Wednesday, September 03, 2008

3 word wednesday


AFter summer hiatus, The first day of school! Something is bound to go awry
Middles school kids get lost in the halls, Kindergardeners may break down and cry
Buses are delayed, schedules are misplaced
Lockers aren't found, Lunches go to waste

This Morning my sons high school bus was a total No show
No big deal, I drove him there but I let transportation know
They obnoxiously declared There is NO such bus number on their route
So I faxed them The notice they had sent me to take away their doubt.
Nothing seemed to convince them that this bus stop has always been the same
I patiently tried to sensibly explain things without looking to cause any blame

They claim my son isn't zoned to go to a school he's been at for three years!
It doesn't matter that I told them he's not alone the route also holds his peers!
Like talking to a wall I found my explanation attempts futile and going no where,
I guess I will continue this dispute tomorrow, more frustration! How unfair.



paisley said...

you clever girl you!!! this is excellent...

and i cannot help but feel your exasperation at the transportation system...


tumblewords said...

Oh, I decry the time we spend trying to get others to do what they are paid to do. Good luck!!!!

quitecontrary1977 said...

sounds terribly frustrating.

Giggles said...

OMG are they stupid or what!!!??? Bureaucracy...insane I tell ya!! Pretty hard to be positive when this happens!! Love the poem, funny and clever!!

Love Sherrie

anthonynorth said...

'Tis always the same. Officialdom has gone insane!

keithsramblings said...

Just love this poem. Oh, the joys of parenthood. I can almost remember them.

TC said...

This was cute :)

Unfortunately, it sounds like it's also non-fiction, and thus, a pain in the butt for you :-/ Hope you get it worked out with those people!

Anonymous said...

i'm not surprised...LOL
been there done that
hope you get them to do their job today!!! :D

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Boy am I glad I am done with the school system. yee haw