Sunday, August 17, 2008

My Beautiful Birthday Gift!

Gee.. notice anything different at Lulu's Petals??
WOW! I have wanted to change my blogs design for SO long! I've always been So afraid of that template of doom. BUT, Giggles has come to my rescue!
THIS adorable angel header is the creation of my amazingly talented friend Sherrie over at
happytiler! She designed it especially for me, especially for my birthday!
I can't even begin to express how excited I am and how moved I am by her thoughtfulness. I just adore her whimsical,creative art. To be able to proudly display it on my own blog is such an honor. Thanks so much Sher, for all the time and love you've spent on my much appreciated gift. Your surprise has truly made my day brighter! My husband has an awful cold today, So this birthday, although relaxing, didn't go as we had planned. Receiving my angel and Sherries patient guidance to help me through the dreaded template, allowed me to spend part of my day making my blog exactly how I wished it could look!
I still have a few kinks to work through. I am listing them in case anyone out there is a template pro... I wish my profile could be above the blogs listed, I would also really love to display playlist again and have my posts end with -all rights reserved. Where these htmls used to sit in my last template, no longer exists in this new one. Many words are different, so I am loopily confused.(i just made up the word loopily, but seriously.. shouldn't that be a tense of loopy??) However! I am SO proud of how many changes I WAS able to make! So once again I send my love and warmest thanks to my sweet,giving,talented and very cherished friend Giggles! You know how to make birthdays rock! xoxo
I would love to hear from everyone, what do you think of Lulus new look??


ann said...

Happy Birthday Luanne - I LOVE the new header!!

forgetfulone said...

Love it, Lucy! Giggles is so artistic and creative! Looks fabulous.

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I recognized that art work right away and loved it. I'm with you though I would love to make some changes but still learning how to work everything. happy birthday!

Queen-Size funny bone said...
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Giggles said...

Lucy I am beyond proud of you! You took a risk and it paid off! I will help you iron out the kinks! This is just a preliminary one, we will fix the colors we want and such!! It looks good girl.. we'll finish it up soon! Did you get the gold one I sent? So glad you had a Happy Birthday despite the glitches!!

Love ya Sherrie

paisley said...

oh lucy,, it is beautiful,, and ever so much more "you"!!!!! sherrie is a darling and ever so talented... what a blessing she is as a friend..

happy birthday, belated tho it may be,, and i hope you get a proper celebration, when mr. petals is feeling better.......

JP/deb said...

Happiest birthday wishes, Lucy!! I just saw this wonderful creation over at Sherrie's site and was so thrilled to see you have it up & running! Your new look is GREAT! Hope this year brings much love, peace and happiness. xx, JP/deb

Just Jen said...

awesome! I love the picture of your boys all buried with the stuffies and dog...LOL
Everything looks great!
You go girl!
it's loopily!

Deirdre said...

Your new template and header are great - so happy.

And Happy Belated Birthday to you!

As for the placement of items in your sidebar - I think you can just click and drag them to rearrange. That's what I've been doing with mine. Have fun decorating!

daisies said...

happy belated birthday :) i LOVE your new design!! so pretty and such a great colour :) xo