Sunday, November 30, 2008

More on Winter!

Well it's November 30! I did it! a whole month of NaBLoPoMo, or in english.. posting every day for a whole month! Like today, some days i even managed to post TwIcE! Hopefully, I didn't resort to posting mostly junk. Hope some of these last 30 posts had something of value somewhere!
As busy as I am and as difficult as it was to remember to do this each day.. a part of me may miss it! is that weird? Anyone else who did this, feel this way? This may have been my spring board for becoming a more consistent blogger.

After impulsively writing that last post about winter. I started thinking of so much more I want to say about winter. Winter brings out the domestic goddess in me. I begin to crave eating and cooking family favorite comfort foods. The first snow fall Always inspires me to break out the cake recipes and cookie trays! Snow=Sweets in the Petals family! Thank-goodness we don't have it year round or we would all be Round! As my husband and my sons shovel outdoors for sometimes hours, I am in my nice warm cozy kitchen baking away and preparing the hot-chocolate for their return. Sounds very Donna REed, but it is the absolute truth!

Another winter-thought.. childhood memories of playing in the huge piles of snow, we seemed to get each year, ALL DAY LONG! Ignoring calls to 'COmE INSIDE now!" except for the occasional mitten change. Snowballs, snowmen, snow-angels, snow-forts! The entire neighborhood would unite for a daylong snow-fest! FAst forward to the snow-fests of my 3 boys .. and I mostly remember HOW long it took me to help them Dress for the outing, the long johns, doubled socks, plastic bags under heavy Velcroed boots! Two pairs of gloves! snow pants and sweatshirts followed by the bulky coat!(As a child, I didn't even own this much outerwear!) I don't know how my boys even walked out there, never mind played! come to think of it, when I spied on them out my kitchen window, they did mostly ROLL around in the snow!! It seemed like before I could bake a tray of cookies, they were back and The LonG procedure of helping them UN-dress and hang all the wet clothes in the laundry room would make me wonder if it was 'worth all the excitement' they experienced!! It was also quite time consuming to try and dry my dogs and melt the icicles that hung from their fur!!
miss molly without her doggie sweater!

Another plus of working from home for me is snow doesn't equal treacherous driving to get to work OR closing due to weather! If someone dares the drive to get their hair done, We always shovel the walks well, to allow them safe access to my place. EVen In the Deepest snowfalls, I have always had work because many of My neighbors are also clients, and have been known to put on their knee high boots and Walk on over.. through the severest snowfalls!
The only thing I don't like about winter is worrying about my kids driving on icy roads.
But if we are all safe and cozy at home, I look at winter and snowfall as the perfect opportunity to enjoy family movies,games and home cooked meals and treats.
(tomorrow is December first, Get ready for my holiday header unveiling! I am so little-kid-like excited!)

The winter of '87

A winters Tale is the Sunday Scribblings theme.... without too much thought my mind went back to my favorite winter. the winter of 1987.....

January's weather was getting bitterly cold
The big day was suddenly approaching quickly
I gathered a bag of used clothes from the garage
stuck my hand to the bottom and grew sickly

what I felt was mysteriously alien and fuzzy
I pulled it up and out- I was holding a dead mouse!
screaming! I grew shaky- NINTH month swell had me teetering
I ran for hot water, soap- to wash off the dreadful louse

Playing it safe I then phoned the obstetrician
Panicky, I told of the risky situation... Very icky!
He told me to 'calm down', asked 'did you wash your hands'?
Then advised I seriously consider the names Mini or Mickey!

One snowflaked week later, I am now way past my due date
bathroom Under construction, yet On the throne, lingering, I sit
I look up at torn-up ceiling, see a squirrel looking down at me
run 'round with my pants down, TEN months pregnant, another screaming fit!

Screaming! mice! squirrels! even walks in winters snow
still didn't help to move things as desired..swiftly along
but after some help from the discerning (comical) Doctor
By February - finally, I was singing you a long winters lullaby song

Saturday, November 29, 2008

What's your blogs personality?

visit here and type in your blogs URL. My results were surprisingly accurate! let me know how yours turn out? (thanks Skittles, I am running out of nablopomo ideas!)

My blogs personality test results-

ESFP - The Performers
The entertaining and friendly type. They are especially attuned to pleasure and beauty and like to fill their surroundings with soft fabrics, bright colors and sweet smells. They live in the present moment and don´t like to plan ahead - THEY ARE ALWAYS AT RISK OF EXHAUSTING THEMSELVES!
They enjoy work that makes them able to help other people in a concrete and visible way. They tend to avoid conflicts and rarely initiate confrontation - qualities that can make it hard for them in management positions.

pretty good, huh? Speaking of being attuned to pleasure and beauty. My job also requires setting boundaries as well. Without them, It is so easy for people to really take advantage of me. It's funny, Until giggles so wisely pointed this out to me recently, I was feeling guilty about being abrupt with certain people and I don't think I really ever stopped and analyzed HOW important the little 'rules' I tried to enforce in my little salon were for me to have a life outside of my job. Before my recent renovation, I used to have a little paper sign on my mirror that said 'Please call between the hours of 9-9 mon-sat. No sundays or wake up calls Please". I didn't put it back up because I thought it looked tacky.

I first realized it was actually necessary to put that sign up when I had someone wake my family On Easter sunday to make an appointment for the FOLLOWing week! I can't tell you how many times, when I finally get that rare morning where I can sleep late, Someone ALWAYS calls and wakes me before 8 am. The funny thing is, You are reading this and probably thinking those requested calling hours are MORE than reasonable, right? Well, many people teased me about it. Making fun of me for setting rules! One woman read it and laughed and then sarcastically said, oooh I brought my own coffee , Is that against the rules? Unlike my understanding friend giggles, I don't think some people really understand how inconsiderate it is. Well, today was my day off and after a fitful night of sleep, I shut off my alarm and fell back into a deep, much needed sleep. Sure enough... 7:56 am.. The ringing startled me awake in the midst of one of those crazy
'baby' dreams I always have.

