Wednesday, May 14, 2008

you love me You really love me!

I want to say Thank you SO much to Diane and Jen! They both have given me this award because they 'bloggy love me'
(Gee... that's the nicest thing any-bloggy has ever blogged to me.) I'm touched and happy to receive their love!
And I return the Love right back at them! Thanks ladies, I love reading your warm, honest writings too! Genuine Jen tells it like it is with warmth and a humble sweetness in each post. Real life, down to earth goodness. Diane's blog is like a really delicious bowl of grandma's soup. A pinch of sassy, a quart of fun, a few cups of family, love and entertainment and YUM... It's really satisfying!
Back on March 6th Diane also gave me this award....

Gee Diane... Maybe I should borrow your blog name... or at least change mine to the MORE forgetful one! Belated thanks for this kind award too! SPEAKING OF AWARDS....
Was any one else as shocked as I was that Thursday 13 picked ME yes I spelled that correctly... M E to be one of the three winners in their GROSS competition!! First of all... I had NO freaking Idea that there EVEN was a Competition. Second of all... Doesn't it figure? With three BOY'S, You KNOW I KNOW what gross is all about!! ( Don't even get me going.) I can't tell you HOW shocked and happy this discovery made me feel!!
Thanks Thursday 13 people (whoever you may be) Since I am a winner... could you do me a favor?... Could you figure out why my comments aren't taking ? Also... Not to act like a Thursday Thirteen Diva or anything...But, Umm... Could you maybe fix my permalink? Most of my comments go to that first TT I did about ALL the F&^$#@# chicken I am feeding my gross family. Thanks!!
And Now I would Love to Pass the LOVE on and Give these two awards to four bloggers I bloggy love to pieces...

These 4 blogs- make me laugh, make me a better person, make my heart melt, Make my soul feel nourished. ♥♥♥♥


forgetfulone said...

Thank you! You're so sweet (Sally Fields, of course we love you, we really really love you!)

I didn't know there was a TT gross competition either. And didn't mine inspire you? tee hee!

Tammy said...

I'm touched by your words and want you to know I feel the same way. You brighten the darkest days with your humor. It's truly a gift!

Congrats on that "Gross" win. ;)

Much love and thanks

myrtle beached whale said...

I hope there is a monetary award with this. You know, like the Nobel Prize. You are honestly the only person that has ever said about me "make my soul feel nourished." I have, however, damaged some hearts, including my own.

Just Jen said...

I like all these blogs too! Thanks for the nice stuff you said and the chicken? well, been there done that...LOL...ewwwww

giggles said...

I remember what I said now!!!

A sincere big teddy bear goes out to Rick to nourish his damaged heart!

Thank you for the lub,it's such a wonderful honor! I love you too!
You are so deserving of the gross award, just joking.....I mean the TT award for your post on Gross!
You are so deserving of these awards, now you can see I am not the only one that knows you're a treasure!

Love and hugs Sherrie
Hope this one takes!!!