Thursday, September 25, 2008

TAG! you're IT!

Thank-you Forgetfulone for not forgetting me in your blog tag!

This blog has been bloggity blog tagged.
The rules:
1. Write about 5 specific ways blogging has affected you either positively or negatively
2. link back to the person who tagged you : Thanks Diane!!
3. link back to this parent post:
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4.tag a few friends or five, or none at all
5. post these rules— or just have fun breaking them!

1. Blogging has definitely affected my life in a mostly positive way! I used to wish for something 'else' to do on the computer, besides looking up what diseases my neurosis convinced me I had for the day. headache? BRAIN tumor!! Stiff neck? Meningitis!! or what my kids could be suffering from? teenager sleeping all day? MONOnucleosis!!

2. Blogging has allowed me to find a lost creative outlet. As a child and teen, I always loved to write. Songs mostly, poems and diary entries. But in my busy adult life, this love had been almost forgotten.
I did however, prior to blogging, start a semi-fictitious autobiography (how very James Frey) and I completed a children's story, that I wish I would have pursued publishing. ( Where DID i put that draft?) I often feel there is no value to what I write, but the support,encouragement and compliments I receive from my blog friends has given me motivation and a confidence that I usually lack. Their inspiration makes me just beam! speaking of blog friends.....

3. A positive of blogging that I never imagined when I began, are how many genuine, loving friends I have made. I mean this is cyber world, right?... oooh !DOn'T talk to strangers! Don't give them your phone number!! Yes, you need to be wary, cautious and YES I have made some friends who've disappointed or hurt my feelings, but overall... I can say the friends I've been fortunate enough to meet feel like precious gems and I feel so fortunate to have been able to get to know them.

4. Another BIG positive? LESS t.v. watching! My husband loves that damn Humongous eyesore of a television! Most times, I would sit with him and just watch whatever bunkum happened to catch his fancy, just so we could be together. Thank god blogging has saved my soul from the evil babble box of blather. We are still in the same room, He can see me, we chat in between his poppycocky commercial breaks and my reading of blogs and postings. Instead of filling my head with scripts of nonsense and ridiculously violent shows, I am learning synonyms for the word crap... Like poppycock, blather, bunkum and television! I.E. blogging is educational!

5. Now to be fair- the negatives of blogging.- Time consuming! I work many hours in my hairstyling business. Besides work, there is the shopping for beauty supplies, the cleaning of the salon and supplies. there is laundering the towels, mailings, making business cards, education, returning many phone calls. PLUS ! on top of that, I take care of my house and family and errands and laundry galore! SO, I have had to give up something for this luxury of blog time. Well, I really haven't but my house has! I am embarrassed to admit it but... I haven't moved my refrigerator in two years! yulk! I used to do a heavy cleaning all over the house every spring and fall. Let's see, I've been blogging since April of '06? Okay that's a lot of skipped seasons of heavy cleaning! I keep up with the usual stuff, but OH my poor kitchen appliances! They haven't been moved and are feeling the affects of all my neglect! After watching 'kitchen nightmares' tonight, I am feeling really guilty and a bit grossed out! THIS fall there has to be less blogging time and more detailed cleaning time!
(Hey! maybe, I will find that children's story in the process!!)

I would love to tag
sherrie at happy tiler
Tammy at Queensized funnybone
gill at Gills jottings
keith at Keiths ramblings
and barbara at Skittles place
I love the above blogs and would love to hear how blogging has affected their lives.
Anyone else? please join in and let me know if U do!


forgetfulone said...

Glad you did the tag! I was very interested in your responses.

Skittles said...

I just posted mine!

I've let a lot of things slide, too. :)

keithsramblings said...

Thanks for inviting me. You know how much I love tags! This one was interesting though because it made me really think about why I blog - something I hadn't done in any depth before. See what you think.

Anonymous said...

oh but blogging is way better than cleaning!! I ditto most of your answers!! :D

Gill said...

Hi Lucy! Thanks for this interesting tag - I'll definitely get to it as soon as I have settled back into my routine.... At the moment I am catching up on all the blogging I missed in the last 10 days ;-)