Sunday, August 24, 2008

unconscious mutterings

I say ... and you think ... ?

  1. Cry ::
  2. I'm a believer in a good cry. But i hate when i forget i have mascara on.. then my eyes burn all day.
  3. Stretch ::
  4. but,be careful if people are around, stretching can lead to flatulence
  5. Efficient ::
  6. I used to be much more efficient, Now I'm too scatterbrained and waste much of my time remembering what I needed to be efficient about.
  7. Brunch ::
  8. I have hardly ever eaten brunch. I don't want to give up two meals for one.
  9. Afro ::
  10. In the crazy 70's someone permed my (now)husbands hair into an afro and he looked Like that jungle man on the bugs bunny cartoons,Which made me say UnGA BUNGA BUNGA every time i saw him. That really irritated him haha
  11. Preheat ::
  12. My oven is 24 years old and takes forever to preheat. How quick do the new ones heat up?
  13. Delicious ::
  14. FRuit is delicious when it's ripened just right, and hasn't gone rotten. Chips are just Always delicious.
  15. Global warming ::
  16. reminds me of a twilight zone episode which was so scary.
  17. Actions ::
  18. are from the heart, anyone can Talk the talk
  19. Ride ::
  20. always ride through side streets very slowly and look under cars for little feet and rolling balls

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The sun is going in and out today. I was out but now I'm in. My asthma is really acting up and being outside while my husband is whacking weeds is killing me. Any inhalant can trigger me into an attack. Thank goodness, lately my asthma only acts up when I'm sick. I've been fighting a cold for a few days. I was happy to wake up and find I could finally swallow without pain, BUT having my chest feel heavy is a worse scenario. Wish it would clear up already, I have no patience for a summer cold. In the winter, I don't mind being inside cuddled up with a good book some tea and milano cookies. Summer though, is flying by... I want to get the most out of each nice day.
My favorite season used to be autumn, but now.. It's definitely summer.
glad to have a word association game to play, while waiting for the gasoline smell to pass.
happy sunday.


forgetfulone said...

The part about your husband's perm made me laugh! Those were the days, huh? Goes great with your cartoon picture at the top.

Talking the talk. I think that's what my husband does, except not only doesn't he walk the walk, he rarely talks the talk, either. Did that even make sense? It's a source of frustration.

Your answers are so thoughtful - looking out for balls and little feet. Smart!

Dave said...

Heheh, I heart the jungle man in Bugs Bunny!... And I love your response to "actions". Have a great week

Queen-Size funny bone said...

I have the same problem, that heavy feeling is the worst. I have also been sneezing a heck of a lot. feel better.

daisies said...

i too suffer the asthma, sigh ... it can be such a pain ... hope you feel better soon ...

i too like a good cry and used to be way more efficient than i am now ... hmmm, wonder if its a getting older thing?

Gracie said...

Loved your UM responses - and I understand completely about the asthma. As soon as I hear a lawn mower, I go inside for my inhaler - when what I want to do is go sniff that newly mown grass. (I'd comment on some of your UM responses specifically, but it might be TMI)