Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Arranged Marriage

Molly and Cosmo are truly in love. Is it chemistry? Would Cosmo have fallen in love with any cute pup we may have brought home? I really don't think so. These 2 are so compatible, lovable and inseparable. Wherever He goes She follows. The cutest thing is Molly loves to go out often. Cosmo would rather nap. So molly literally "herds" him out the door. Maybe there is a little sheepdog in this cockapoo! Seeing how happy they make each other makes me know, I would never own only one dog again.To be happiest, they really need to live with their own species. I also know in my house - there's a whole lotta ear lickin' going on!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

i love george bailey

It has come to my attention that SO many people have No idea about my blog name. So here are pictures to explain my brain! In one of my favorite movies "It's a Wonderful Life"- Jimmy Stewart's revelation of his existence occurs as he pulls his daughter ZuZus flower petals from his pocket and exclaims- "ZUZU'S PETALS!" If you haven't seen this Classic, Heartwarming Frank Capra flick- You are missing out on a treasure. In the pic. on the right he is holding Zuzu.( Thanks Ann, without you there would be no pictures!)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Time Travel

This is my husband and I- THIRTY YEARS AGO! After writing in my profile about how 25 years of marriage has flown by. I realized we've been together for 30 years. We met in 1976 in of all places Beauty School! Of course being a naive young girl, I assumed This cutie had to be gay. It didn't take long for him to put
" the moves" on me and prove me sorely wrong.
This picture was taken at his sisters wedding on Aug. 2. Hubby sure mislead me. He asked me to this wedding on our first date in May of '76 and insisted I allow him to buy me a dress to wear! I assumed he had BIG BUCKS. He was VERY generous.....So much for assumptions. Oh well, at least his generosity was and still is genuine. :)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

What's in a name?

Having decided to try my hand at blogging, my first obstacle was a name. My name has never sat well with me. My parents named me after my fathers mother. Lucille. No offense to all the Lucille's out there, but I never cared for that name. I also never cared for the nick name that came from Lucille. LuLu. Since I was a wee little baby, my family called me LuLu. For many years ( like "baby" in Dirty Dancing) I didn't realize there was anything wrong with the name. Then my first passionate kiss at age 12! This innocent young boy (Eric) whispered " Oh LuLu". Well, the silliness of that name had me laughing instead of kissing. He felt uncomfortable and I felt my name didn't fit me. To the rescue my big sister- who suggests I take the Lu from Lucille and the Anne of my middle name and become Luanne! A New Lu is born. From that day forth I introduced my self to everyone as Luanne. In school i was still Lucille, At home the LuLu would not die. At my wedding I had the priest call me Lucille ( for my moms sake mostly) and several friends afterward said how sorry they were that the priest got my name wrong! I never legally changed my name so the confusion has been troublesome. Well, here I am now many, many years later, My husband and my friends call me Luanne. My mom still throws an occasional LuLu at me, which I now do not mind at all. After all the hoopla and insecurity and awkward circumstances..... I wish I would have just been a Lucy.