I guess I have to put the sign back up. I will frame it and make sure it matches the pretty decor but I am setting those boundaries again, this time with a clear conscience.
(trust me, I've thought out every scenario of phone system changes, but I need it to ring in my home to cut down on returning a ton of calls each day)

Friday, November 28, 2008


THE following horrific news story was in my local Daily News today. I am embarrassed to be a long islander, I am embarrassed to be an American, I am embarrassed to call myself a human being, if that's what these shoppers dare call themselves. This is a sign of our times and the breakdown in society that I just recently wrote about... This is a disgrace of outrageous proportions. My heart breaks for the victims and their families, but my heart fears for the future of our world, the world that my kids and others have to grow up and try to exist happily and safely in.

"Worker dies at Long Island Wal-Mart after being trampled in Black Friday stampede
A Wal-Mart worker died after being trampled when hundreds of shoppers smashed through the doors of a Long Island store Friday morning, police and witnesses said.

The 34-year-old worker, employed as an overnight stock clerk, tried to hold back the unruly crowds just after the Valley Stream store opened at 5 a.m.

Witnesses said the surging throngs of shoppers knocked the man down. He fell and was stepped on. As he gasped for air, shoppers ran over and around him."
(click the pink word 'story' for the entire article, a pregnant woman was trampled as well as others injured...)
please talk to me, tell me what you are thinking, I am just numb from this news not to mention the numbness from the tragedy going on in India. Are you all as discouraged as I am feeling?

Post-Turkey hunger pangs

So! Did everyone have a nice Thanksgiving? Did you gain a pound or ten? Did you EnJOY the relatives?? Hmmm? No?? Yes??
Last year, I got such grief from my eldest son about me being in
a Loop! Do u remember that? (hope u will read it) Didn't a year go by quickly? 'Cause I remember his lecture like it was yesterday. Well, This year.. NO loops for foolish me. Nope! I DIDN'T make a turkey and all the trimmings since we were eating at my sister in laws. I only cooked a few dishes to bring to her house. Well.. I am sitting here @#$*ing STARVING! It's Thanksgiving for goodness sakes, Other Americans have their belts and zippers undone, They are reaching for the pepto and my stomach is growling for leftovers! Our relatives served dinner at 3 pm and dessert was about 5, We were home by 8 and by 9 I was raiding my fridge and ended up with a measly bowl of mutlti-grain cherrios. WHY was I influenced by that crazy kid of mine!? Never again! I've already declared.. NEXT year I am looping it up big time. Loops galore! Call me crazy, but by midnight next year, I will be happily making up that plate of favorite turkey day treats!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


My youngest son many years ago.. he loved to baste the turkeys! Now, he shows up when everything is ready! I used to make two turkeys a lot because it allowed me to keep my top rack in the oven for other things AND we could have more drum sticks for everyone! Hope everyone has much to give thanks for today. Let's all give thanks to our brave soldiers and pray for them to all get home safely and soon.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Did U ever

Fury, Guilt, Thankful

Have you noticed there seems to be such a breakdown in our society? A breakdown in courtesy. A breakdown in family values. A breakdown in respect for your fellow man. How do kids have a chance to learn about morals, values, and general decency, when they are so often exposed to the pitiful behavior of their own parents.
My husband and I went to dinner the other night at the Outback. Not a fancy place, but It is still a restaurant. We were seated in a booth and across the aisle also in a booth was a Mother and her daughter. For their entire dinner, the Mother had her feet stretched across and propped up on the opposite booth seat. For the entire dinner, she basically ignored the girl and 'played' with her phone or blackberry or whatever the heck she was busy with. Every-time the waiter approached her, she didn't bother looking up at him either, She just barked what she wanted and kept her nose in her phone.
Maybe I have attention deficit disorder or something, I couldn't stop observing her inappropriate, rude behavior. It was distracting me. When I take one of my kids to dinner, part of the reason I love that we are eating out together, is so that I can totally focus my attention on THEM. No others chiming in and taking the floor. THEY can tell me everything on their mind, they can have my undivided attention. I am not cooking, or ironing or cleaning Or ON THE damn Cell phone. I am so Thankful to be Absorbing The importance of MY CHILD! I wanted to go over and shake some sense into that moron AND also inform her that it's bad manners to have her dirty boots on someone else's furniture. I couldn't help wondering...
What if I DID do that? Do you think that kind of bold interfering would totally unlock someone's inner fury? Or Would they be acting angry but in fact be feeling guilt? Or would they be grateful for being enlightened? Wouldn't it make me just as rude as she was? I came to the conclusion, If I ever had the nerve to be so rude and bold, I bet for sure, I would have gone home with her bloomin onion on my head and her Boomerang burger around my neck. Hate to even imagine where she would assault me with that cell phone!

wishing my 3 ww friends a very happy thanksgiving tomorrow.

Scribble soup!

Sherrie.thanks for telling me about Scibble soup Here is my attempt at
Stories behind the music.. Tells us this- "Do you have a favorite cd? Write a story incorporating as many song titles in the cd as you can."
I have a zillion fav. cd's, but I grabbed the top one on the pile nearest to me..
It is Amy Winehouse, back to black ( GREAT cd! with only 10 tracks)

There is some unholy war against me. My friends are trying to force me back into Rehab. Why should I listen to their opinion? They are Just friends, Not experts on what it's like to go back to black, the black hole of rehab, where I despise to wake up alone.. I don't need that crap what I need is my man back. I know they say that Love is a losing game, but Me and Mr. jones really need to try and work on getting to utopia together. He left me for another, but He can only hold her a short while. You know that I'm not good..I plan on moving in on their love, I will hurt her until she cries like I've been crying, till her tears dry on their own. Until I have Jones back to black at home.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thanksgiving Mutterings!

Okay, I know I am getting bored of mutterings when i am searching for themes for them all!
This weeks theme... Dysfunctional Family phrases on thanksgiving!

  1. Spit it out ::
  2. Grandma is senile and pre-stuffed that turkey LAST WEEK!
  3. Shadow ::
  4. Look at Crazy Uncle Sammy kids, He is making shadows of a turkeys neck on the wall with his... OH NO, get the kids out of here!

  5. Database ::
  6. Your sister didn't bring her stuffing surprise this year, her recipe database got the hallmark virus we were all forewarned about.
  7. Expression ::
  8. Wow Aunt Rose Nice expression on your turkey dessert!

