Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Kiss the Cook! TT #9

13 reasons I am so happy David COOK won American Idol

#13-He is a more versatile singer
#12-He has a sexy voice
#11- His song arrangements are creative
#10-He reminds me of Daughtry and I love HIS album
#9- I love his rocker style and sweet humble smile
#8-He Will make an album I will want to buy
#7-Archuleta is still so young and will do fine
#6-Cook has been bartending long enough
#5-I was afraid if Archuleta won, he might have
Hyperventilated and passed out on stage possibly hurting
His sweet head (such a sweetie pie)
#4-I loved Cooks imitation of Tom in Risky business, in the guitar hero commercial
#3- He kicked ass performing ‘music of the night’
#2- Billy Jean!
And the #1 reason- Simon Said he wanted him to win!
( on Leno Monday night!)
only kidding on that one… I’ve never enjoyed ‘simon says’
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forgetfulone said...

I think you are in agreement with everyone I eat lunch with - even though I don't watch the show! Oops. Did I say that out loud? tee hee.

myrtle beached whale said...

I totally agree. I grew to dislike David Archuleta. His asthma got on my nerves from the start. He has zero personality and his false humility grated on me. Cook was much more genuine. Archuleta is not marketable whatsoever. Every song he sings sounds the exact same. All he can do are ballads and his fan base 10-13 year old girls do not listen to that kind of music. I was surprised by what a landslide Cook won by particularly when all three judges had given Archuleta the title last night. Archuleta is a phenom at 17 but will be forgotten well before he is 21. He will make the talkshow circuit and a few mall openings and then he will be back in Utah cruising Mormon gay bars. David Cook will be a star.

giggles said...

Although I didn't watch the whole show last night, I did watch the last thrilling ten minutes. All along I predicted Cooks win,then Tuesday night I wasn't sure! I love both their personalities and the humble choking back tears. Sweet loving young men! Great finally when they panned to Cooks brother who was crying and mouthing the words " That's my brother" I could feel the pride jumping out of his chest! Both artists have appeal to different crowds! I have a real weak spot for Simon too! ( Did I say that out loud?)
I watched a documentary on him and he has always been honest to a fault! Even with his mother!

Hugs Giggles

Redheels said...

After Tuesday night, I wasn't sure what would happen, but this time America got it right!!!

Nice post.

redness said...

Yay - saw it live down here in Aussie land - the best David won!

Sassy Mama Bear said...

I totally agree, he was great and deserved to win. I loved when he played with ZZ Top.
Happy TT, hope you'll visit my 33rd TT...Fragments of Life at The Cafe.

Tammy said...

They were announcing the winner and as they got to tivo stopped!

I think Cook is more marketable and I can't stand Archuleta's pushy dad.

Cook showed his talent in Billy Jean and Bohemian Rapsody.

A good voice does not mean sales, can you say Clay Akins. lol

The Gal Herself said...

David Cook! Yes! For me, it wasn't even close. I worry about Archuleta, though, going home to that pushy dad.

pjd said...

tammy! That happened to me, too. I think they must have orchestrated it perfectly. "The winner is... David--" augh!!!!

I liked Cook better for a long time, though I think Archuleta has a flawless voice. I thought Archuleta was going to win and was very amused by the headline in the entertainment section of our local newspaper: "Dewey Defeats Truman" with a photo of David Cook.

The head scratcher for me this year was how long Jason lasted. Like Simon said, "You sang badly, but you were charming."

Lucy said...

Thanks so much for all your comments!

Tammy and Pjd- The same thing happened to me too! BUT being Lucky Lucy ( or always anticipates trouble Lucy) I had taped the 10:00 News too, in case it went into overtime!! Even so, I missed Ryans announcement of Cooks Name, but caught the rest of the show
Giggles- I LOVED when Cooks brother mouthed "that's my brother" with tears of love and pride!
I got so chocked up!! And yes, it's hard to admit, but I like Simon and always seem to agree with him- or should I say HE always seems to know what I'm thinking!

Rick- How the heck can you NOT like Little Archuleta? ( have you no heart,man??) He is SO truly humble and at 17, just to be able to do what he's done on the show is personality enough for me.

JP/deb said...

I *love* your reasons!! I was SO happy too & I'd love to kiss the Cook! xx, JP/deb

Motherhood for Dummies said...

ha haa #5 cracked me up! ha haa h!David A. really is a totally sweetheart and has a beautiful BEAUITFUL voice, but David Cook... is just freakin' amazing!

keith hillman said...

We see your version of Idol several days after you, infact I'm watching it now and in the next ten minutes I was looking forward to finding out who has won this year. Needn't watch now! I have to say though, that I think the wrong David won.Actually I was supporting a couple of the girls before they got booted out. Never mind!

Robin said...

I missed the broadcast since we were away camping but I'm thrilled that Cook won. Archuleta was way too teenybopper boy-bandish for me. Give me a real rocker any day!