! Or another one "When mama aint HAPPY, aint NOBODY HAPPY!!! on the back Peri Menopause alert! lol Thanks for making my day. Funny thing I did my blog BEFORE I read yours!! haha

Hugs Sherrie

Robin said...

You cook dinner naked LOL?

I can't believe the nerve of your client! Not only should she have paid, she should have paid EXTRA since it was your day off. What a user.

Re the quinoa, try the supermarket. I can't always get the organic there, but "ordinary" quinoa is now a staple even in Israel. Boggles the mind sometimes...

Oh, and hang in there. And eat chocolate. Lots of chocolate. May not fix the perimenopause issues but at least it feels great going down.

myrtle beached whale said...

I could list the things that piss me off but 13 just gets me warmed up. The dryer ate my favorite sock too.

Homemom3 said...

hate traffic and solicitors. Ikk. Sounds like a bad week. Have a good TT!

TLC said...

Safari is awful, upgrade to Firefox. SO much more stable, and more sites support it. Trust me, I am a Mac girl all the way, but Firefox, not Safari!

And you know about the Nat'l Do Not Call Registry, right? Google and get yourself on the list. Then, if someone calls you, you tell them to remove you. If they don't, you turn them into the FCC. AND I have done this. Political parties, non-profits don't have to abide by it. Everyone else does. Do it if you haven't already. If you have, bust the telemarketers with the FCC. If enough of us do, they will stop.

My TT is up, too.

Askew To You said...

You left a comment on mine about having a "cranky" list, so I was very curious about what you listed. I read both entries and it sounds like you are having a bad day and you know what, I've seen that all over the place today. My co-worker said that there's something weird in the air, some sort of wonkiness that is getting under everybody's skin. I wonder if it's the moon?
I was cranky yesterday, a little better today. I'm with you on the perimenopause - it sucks. And laundry, well I wish it would just do itself. The telemarketers - I heard something about the time limit on the no contact lists expiring, so you have to re-list yourself on there.

Hope your evening brings you some peace and tranquility.

Tammy said...

Those are all valid things Lucy! I'm with you on the peri-menopause thing. ;) We have never missed rescue me episodes. ;)

Breath and drink. ;)

Redheels said...

You have covered several things that also piss me off. Somehow just reading them on your blog made me feel somewhat better. :)

Perhaps tomorrow will be better!

~Michelle~ said...

Great list! I think we all can relate to having those days and it is nice to know we aren't the only ones. You are still Sweet Lucy. Hugs!

our happy happenings said...

WOW! What a week. Especially number 1. I mean HELLO!! Where do these stupid people come from?