  9. Boss ::
  10. You invited MY boss to our holiday dinner? Uncle luke, get me the carving knife!
  11. Baby ::
  12. Oooh Look how big Nate & Tate's sweet Baby has gotten. She is two already? And you still can't think of a name for her? We will all help you!
  13. Mystic ::
  14. Uncle Bubba would like to say the thanksgiving prayer today! He believes he is the vessel for the mystic pilgrim spirit who resides inside of him.
  15. Kate ::
  16. It's unanimous! KATE is a perfect name for the baby!
  17. Boobies ::
  18. I know she just got them Hank, but does your sister have to show Them to EVERYONE who asks her to pass the sweet potatoes?
  19. Raid ::
  20. MARY! it's 2 am! What are you and crazy Uncle Sammy doing down here? umm umm.. WE are RAiding the fridge for leftovers! Yeah, that's it! What else would I be doing with crazy Sam at 2 A M ?


Sunday, November 23, 2008

did u ever?

After waiting FOREVER for a best buy guy (Not THAt one Sherrie) to find me a David Cook cd, And then waiting for TEN minutes on line because there were only two cashiers... I FINALLY got to pay for my cd. Just as she took my change out of the register and BEFORE she ripped the receipt and gave me both... The OTHER cashier, who apparently was having a lot of trouble and was THE cause of the tie up on line.. asks MY cashier for help. WITHOUT handing me the change that is IN HER F*&%ing Palm, she begins to walk over to assist the other cashier! Is it NOT common sense to finish up with your customer first? I find that At 49 yrs. old, I don't wait anymore for their common sense to kick in, I demand it. I said 'excuse me, please finish my transaction first, I need to GO".
I feel like i encounter this kind of ignorance/inconsiderateness EVERYWhERE today and it totally pisses me off~!
what about u?
(hey..did u notice I am starting a repeating theme segment? "Did u ever".. Look for these to pop up once in a while) I got the idea from clever skittlesand her quickies!
here are my last two!
did u ever
did u ever

Saturday, November 22, 2008

A lucky lady's grateful shout-out

(hope you're listening to my synchronized song choice)

It's such a coincidence that Grateful is the prompt from Sunday Scribblings this week. A few hours ago I was just talking to a client about how grateful I am, for my husbands ways which I know were partly inherited from
his special dad.
One thing I've sadly found out through blogging is there are many readers who DON'T want to hear the loving, positive qualities in someone's loved one. They find it nauseating. I don't know what that means about that type of person, I really don't care either! If you are this type of person, Move on to the next blog on your reader, or You WILL throw up! I am not writing this for you. I am writing this for me. For too many years, I covertly avoided drawing attention to this side of my marriage. Partly, because I didn't want to sound like I was boasting, when Most of my girlfriends constantly complained that their husbands never did enough for them. I am finally wise enough to acknowledge and appreciate HOW lucky I am and That I SHOULD be shouting it from a freaking mountain top!

Through examples from his own dad and from the love in his own heart, My husband is one of the most considerate, giving husbands that I know of. I can't believe I used to find his considerateness sometimes embarrassing, sometimes silly. What in the world was wrong with me in my youth? The example I just shared today with my client was that When our kids were younger, If we all went shopping at the mall, I wasn't to carry anything, NOT ONE bag. Instead of being grateful and honored, i used to think he was being ridiculous. I'd protest and say.. I'm not an invalid, Let me have something. But he insisted and I'd let him have his way. My boys would chime in and say... 'MoM! we can handle it".
When my husband was a small boy he routinely witnessed the kind acts his dad did for his mother. One tale is..each time his dad took food off the barbecue He would first Go over to his wife's plate and give her the best of whatever he had cooked. The perfect pork chop. The steak cooked exactly to her liking. Then my father-in-law would give the kids the next best grilled food and lastly he took for himself whatever looked burnt or less desirable. My husband follows this exact ritual with us. He has so many selfless rituals of adoration and devotion. After 28 years of marriage.. He still gets to the car door handle before I can to open my door. He opens doors for me wherever we go together. He enjoys warming up my car before I go somewhere on a cold day. Almost every single morning, He carefully schedules his time frame that he needs to get ready for work, so that he can Take the 10 minutes and blow out my hair for me. I often joke that even Madonna mustn't have a hairstylist do her hair EVERYday! He tells me it's the best 10 minutes of his morning.
He helps cleanup dinner every night and makes sure our kids also lend me a hand. He helps me clean our home, NEVER wanting me to do the heavy jobs. There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't tell me a beautiful compliment. Most importantly, He always tries to make me feel valued and important. Everything he does, he does it with my best interest in heart and mind. Gratitude is not a big enough word to describe what's in my heart for my caring, sensitive husband, my best friend forever.
What I also adore about WHO he is, is that I know he is passing on these respectful, loving rituals to our three watchful sons. To this day,
Any time I am out shopping with one of my 2 younger sons, it touches my heart that they INSIST on carrying all of the bags for me. (my eldest is a rebel when it comes to bags) All three of them are gentlemen and open doors for not only me but for anyone entering with them. With the loving examples my sons have been exposed to, and the genes that I swear are partially responsible for this extraordinary reverence and admiration for women, I feel they are bound to also be the kind of husbands, who any smart, lucky lady would be so grateful to call hers.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Poor sweet Daisy

Every time I visit Queen-sized funny bone and see the photos of her adorable chihuahuas, my heart gives a tug. I think it's time I finally tell my Chihuahua story...

