Monday, August 18, 2008

mondays friday fill in

friday fill in's on monday

1. The last meal I had at a restaurant was _linguini with red clam sauce at a new restaurant called Divo, it was delicious! .

2. People who drift into lanes while driving, instead of signaling is something I intensely dislike.

3. The full moon Always reminds me of one of my children's favorite sweet books 'goodnight moon'.

4. FuHgedaboutit is one of my favorite local expressions.

5. Sometimes it's best to JuST LISTEN TO YOUR MOMS ADVICE .

6. Inherit the wind is the best movie I've seen so far this year!(it's a real oldie, but I had never seen it before)

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to well,being Monday... not much going on, tomorrow my plans include food shopping and cleaning toiletsand Sunday, I want to well in this case I think it would be wednesday- I want to make an easy dinner after working my butt off all day!

friday fill in


Janet said...

I've never had red clam sauce, only white, but I bet it's delish! I LOVE your header!!! Thanks for playing :-)

forgetfulone said...

I'm trying to type with Lacy in my lap. This may take a while. Your dinner sounds delicious. I sure hope you enjoyed your vacation week off! I went back to work today, and I'm exhausted. I've got to go to bed. Try to catch up with you tomorrow.