Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lulu's petals-the movie

Before I get to my silly meme... I want to give a Warm, Loving , Happy Birthday Shout to my favorite warrior... Tammy!!
hope everyone will pop in on her and send b.d. wishes!

I saw this cute meme on

Gills blog and it made me start thinking, hmmm Who WOULD I cast to play my family if hollywood wanted to portray us? ( and to be honest, I am so surprised they haven't wanted to!)
My middle son came to me instantly.... The kid on Entourage! what is his name? he has those great blue eyes too! okay I looked him up his name is Adrian Grenier. He Looks like my 21 yr. old. I wonder if this actor is as funny and lovable but maybe he is a decent enough actor to pull it off (i don't watch his show)
My youngest son was a no-brainer too! For many years his friends told him he looked like Frodo Baggins, well.. the actor who plays him...Elijah Wood. Hopefully Elijah can play sweet and sincere ( my youngest to a tee! )
My older son...
I am stumped.. Some people have said he looks like Brendan Fraser, but I don't see him as the right actor.. I think a better fit would be
Nick Cage (in his younger days) WELL, they have amazing makeup artists don't they? this pic of Nick cage can be what they use as the makeup template! His soft spoken voice fits My eldest really well. I know He can definitely do kind and strong.

I discussed these ideas with my family over dinner last night and we had so many laughs.
My Middles son DOES get told all the time he looks like "Vince" from Entourage,
then my youngest Immediately said Elijah wood for himself. But my oldest didn't know who would be good for him either! He thought Bruce Willis with a wig! haha that made me remember how much I loved Bruce in Moonlighting, do you remember that show?

My husband disagrees but about 10 years ago I thought he looked a lot like Antonio Banderas. (especially in this pose!!)
If Antonio can speak without the sexy accent, I would Looove to Cast him!! He will also need to know HoW to cool pants after ironing and He needs to be as strong externally as he is soft internally.

As for myself... This isn't easy. I wISH I could say someone as sexy as Catherine Zeta JOnes would be cast as me perfectly but I would be dreaming. My families answers were so funny! My boys have ALways said I look like Pat Benetar (can she even act?) in my young photos! But last night, my middle son QUickly pulled FRan Drescher out of the air as a suggestion! He cracks me up! My husband immediately thought Bernadette Peters,

but I am going to have to go with Sally Field. She pulls off any type, and I think she may
be SHoRT, an important casting criteria.

So who would you choose to play me?
And more importantly, I would love to know WHO do you see playing You??


Queen-Size funny bone said...

I see somebody really sexy playing sarah palin

forgetfulone said...

There's only one you! You should play you. If your husband is as sexy as Antonio Banderas, no wonder you've been with him so long! Lucky woman!

Octamom said...

What a fun meme--I hadn't seen this one before!!! It does get a girl to thinkin', huh?


Melody said...

You must have some pretty handsome men in your house. Nick Cage is my dream man for acting and looks, I love him. So many people say I look like Sally Fields as well, which is okay, she's aged very well. I am so bad at knowing the names of most actors and actresses but I could see her in you.

Very fun post!

paisley said...

i always knew you were a TV family!!!!

to play me it would have to be fran dresher no one else has my voice!!!! but i will admit,, if she hasn't gained a bit of weight since the nanny... she would definitely have to do that!!!!

Bone said...

This was very entertaining to read, Lucy.

Well, I evidently favor Steve-O, but I'm not sure I'd want him playing me in the movie :) I've also been told I look like a "young Danny Glover." Anytime I see Lethal Weapon on TV, I stop. But I still don't see it.

Anonymous said...

antonio is HOT!! ;)
I know what looney tunes we would be...bugs for me cuz i'm the snarky one, wile e. coyote for hubby cuz he's the genius that's so smart he isn't...samedy sam for eldest cuz he walks around mumbling when he's mad...road runner for youngest cuz he's go go go

Gill said...

I love what you did with this one Lucy! I really like Sally, so I think she'd be a good you :-)

Don't groan, but I've tagged you for the handwriting meme....

Tammy said...

You should play yourself Lucy! I had an afternoon of peace so I zipped by.

Thanks buddy!