When I was a little girl I had an adorable chihuahua named Daisy. She was white like the one in this photo and shook like a leaf in every situation. She always slept with me and would stay curled up way down under the covers near my feet. I carried her around everywhere I went. When I rode my bike, I would plop her in the basket and make her sit down so she didn't fall out. One day, even though Daisy was staying like a good girl, I went over a bump in my street and POP, UP came Poor Daisy and BAM down in the street. I slammed on my brakes dropped the bike and ran to her in a panic.
She cried only a bit but I cried for an hour. I held her on my lap while sitting on the side of the road. I kept telling her "Im so sorry daisy" "Im so so sorry" "Are you okay girl?"As I pet her, I remember even bringing up to her, the time I took it upon myself to cut her black nails and I accidently made her bleed A LOT and I didn't know what to do, because no one was at home. I told her again now, HOW awful I felt about that time I hurt her nails and how scared that had made me too. I promised her I would never make her come for a ride again. I carried her back home and put her in her doggie bed. I went back and got my bike and put it away. I pulled myself together, not an easy task for an eight or nine year old. I never told my Mom what had happened that day.
A few weeks later, Daisy was acting strange. Every-time she would make one little move, she would start yipping. It was so scary and I was so sure it was from the fall. Still, I didn't confess. Reluctantly My mom took my little Daisy to the vet. The news was just horrifying. Poor Daisy had a slipped disc in her spine and would have to be put to sleep. I'm sure the vet must have suggested back surgery, but that scenario was never told to me. I had to say goodbye to my sweet little girl, who I loved with all my heart. The grief combined with the stabbing guilt I felt was simply unbearable. I cried non-stop for more than a week. My family was supportive at first, but after a few days.. they thought there was something very wrong with my never-ending grieving.
Till this day, my heart pangs everytime I think of her. Thankfully as an adult I let go of a lot of that guilt. I was a little girl, with very little supervision. Daisy's injury could have been avoided, had I been told NOT to put her in that basket. Good judgment doesn't come so easy to a child. I silently carried the pain in my heart for this little dog for so many guilty years. Confession feels so good, no matter how many years it's been. She will never be forgotten and I will never stop feeling this deep remorse for shortening her sweet,precious life.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Let's all do this!

My sweet friend sent me this info in an email, I think it is a GREAT IDEA!!
"When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and
send it to this address. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think of how many cards these wonderful special people who have sacrificed so much would get."
before linking you to the address in the email, I googled it first and found out the emails address is incorrect. Apparently it's an email that is circulating with the wrong address. I was linked directly to the walter reed army medical centers
web address and it was there that I was given a Correct address... Here it is..

Holiday Mail for Heroes
P.O. Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD. 20791-5456

All cards must be postmarked no later than Dec. 10. Cards should not be mailed or delivered to Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

For more information, visit or for Holiday Mail for Heroes program guidelines.Walter Reed is not accepting mail addressed to "A Recovering American Soldier."

In case you've already copied that circulated address down, hope you will correct it and make a note of this one. If you approve of this wonderful idea, besides participating... please pass it on too!

another frenzy

This whole internet thing is so frightening. I know I am pretty naive, but I am starting to realize, when it comes to this forum I am pitifully naive. I have this site meter thing on my blog only because My blogging mentor advised it. I have rarely checked this thing. Well, I was mortified to see that every perv out there who types in 'Ass Massage' is coming up with that old post I wrote about THAT! (ooops! I guess they will see this one too!) Then, horrified I googled my blogs name. WELL! I don't KNow HoW but stuff comes up that knows about where I went to beauty school! Where I work! (ooops again!) I mean It's not like I googled my ACTUAL name! Shouldn't we all be concerned about this? I am feeling naked. I feel like I want to close all my shades and stay inside a while. I also see there are other Luluspetals. One girl added the word ARt (from what I saw she is quite a good artist.) Her email is one dash off from mine. As freaked out as I am I am also perturbed by this, I thought that was only my name. I don't know a lot but I think all this information will ALWAYS be out there, am I right? AFter I am dead, will googling ass massage (ooops, did it again) link future pervs to read all my about MY past? How DOES this actually work? Does anyone else find this disconcerting? Maybe I can start a new blog, not tell any true facts and invite no friends. but, That just doesn't sound like much fun. I think I am going to at least change my photo to a cartoon or something like this...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008



forbidden fruit tension is very sweet
first base wont due to corrupt desire
shake off my dress, discard intellect
shake my fantasy to flame with your fire

visit 3 word wednesday

what color is your brain?

Okay it's day 18 of nablopomo... and I am getting desperate! I think it may not be too long until I take a WISE friends advice and dump this daily thing! In the meanwhile, I dug up this from saved drafts... (don't count on accuracy for your brain results.. Mine is ANYTHING BUT mellow!I am CONSTANTLy trying to think away my troubles!)

Your Brain is Blue

Of all the brain types, yours is the most mellow.
You tend to be in a meditative state most of the time. You don't try to think away your troubles.
Your thoughts are realistic, fresh, and honest. You truly see things as how they are.

You tend to spend a lot of time thinking about your friends, your surroundings, and your life.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Doggie Mutterings

When I looked at these mutterings, I thought they all related so well to my beloved dogs.
what do u think?

  1. Please stop ::
  2. barking at the smallest noise
  3. Move over ::
  4. your laying on my foot
  5. Sweet as ::
  6. a dog should be
  7. Bet ::
  8. you are really a reincarnated human
  9. Mad about ::
  10. u always pooping at the groomers, but i still love u
  11. It’s over ::
  12. before you know it, let me brush your teeth
  13. Intend to ::
  14. walk you more often
  15. Blame ::
  16. myself that you aren't more disciplined
  17. Jefferson ::
  18. wouldn't have been a better choice of names for you, I love Molly and Cosmo
  19. Heartless ::
  20. is anyone who doesn't love animals


Monday, November 17, 2008

feelin' a bit wacky!

I am feeling Like I am in a constant state of being 'unsettled' Don't ask me to explain, as I don't even know what that means. It's like I am anxiously awaiting a monumental change to take place.
I guess we could guess that change is,well.. THE change! I am about that age! My poor husband wakes each day and doesn't know WHICH wife he should expect will greet him. Snapping one minute, and crying the next. Laughing at his usual antics or getting totally annoyed by them. Needing to be held followed by needing to be left totally alone! (I know what u must be wondering and..No! I've haven't been diagnosed with a mental illness! YeT!) I've never been one to turn to drugs even for a headache, but let me tell you I am thinking about taking SOmEthiNG right about now! My adult kids have been telling/teasing me for years.... "Mom, you need pot more than anyone we know!" To which I usually snippily respond.. What the hell does that mean?! Could it be, my kids are more insightful than I give them credit? Where does one even get pot?(unfortunately, I bet my kids know the answer) Can u imagine? Me on drugs? with my indigenous paranoia, I will be scared to death it's tainted pot! I better invest in a Much TALLER wine glass. That's about all i think I can handle.
I know you have nothing that you can say that can help me.. but gee.. any words of wisdom or support would be so appreciated ( well, just know, right NOW they would be but by the time I read them they MAY piss me off)

What was Your birth day Hit?

