Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Can we talk about Cookies?

(want a bite?)

It may seem like a juvenile topic to some, but Cookies have always been a real source of happiness in my life. I love various cakes, I love chips,CHOCOLATE, I can inhale ice cream in a single sniff... but THE cookie is my quintessential happy food. In my everyday life, going through the routine motions of living, I am able to resist my happy food. I purposely go down the cookie aisle at Stop and shop Looking ONLY to my right at the teabags and coffee, NEVER left at the Nutterbutters and oreos. Occasionally, I do treat the family to some cookies, BUT I try to get cookies I'm not crazy about. (I've always been FATASS conscious) Cookies may be little but they are known to widen my hips in one sitting. Then there are the days of stress... OH COOkIE.. I need u on these days. To hell with the fatass fear. Give me my favorite tea and a bag of Peppridge farm milanos and I can actually feel the stress moving down me,(stopping on the ass) and then leaving my body.
Recently, I have found a new cookie Love and I am having a hard time resisting them. They are amazing Cannoli Cookies from my local italian market.
I Don't like Italian cookies, I don't really care for cannoli pastries, BUT these cookies DOn'T taste like their name implies they should. THEY are irresistibly delicious. I actually avoid this little market, because It's so hard to shop there and Not bring these babies home. SO WHY, when I am not even stressed out, Is Mr. Petals bringing these home to me each week??

Yesterday, He said he would run and pick up food for dinner and he came home with Not ONE but TWO containers of these little balls of sugar heaven. Look at them! They're moist and covered with glaze and sprinkles. I've eaten one whole container already the second is 1/2 way gone! I yelled my disapproval last week when he brought these home, This week I grabbed them from him, I embraced them, eyes widened, quietly hiding one box for later while I quickly put the teapot on to boil. All I needed was a hump on my back and a cloak. I felt like some kind of cookie freak.
There is something really nice about eating a happy food when you're in a happy state of mind. I think I've never really enjoyed my stress cookies Like I'm enjoying the 'good place' cookie. I can see the pleasure on my husbands face as I devour the little round happy faces of joy. He is loving that I am loving being a glutton with these Calorie drenched seductive sweet satisfying temptresses. I hope he will still be loving my gluttony when he has to share his side of the bed with my newly acquired fat ass.

(wish you could reach in, take one and taste the deliciousness)


forgetfulone said...

MMMM. I think chocolate ice cream is my happy food (or maybe my sad food? Comfort food?) But those cookies look de-lish! Thanks for the comment on the twins' back to school picture. I'm such a dork! I make them take a picture on the first day of school every year.

Deirdre said...

I never met a cookie I didn't like. It's nice to know I'm not the only one with a cookie craving.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

Interesting, what do they taste like? whats in them?

Giggles said...

Did you even know I'm the cookie monster....YES I AM!! That's been my middle name long before the blue guy came along!! I wuv cookies....they my faborite!!! See we really are soul sistas....but hey looking at my butt...you just don't want to go there girlfriend!

They look like a decadent glazed shortbread or sugar cookie!! Funny thing is I buy cookies I don't care for too! Just so I don't eat them. I love these English bay macadamian nut white chocolate homemade type sold in the grocery store, but I never buy them. I like homemade cookies and rarely touch the bagged ones! Bryan is also a cookie monster!! Love this post...D.H. brings them to you because he loves you and knows what makes you happy!! That's why I do it for my kids!

Love Sherrie