Sunday, August 10, 2008

Just Wondering?

Sunday Scribblings wants us to address the word ASK.
DO you have any answers to any of my random off the top of my head questions??

My Dog Molly was in my herb garden eating Parsley.
DO dogs instinctively know it's good for digestion?

I've blocked Text messaging from our Cell phone plan.
ARE we the only cell family who Aren't texting and walking into poles?

I like to be ready for anything.
AM I the only one carrying Imodium Anti Diarrhea pills in my purse?

Last week we saw the most amazing Broadway show- 'In the Heights'
Would you consider buying me a ticket so I can see it again??

The neighbor (my nemesis) behind me has so much garbage in her yard, I fear it
will draw rats who may hurt my pets. (we saw a dead rat last week!)
HOW do you handle a situation like this?

I know so many people who are estranged from their siblings.
HOW do I make sure my three kids won't end up like that?

I adore the show 'so you think you can dance"
DON'T you think they should have a male AND female winner each year??

I have too many friends who are so unhappy in their marital relationships.
HOW do I help them best?

I sometimes draw a blank when sitting down to blog.
IS it time to throw in the towel and find an online poker game?

I'm so not ready for back to school, which is around the corner.
My husband thinks I'm crazy for waking up early with my son.
If you have a teen, DO you Get up with them on school mornings?

We are going to Hershey Pa. during this week off from work.
HAVE you ever gone there? If so, ANY tips?


Beth said...

Hi, Lucy. What a slice of life! I loved your questions, but I can't help with a single one -- except DON'T STOP BLOGGING! I carry Motrin in my purse, my husband's glasses, and library cards from three cities, just in case.

forgetfulone said...

So many questions! First, how do you help your friends having marital problems? You already do. You listen! And you give advice when asked. Right now, not much seems different around here except the new kitten, but I will give it a little time.

Is there something you can get for the rats? Like, something you can put on the perimeter of the yard to deter (or kill) them? Obviously, something that won't harm your pets or your garden.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. I wish I could buy us both a ticket.

I will be getting my tweens up a little earlier all this week and next in preparation for school, but I don't know if it will help.

Don't stop blogging - but go ahead and find an online poker game for in between times! LOL Just choose a free site, not one of those they play with real money. My husband used to do that till it was declared illegal. They still have those sites, though. I don't know how they get around the laws, but they do.

Have a great vacation week!

keithsramblings said...

You are full of questions! Not sure I can give you any answers though! I missed out on SS this week 'cos I had a daughter to marry off!

Jennifer Hicks said...

many great questions.....many of which I'm unable to answer. It's great that you asked for another ticket to "In the heights"....amazing what can come from asking. But, my answer to that is "no"!!!

Devil Mood said...

I love your questions, I do. I will address 2 in particular:
being apart from siblings was something that I thought about the other day. So many people are, and so many stop talking because of money and inheritance issues. I realise siblings can be as mean as any other people and some times there's a strong reason to be angry at each other...but as an only child, not having the priviledge of having a brother or a sister, it leaves me a little baffled.
And the 2nd question: no, you should not go to online poker, you should blog. I know sometimes it's hard to find inspiration but you manage!

danni said...

lucy - keep blogging, i love your stuff - you are such a mommy! - amazing that life is an unending parade of questions, isn't it? - so much to think about - so many choices to be made - like being a robot and having to find the right disc to insert so we can keep on going and going and going like that ever ready bunny!!!

Fledgling Poet said...

Thanks so much for complimenting my poetry. I'm so glad you commented, because now I've discovered your blog and you make me laugh out loud. You are a wonderful and hilarious writer. I wish I could help you with all your questions...yes, I do get up with my teen daughter (you're not alone). And I draw blanks on my blog all the time. And I absolutely think there should be a male and female winner on SYTYCD! Happy blogging...please keep writing. :~)

Giggles said...

Yes Lucy you are the only one who has diarrhea!! Sorry're are alone with your pooping paranoia! As for the texting.....too expensive...I already have memory loss I can't afford to bump into trees, rats....stick the dead ones on her doorstep....maybe she will freak out and clean up! Friends in unhappy marriages....need to get counseling...or find their personal bliss!

The sibling thing, endorse love and respect for each other from day to day! Remind them how important each of them will be once their parents pass on! Remind them they will be their for each other through tough times, remind them that they will need each other
in the future!My dad did that and boy it worked...we adore each other!

Getting up in the morning...did it everyday until she graduated and even after that...I still on occasion get up and help them. Some days I make breakfast, some nights I surprise them with lunch made, and I will set up the coffee for them too! It's a give and take around here! He will always remember that you got up with him, hopefully he will put coffee on for you one day and a future partner! Great post by the much food for thought....wish I could buy you a ticket for the play!

Love you Giggles

Lucy said...

hahaha BOY How I LOVE all of your answers everyone!! Sherrie, you kill me girl! I should have mentioned that I have IBS.. so the immodium goes in the purse before the mooola! haha

susan said...

For someone who draws a blank, you often very funny and engaging.

And why do you get up with a teenage son? By 9, I could cook, clean and get myself to school. I raised two girls the same. Every woman for herself in my house. lol

daisies said...

i canceled text on my cell too, don't need it :) they should totally have a male and female winner ever year ... eek, not online poker ;) and um i must be the worst mother ever because my son totally does the school morning thing on his own, he likes that time for him he says ... i like that time for last minute sleeping, lol.


anthonynorth said...

A full range of questions there. Good luck with the answers ;-)

Nita Jo said...

Lucy... I'm with you on the imodium! I also carry Motrin, Sudafed, Tylenol. I'm ready for anything!

I still get up with my son. He gets up by his own alarm, showers, dresses and then gets his own breakfast. It's just a nice quiet time to visit with him. He's 16, and I know there won't be that many more mornings in my life when I can sip a cup of coffee while chatting with my son. Enjoy every minute!

Nita Jo

mgirl said...

Great questions! Keep writing first of all, and I don't think you will have to worry about your kids following the paths of the many estranged siblings, you sound like a great mama!