The Number one song on the day I was born was: A big hunk of love by Elvis ( I have NO idea what song that is!!)
I would love to know yours! ... go here..
flashback charts
then leave me a comment and let us know the top hit on the day u were born!
(thanks Gill)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Is it hot in here?

BILL the Vampire!->>

OH MY God it's A BOOK!!!
One of my clients just MADE mY week!
I have been going crazy over the HBO series- True Blood. Have you seen this show? Do you think it's as HOT as I do? I feel a tiny bit embarrassed to admit this to EVERYONE! but mama mama mia, I really find it extremely exciting each week! Be warned it is NOT for the kids! Not even the BIG kids! I chase them all away, it would be like watching a porn with your family, NOT exactly my style!
BUT NOW when it goes off the air in two more episodes. :(
I will start the books. They are called The southern vampire Mysteries by Charlaine Harris.
The first in the series is called Dead before Dark. I just reserved it at my library. If you want to know the premise read what Wikipedia had to say.. here
I am getting such a kick out of HOW many of my FEMALE clients are as fired up over BILL the vampire as I am! Holy Moly talk about your desperate housewives! One woman that i know for so many years was so excited telling me about her favorite scene that I didn't recognize her!
I've never heard her get so loud or laugh so hard! haha During one episode, BIll (the hottie vampire) climbs out from under the earth, Naked and well.. HOT and just makes love to sookie (Anna Paquin) right there in the dirt. I am hoping, like it usually goes, THE booK will be much better! much more detailed! and even Hotter! haha I may never take the time to blog again if these books are as thrilling as the show! I'm surprised that after all these weeks watching it, I've never noticed the book mentioned in the credits.
I'm NOT surprised that my husband chose his halloween costume wisely this year. YeaH! he went to work decked out in fangs, cape and nice pale face! He didn't want me to show the pic! damn!
(very Bill ish! )

Friday, November 14, 2008

a Stranger

As I was checking out at my Stop and shop last week, I intuitively knew SOmEtHinG was up by how the employees were acting- Staring towards the other end of the store, whispering to themselves. There was a hush in the air. I asked my check out lady.. Is something wrong? She stared intensely into my eyes a few seconds and said.. "well, I guess I will tell you, Someone tried to shop lift a grocery cart full, and When the security guard tried to stop him, he slashed the kids face. He was bleeding real bad, and an ambulance came for him.. You can't leave out that door down there, the police have it blocked." I was so horrified! I said "the kid? how old is the security guard?" She said in his twenties. OH NO! My heart just about broke for this poor boy. To have that kind of serious injury and be scarred for life over a basket of food?! I couldn't help thinking of my own twenty something kids. It also scared the hell out of me, that this was all going on, while I was in my own world down each aisle. I know crimes and injustices happen everywhere, but geeez.. it shocks you when it's right where you shop each week. I wasn't nervous to walk out to my car because the police literally had the place surrounded. I over heard that they still didn't get the bastard. All week, I just keep thinking of the poor kid. I know he is a total stranger to me, but I keep saying a silent prayer that he will be okay.

friday fill in

1. Please feel free to rub my shoulders ( long day at work! )
2. When I Make a pot of soup I can't help sniffing it occasionally. (Janet- this a strange one!)
3. My favorite thing to cook is anything my family enjoys ( and chicken soup for me)
4. A foot rub is something I can't get enough of. (can u tell? my feet hurt from this long day)
5. That's the thing I love most about a pedicure- the foot rub!
6. A chocolate craving always makes me think to myself, what the heck?
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to well since it's already 10.. BED , tomorrow my plans include a very busy day cutting hair and if my husband wants to be a prince.. A FOOT rub at night!! and Sunday, I want to Tackle cleaning upstairs closets and draws (what fun, huh?!)

it's raining dogs and dogs.

I don't know if you know this about me... I can make it rain! YES.. It works like a charm. All I have to do is make a grooming appointment for my two C R A Z Y pooches. I can make it a week before, a few weeks before or even a MONTH before I want it to rain. GUARANTEED.. the day arrives and it's pouring out. If you ever need a rainy day.. just tell me, I will call and make an appointment for them.
I used to groom my dogs myself. The cost is just ridiculous. But these two are just too much to handle. I would rather do a few Human haircuts and use the money to pay for the dogs to get done. When I walk Molly and Cosmo into their grooming salon, I usually announce.. THE Yapper and crapper are here!! The whole procedure is just exhausting, embarrassing and truly so damn aggravating. Cosmo is SO exited in the car he just yaps CONTINUOUSLY. By the time I drive the 12 minutes to the place my nerves are shattered! Molly just moans pig noises in the car, but it never fails.. No matter how long of an opportunity she has to poop before we go, She always walks in the place and immediately Poops on their floor! I don't know how this has happened. I used to be such a great pet owner. My cute bichon frises Blinky, was the first dog my husband and I owned.(he REALLY needed a haircut in this pic!!)
We took him to obedience school and he was a prince to take anywhere. Next came our little angel, our wheaten terrier.

I used all MY obedience training skills and SHE was also an obedient,sweet perfect girl. I guess just got too busy? Cosmo CAN sit.

(the staying is another story). He can shake hands and dance around on his hind legs a long time! and BOY can he f*&%ing BARK! Molly can... well... Molly is cute!

She ALWAYS comes when u call her.( mostly because she is afraid of being outside) She is Never constipated! That's pretty good! and BOY can she also BARK! It would be nice if I could get them to behave a bit better and be able to do their grooming myself. Alas, I am stuck with a day of rain and torture every 2 months.
Oh! I forgot to tell you... I also can predict which line at costco is about to... A) count the money in the draw and shove it in that shoot B) change cashiers or C) have a customer count out 150.00 in coins!.... It's whatever Line I am on!

