Friday, August 15, 2008

All play and NO work for me!

Our vacation week so far, including our few days in Hershey Park has been great and speedy. The days are just flying by as we are trying to get the most out of each precious minute!
When we first arrived at the Hershey Lodge, they asked if we would prefer an inside room or an outer?
Even though they charge quite a steep rate, this hotel actually has those 'drive around the back to your door' type rooms, like your run of the mill, charge by the hour, seedy motel. Since we arrived early and Our (inside) room wasn't ready, we left our luggage with the bell hop and jumped on the hershey shuttle to the park. My youngest son and my nephew wore daredevil smiles and took on each ride like pros. My husband and I explored some of the shows and walked through zooamerica. After a few hours, a few snacks and few thousand miles on my new Born sandals, which I had bought for their comfort, but learned quickly.. Never wear a NEW pair of even comfy shoes the first time on an uphill, downhill track around an amusement park. We decided to head back to the hotel. Our room was ready.. only it was a third type, we weren't aware existed, it was... around the back, up the hill, up the stairs then go in an unsecured door next to plywood walls under construction and your door is right there! The bell hop met two very unjolly ranchers when he arrived with our bags. He quickly took matters into his own hands, contacting the desk, changing us to the Inside room we had originally requested AND giving us free valet parking for our trouble, as well as a great restaurant suggestion. It is rare that we encounter employees as on the ball as this guy was. Our Inside room, located in what they call 'the towers' (even though there are only 5 floors) was much much better. The second day, the kids headed back to the park and my husband and I really, really enjoyed sunning by the pool, swimming and totally relaxing. The kids came back to join us for dinner, then went back to the park, to get in their last few hours of terror on the fahrenheit ride.

Doesn't this ride look SUPER scary?? WEll, it IS! My youngest son, who hadn't felt ANY of the rides he's experienced (and he has experienced many) were scary at all... actually thought this one WAS! but he loved it anyway! I seriously exclaimed that I wouldn't go on this ride for a million dollars, and that created a big debate with Mr.Petals, who took this hypothetical proposition so serious, and just couldn't believe I would NOT take that bet! I am telling you I WOULDN'T do it! Do You believe me? I think it's possibleMr. Petals may have had too much relaxation. He is a man, who needs to keep on going. He is doing a faux finish on all the wood counters and wall unit in my salon.( it is coming out beautiful, I will show pics when it's all done) The first few days of vacation, he insisted... THIS wasn't too much work, he was still feeling like he was on vacation.(I think it was actually a happier week for him, that he had this huge project going on!) If we try to sit in the sun in the backyard, he sits for about 20 min.s TOPs.. then he is off.. weeding, puttering, cleaning something!
Me on the other hand? I Can relax on my chair with a good book all day long!
If the sun stays sunny this weekend... that's where you'll find me. :)


forgetfulone said...

You're back? I hope it was wonderful! That ride definitely looks scary. I would ride it for 500 bucks! Not for free, though.

I got my hair cut yesterday. I'll tell you about it later.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

That roller coaster looks just like something I would love. the faster the better.

JP/deb said...

Our vacation is coming up week after next and I can't wait. Relaxing with a good book - oh yeah! xx, JP/deb