Monday, August 25, 2008

Mary Mary Quite contrary

If you grow tomatoes in your garden, You have to make my favorite summer dinner!
its easy, it's delicious, It's great alone or as a side dish.

Spaghetti and tomatoes.
So easy- make a tomato salad with NO vinegar.
I chop up the tomatoes ( about 4 huge or 6 medium)
add 2 chopped cloves of fresh garlic, lots of chopped fresh basil, salt and pepper and about 6 TBSP. of Olive oil
Toss gently. ( you can even make way ahead of time and toss every once in awhile, that helps it get more liquidy)

AFter you drain your pasta ( I Love linguini-fini for this)
toss the tomato salad with the pasta
the pasta warms the tomatoes, Mama mia perfectly!
That's IT! It tastes the best when you add some grated loccatelli Romano cheese.(or whatever kind of grated cheese you like)
I really hope you try this and if you do, will you Let me know how much you love it?

Our garden isn't doing too well this year. thank goodness we did get enough tomatoes for me to make this dish a few times, but I only got 2 eggplants. One zucchini. Two cukes! What a disappointment. We do have tons of basil. My son made enough pesto sauce in July for two dinners. This week I hope to pick the rest. Make a pesto with some and the rest? Freezer! I love having fresh basil in the freezer all winter.


daisies said...

our garden is out of control ... zuchinni and summer squash are taking over my fridge and i don't even want to talk about the cukes, carrots and beets, eek! want some? tee hee

i have more tomatoes than a sane person can eat so will definitely be making this recipe up :) xo

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I've been given garden stuff from other people. the deer eat ours every year so I gave up. sounds like a great meal.

Giggles said...

My mouth is watering!! Sounds wonderful!! My daughter isn't a fan of fresh tomatoes but who knows she may like this!

Bryan and I will love it!! Zucchini is one of my favorite veggies, I buy it all year long!

Hugs Sherrie

Gracie said...

How delicious! I'm sorry I wasn't able to plant anything in my new home this summer, but will definitely try this next weekend. You have tons of fresh basil? - lucky you!

forgetfulone said...

You are quite the cook! That sounds delicious! I wonder if it would be good with store-bought tomatoes? That's all we have here.

Anonymous said...

Lucky Lucy, how does your garden grow? ;)

Just Jen said...

you're hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Sounds fabulous.I don't have a garden any more. I wish I did.

Fuschia said...

I will absolutely be trying this!

Deirdre said...

I've been gone for a couple days and haven't been out to check the garden yet. I'm hoping there's a ripe tomato out there for dinner. Your recipe sounds fantastic.

There's enough pesto in my freezer for about a dozen meals - love it.

Giggles said...

Okay so I made this .....but I fried some diced chicken breast and zucchini, then added the tomotoes marinaded with olive oil and garlic, and feta cheese...threw it in at the end....OMG I am telling you it was even good the next day COLD!! It was amazing...and a new favorite!

Thank you
Hugs Sherrie