Thursday, November 13, 2008



Most days my morning routine of getting ready for the day consists of doing everything quick. quick shower, quick makeup and hair scrunch. I quickly look at myself in the mirror and hate the crows feet around my tired looking eyes. As I apply blush like I'm speed painting, I notice how much better my chin would look if I could only pull up on my chubby cheeks. Scrunching while cursing my frizzy curls... As I am getting older, I am wishing to find more time to s l o w down for leisure pampering. Primping like I used to enjoy in my younger PRE- working-mommy Crazy days. This luxury only seems to happen lately, if I am getting ready for a date night out with my husband. The shower much longer, trying new body oils. Shaving both legs at the SAME time.
Taking time to massage fragrant creams into my skin.. extra massaging for legs, feet, arms, neck.
During this pampering he usually walks into our bedroom and with one sensuous look I read the piercing tenderness and love he feels so deeply for me. Somehow my unruly hair then strikes me as wild and beautiful. My crows feet are ignored as I slowly apply my eye makeup to eyes refreshed. Exhilarated to the way he can make me quiver and truly savor the sensuality of being a woman.

3 word wednesday

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

holiday idea

With the holidays around the corner..
I want to share a cute idea I had one Thanksgiving a few years back.
I had about 17 guests coming for dinner. I rummaged through old photos and found baby pictures of most of the kids coming and The youngest pictures I could find of the adults.
I went to the dollar store and bought 17 tiny gold frames. I used these in place of place setting cards when I set the table. Next to everyones plate, was a little gold frame. I told the youngest children to try to guess WHO was WHO and WhERE everyone should sit. The kids got such a kick out of seeing everyone in their youth And they had trouble deciding which baby was which kid! It really made for a fun time and of course everyone enjoyed bringing home their little frame.
here is the one I made for my husband...

and one for my middle son..

weren't they such cutie pies? Ever notice that every little boy in the 50's and 60's were dressed in the sharpest little suits? They were like little gangsters back then. My boys didn't own a suit till their first communions.. anyway..
I hope someone reading might decide to try this during an upcoming celebration!
If you do, hope you will let me know how it goes! (I so wish I could find a picture of my holiday table set with all the little frames.)
nablopomo day 12!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

i need to rant about hoops

Often through my week, as different things happen, I think.. ~I should blog about this. ~But typical of me, when It comes time to sit down and type, those weekly thoughts have vanished. Lately however, One constant theme keeps happening week after week after week... Society is making me, well probably not just me, US... jump through hoops and I just can't stand it anymore.
I need to rant about The few examples that have Not vanished from my mentalpaused brain.
I call the dr. to make a flu shot app't. for my son. They say.. come in at 2:10 on Friday. I nicely ask (btw.. I am always nice.. NICE does NOT help) 'Do you have something just a few minutes later? My son gets out of school at 2 and I know I could be there by 2:20.' The nurse says, 'Sorry NO, 2:10 is the only appointment left, and they run a tight ship with flu shots'
So stupid me.. I get to my son's school by 1:40. I have to sign him out which in this crazy school consists of first showing photo ID, THEN going to the attendance office THEN go to the main office THEN sign out... Holy Crap! I didn't get OUT of there till 1:55!! BUT, Like the prompt ass I ALWAYS AM, we get to the pediatrician by exactly 2:05. we sit... 2:10, 2:15, 2:20, BY 2:25 .. I walk up to the desk and say ( not as nice as usual btw) "Excuse me, I checked my son out of school to get here promptly at 2:10 because I was told they can Not see him at 2:20.. Here it is 2:25 and we are waiting 20 minutes for a flu shot! how much longer will it be?"
Does it not seem like I am a trained seal jumping through their hooops??

The next day- a saturday, The same son had to be at school early for homecoming. He is in the band. I saw the forecast and said to him, 'it's suppose to rain, How do you know if it's canceled?' He said, 'the band teacher said.. We have to attend rain or shine.' It is quite a juggling act for my family on saturdays, because both my husband and I work. Our older kids try helping us out with driving our younger son places. They both had other commitments, so my husband went to work a little later , so he could first take our youngest son to the school. As soon as he got there (in the rain) they had a person waving everyone on, telling them .. 'homecoming is canceled'. THIS from a school that leaves those automated emails and phone messages for every little poop that goes on there.
"This is principle SoandSo today a stranger was spotted driving around our school. we called the police.".. .."This is principle soandso Tomorrow is spirit day!"... " This is principle soandso have you joined the pta?"..." This is principle Soandso, we had a blackout during periods 1 and 2 today."..." This is principle soandso tomorrow is locker clean out day".... THAT is principle soandso constantly interrupting our dinner with these ridiculous calls. FOR goodness sakes Principle soandso.. Can't you give a shout-out that homecoming is canceled? Prevent a whole family from having to wake/shower/eat/dress/make arrangements and do all this earlier than normal, just to drive 12 minutes each way to jump through your damn hoops?? I mean, for the teacher to say "you have to show up rain or shine?" Knowing They won't march in a parade in the rain, WhAt kind of inconsiderate nonsense is this?? It's hoops! that's what it is. I am damn tired of it.
DON'T even get me started about the fancy hoop tricks my health insurance company is constantly getting me to perform. YOU Can't have that med that the DOCTOR prescribed, it's not covered.. here are your choices.. you could have these 2 from column A or this 1 from column B.
Oh your doctor doesn't want you to take those? TOO BAD, then Pay the 200.00 a month for the one she does want you to take. We will throw in a fortune cookie that says "na-na na na-na!!"
Or the drug store calls you with your rejection and asks Do you know Which drugs you ARE covered for? you get out that formulary pamphlet the health co. sent you, you ramble off only 2 out of the 10 choices and the 14 yr.old store employee cuts you off and says, 'That's good enough, I'll call your Dr. and give her those 2 names to choose from.' Now, SHE is prescribing MY medicine? The child who works at cvs??
Your given a script from the doc for an MRI... ooop, wait! Must call the insurance Company for authorization..
You need an MRI? who says so? The Doctor?? (chuckle) no, WE don't think so. you didn't have enough X-rays to qualify and move up to our MRI prize round. Get the unnecessary radiation first and then MAYBE if the approval person had a good BM today and is feeling sunny.. She will give you an okay, and you could advance to the winners circle. If Not, jump through some written hoops and after a few weeks, maybe we'll listen again. Maybe not.
How do we stop this craziness in this circus called everyday life?
Let the rant spread... Tell me about YOUR hoops!

