Monday, September 22, 2008


Sherrie invited me to partake in this Meme, Thanks giggles, here I go..

1. Think of all your exes. Would you take any of them back?
Well considering I met my husband at the very tender age of 16, NO, the boyfriends before him were pretty much, teeny bopper, puppy love boys.

2. What was the first car you drove? What happened to it?
I drove a blue Plymouth duster that my mom sold to me for ONE dollar!
It was a staller! At each red light, I had to rev it up in park and Pop it into drive.
I have NO idea what I did with that car?? Maybe, Did I sell it? I will have to ask My mom.

3. What’s the longest amount of time you have driven a car non-stop?
I guess that would be only 3 hours up to my sons university, when I had received a call from him that he broke his clavicle. Embarrassing to admit, but it was My FIRST long drive by myself! Again, meeting my life partner at 16.. I leaned on him to do that type of driving.

4. Have you ever been stood up on a date? If yes, when?
Hey! Back when I was dating (dating teeny boppers that is) I was pretty cute! No, No boy ever stood me up!

5. What TV network do you watch the most?
I guess fox. I watch it in the morning and again for the 10:00 news. There are only a handful of shows I really enjoy watching. I like 'the fringe' also on fox and I am enjoying 'true blood' on HBO,even though it's been giving me bad dreams!

6. Pick out a song you like that has special meaning to you. Share with us what song is it, and what’s the meaning to you. Like giggles answered-
"This is the hardest question of all, because I love such a huge variety of music." and so many have special meanings to me, but one that stands out right now is 'everybody hurts' by REM, It seemed to constantly come on during a difficult time that my family was going through and just hearing it makes me cry yet gives me renewed inner strength, that my family can handle anything that comes our way.

7. Who was your first celebrity crush on?
My absolute first was Bobby Sherman! I had his cute posters on my walls, I had his bad 45's on my
record player , I watched his tv show (here come the brides). I imagined myself meeting him and him falling head over heels in love with me too! (I was so silly at 35)

8. What is your favorite romantic comedy movie?
Oh like the music question, there are too many to name! What pops into my head? I Adore the wedding singer! I was even lucky enough to see it on Broadway although it was a short-lived show.

9. It has been said, "First Loves Are Never Over." Is this true for you?
Yes! My first love can still make my heart-beat skip, I will be married to him 28 years this Oct. 26th. And I still get excited when he calls to say he is on his way home from work.
*** hey giggles! I found the colored buttons! WooHoo


JP/deb said...

How lovely that your sweetie still makes your heart skip a beat - yeah! Great meme. xx, JP/deb

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Back off bitch, Bobby Sherman was and is all mine. lol
Is he even still alive?

Giggles said...

Wedding singer is awesome too! So many I didn't even put my new favorite which is Mama Mia!! Glad you still have your true love, should have married mine.....except no it's fine the way it is!!

Great answers thanks for playing along....glad you found your colors!!

Hugs Sherrie

Skittles said...

Bobby Sherman??? Hey, Little Woman!!! Did you drool watching him on Here Come The Brides, too? LOL!!!

What about Davy Jones?

My bedroom walls were plastered with pictures of both of them.. ripped from Tiger Beat Magazine. :P

Come check out my blog. You're the "someone special." :)

forgetfulone said...

I remember record players! But I was a little young for Bobby Sherman. tee hee! You know I'm just kiddin' ya! I'm a year older now, so I'm catchin' up with ya.

Anonymous said...

28 years! impressive :)
Mine makes my heart skip too...oh crap oh crap oh crap...ROFL
just kidding!

Bone said...

I think my longest drive was about ten hours when I went to Myrtle Beach this year.

Love your first car story :) I had a Monte Carlo that would stall when you tried going from reverse to drive. But then when you'd cut it off, it'd keep sputtering for 15 to 30 seconds.