Monday, November 10, 2008

did u ever?

Did you ever have such a vivid memory about something long ago and kind of insignificant?
We were driving home from our very lovely **'anniversary date' ** a couple of weeks ago.
Bjork came on the cd player. My husband began reminiscing about how he had first discovered her. ( he loves Bjork... his motto? A day without Bjork is like a day without sunshine)
He knew EXACTLY when he
had first heard the song playing and how he HAD to run out the very next day and buy her album.
He THEN was able to remember exactly Which job location he was working on at that time, Which fellow workers were there...
AND that Weird Al Yankovich was the V.J. Who played that miraculous bjork song! As I listened with great interest (not really, I had heard this story already, but I wanted to let
him have his memory) We drove past a restaurant that We had last gone to when I was pregnant with my eldest son On NEW YEARS DAY 1984! I excitedly said to my husband...hey, hey... I REMEMBER going there! On New Years day 1984, we were with so and so and so and so AND... I WAS WEARING THAT BEAUTIFUL BLACK MATERNITY TOP THAT PHYLLIS HAD LENT ME! To which he laughed and replied... "yet we both DON'T remember where last years halloween decorations are!" Did u ever experience weird memories like these??

** Our anniversary date- I realize I never wrote a post about this special day.. We had A lovely dinner at a favorite italian restaurant, and then we went to see the movie, The Secret life of bees. Very typical of my husband.. He insisted I choose the restaurant AND the movie. I asked.. what is it only MY anniversary? As much as he tried to enjoy my choice, My husband dosed at the theater. I really wanted to see this film, because I read the book years ago and really adored it. Unfortunately,
The movie was a bit like honey... sweet but Oh so slow.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

unconscious Mutterings

I made a personal vow that I would stay away from memes and fill ins for a while.. I have a tendency to change my mind.... Quickly..

  1. Coverage ::
  2. I am always shocked at how little 'coverage' there is on so many fat ladies at the beach.
  3. Cynical ::
  4. Gee , how I just sounded.
  5. Gust ::
  6. I let out a gust that sounded like a dying bird when i sliced my index finger yesterday
  7. Improvised ::
  8. How Did Lucy know the words to every song that came on? She improvised.
  9. V ::
  10. Oh this is easy.. V= VaMpiRe.. true blood tonight on HBO can't get enough of this vampire show!!
  11. Guests ::
  12. I love entertaining guests for the holidays, but unfortunately, I am passing on it this year.
  13. Brutal ::
  14. The brutal truth? If the truth is brutal.. Sometimes it's best to fib.
  15. Grant ::
  16. Grant us Peace
  17. Pull ::
  18. yourself together.. You CAN do it!
  19. Streaming ::
  20. Tears streaming down blackened by mascara.


nablopomo my butt.. I just posted TWICE in one day! Yah!

Surprise! Not the change you expected!

The sunday scribblings prompt this week is change. Last week, Like so many, I had written about my feelings and the change I am hoping President elect Obama will have on our country, but the scribblings girls are getting strict! They stressed.. NOT to use an
older post so instead, I'd love to talk about another significant change in my world...

The dramatic change my salon has recently made. It has had all my clients singing their praises! Which feels so uplifting!
Friday a woman kept describing my good taste as ME being tasty! she said over and over- "you are so tasty!" I thought that was a unusual but cute compliment! Everyone is so complimentary and I can tell that they are enjoying the change as much as I am... You KNoW where I am going, don't you?
Yep.. There is always ONE. Always one stick in the mud, who never watched Bambi as a child. "thumper, what did your father tell you??" "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all". This lady must have missed that lesson from Thumpers mom And her own.
As SOON as she walked in and Noticed the incredible changes we've made, She didn't compliment it, No,no, no. She first said.. 'Oh Look at what you did here. This is different.' Then she immediately looked up at the curtains that I thought were perfect and loudly declared..."OH NO, THAT'S a BIG mistake. BIG Mistake!!" I very nicely asked 'they are? why?" She said "you are going to have tons of hair in there! BIG mistake!" (gee, does hair fly UPWARD when I am cutting?)
What do you say to someone like this? What makes a person act like this? Do they think they are being helpful? If the curtains were in a catalog and I was considering ordering them and she was trying to give some warning.. that would be different. They ARe UP! They are On a rod!
After she leaves, Does she happily think she really enlightened me??
I just don't understand people sometimes. So, always being the professional (professional kiss ass, i guess). I said.. 'Oh, I would have never thought of that. I guess if that happens, I will need to vacuum them.' She then got a satisfied look on her mean face.
I wish some times instead of changing their hair color, I could magically change the color of their spirit.
i just have to show my PERFECT curtains!

nablopomo Day 9!

Saturday, November 08, 2008


I can receive mail but I can't reply or start a new email.
It WON'T LET ME TYPE IN THE TEXT BOX!! ( why hotmail? why won't you let me? I'm a nice person, pleaseeee stop messing with me!)
I have tried changing to G mail then Y mail, I don't want to go all the way to Z mail.. I just like the hotmail. you know the saying ...old dogs/new tricks?
I can't DO these other mails for too many reasons! I REALLY WELCOME ANYONES..

I'll stand by you

Ever since Chrissie Hynde's released this beautiful, powerful song back in 1994 it's been a favorite of mine. Recently, I've been playing Carrie Underwoods rendition in my car. (if u volume up you can hear it). I am more moved now than ever before by it's intense message of love and total support to someone going through a dark time. I don't know why, but I guess years ago I never really REALLy listened close to the lyrics, I had assumed it was a love song between two lovers. This is so much more than that. To me, It is much more fitting as a scenario of a parent vowing her faithful love to her child. (as my poor son knows, I kept singing it TO HIM in the car yesterday, using his name in place of 'baby'! Telling him that I want him to know that I feel with all my heart this exact way.. and will ALWAYS stand by him).He took it pretty well,(not One eye roll!) He even let me repeat the song and SING IT one MORE time! At his age(16), he wouldn't admit it, but I just know the lyrics (and her incredibly beautiful voice) were giving him arm chills too. As I am thinking about the original song more, I guess the fact that He was a busy two year old and my other boys were busy 10 and 7 year olds in 1994 along with the fact that one of our speakers had blown and we were too broke to replace it.. that might be why I didn't really really listen to these moving lyrics then like I'm listening now.
Would u like to read them? here they are... (just had to emphasize my biggest chills)

Oh, why you look so sad? Tears are in your eyes Come on and come to me now
Don't be ashamed to cry. Let me see you through, cause I've seen the dark side too
When the night falls on you ,You dont know what to do
Nothing you confess Could make me love you less
Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you
Wont let nobody hurt you Ill stand by you
So if youre mad, get mad Dont hold it all inside
Come on and talk to me now
Hey, what you got to hide?
I get angry too Well Im a lot like you
When youre standing at the crossroads
And dont know which path to choose

Let me come along cause even if youre wrong Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you Wont let nobody hurt you Ill stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour And Ill never desert you
Ill stand by you
And when...
When the night falls on you, baby
Youre feeling all alone You wont be on your own
Ill stand by you Ill stand by you.
Wont let nobody hurt you Ill stand by you
Take me in, into your darkest hour
And Ill never desert you Ill stand by you
Ill stand by you Wont let nobody hurt you Ill stand by you Wont let nobody hurt you Ill stand by you

Friday, November 07, 2008

blog funk

Mary over at
Now Entering Momville. You've opened my eyes to How shitty my blogging has become!
Mary is starting up a wednesday prompt, where you can send her an older post and she will post it. (great idea Mary!)
Well, I started going back to look for something worthwhile. Something I had written that I thought would be enjoyed. Looking through October and September posts, all I saw were fill in the blank meme's and prompts that I've been leaning on because my own thoughts were just not coming. Having these prompt days to lean on may be the reason I didn't even attempt to try to think of interesting things to write about all by myself.
Kind of like when you're dieting.. and making a salad is just too much work compared to the instant joy of ripping open that bag of milano cookies. Why pull from my overloaded brain? They've done half the work for me.
This awakening, has also answered my own disappointed question. Why aren't as many people commenting on my blog? At first I blamed google reader. I am just as guilty. I read blogs that I really enjoy reading. I think of how much I want to tell the blogger that I enjoyed their posts. But, oh wait.. let me read this persons first and then I could go back... and then ..Your phone beeps, your bladder beeps, Your microwave beeps. Your brain dead, so you don't remember to go back and comment. Well, that may be happening too, but I tend to think it's more likely the uninteresting 'forms' that I keep just filling in. NEVER one to hurt anyones feelings, I think these forms are all very creative and they ARE very fun to do, However.. it shouldn't be ALL that I am doing.
I can think of 4 bloggers off the top of my head, that I used to love hearing from. I still comment on their blogs, but they must just find me and uninteresting dolt.
I am going to try to go back to blogging about personal affairs, people pissing me off, and just my everyday thoughts. That writing style is difficult to keep up with daily and just my luck, I find myself enlightened about my funk, during the first week of this nablopomo nonsense. committing to posting every single day for November? What the hell was I thinking?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Simon says...

My eldest son has had me laughing like crazy. He works as a teachers assistant in a school with 1st grade autistic children. He adores his kids and I really adore the cute stories he comes home with. Today, at reading time, one of the boys refused to read his book. My son decided a to use a different approach. He said, "Well.. what do you want to do instead? ' Jimmy' said "I want to play." So my son asked,
"what do you want to play"? Jimmy said "simon says". So my son said.. "Okay, let's play simon says! Simon says, put your hands on your head. Simon says put your hands on your shoulders. Simon says pick up your reading book. Simon says open the book. simon says Read the first paragraph.... "
This worked for everything the entire day! Jimmy was happy! The classroom teacher was happy!
I said.. what would you have done if he chose hide and seek? He said.. I would have said .. Yes, we can play that as soon as you read your book.
(I think my son is going to be a very special, special ed teacher! )

grant us peace

Whenever I think of peace
I think of our innocence before 9/11
along with profound words and dreams of our Peaceful brother John Lennon
I hear his voice ring, power to the people, Let's Give peace a chance
and I IMAGINE foreign leaders in Something like a romance or slow dance
as Across the universe adversaries sing, I wanna Hold your hand
Abolishing wars, a good day sunshine revolution spreading throughout our renewed lands
We all Come together Singing Happy Christmas, war is over, Here comes the sun
our children's futures starting over , Blissful golden slumbers have begun
Let it be that tolerance, Reverence, respect, Here there and everywhere reins
We all shine on, forgetting our yesterday had helter skelter mind games

When I think of peace in my life I think it won't be long, Tomorrow never knows. You may say I am a dreamer too
But, We can work it out. Don't let me down. Because All we need is love for all our dreams of world Peace to come true

Thanks so much Mimi for allowing me be a part of this unified cry for peace. we so desperately need it.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Welcome Mr. President!

Congratulations President Barack Obama!!

Hearing the momentous result has moved me to tears of tender wonderment!! Maybe I am just foolishly idealistic but I really feel like this was not only an amazingly historic election, I feel like It's an election that has finally given us a genuine humanitarian. THIS is a man, who is going to strive to put our country back on track. He gives us hope. He gives us comfort. He gives us a chance for much needed change. I've wished for a day when America could have a leader that could be perceived as a national treasure, so much so, that even the late night shows cut him slack. I believe in free speech, But I always feel we belittle our country by the constant ridicule that Our presidents receive. The gravity of such insults can disparage a nation. Maybe Just maybe, President Obama has the unique nuance that it takes to make that wish come true.
It starts with unity... Even if he wasn't your choice..let's all stand by and support our new leader. If Americans can peacefully respect a majority vote, Respect their leader, I feel our wish for peace is possible too. We HAVE to believe there is hope for OUR country.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

grrrr! blogger!

Is anyone else having trouble getting their comments sent to their email address??
I double checked my blogger settings and my email address is correct. hmmm, weird. Some comments are sent and some aren't. I only discovered this because someone spoke in an email about their comment, making me realize, I never saw it. So I actually clicked the comments section under the post.. and sure enough, they HAD left one. So I went back to my scribblings post and sure enough, several came in that I had NO idea I had received. Any advice anyone?

election day '08!

If u haven't already..
hope u take the time to... GO OUT AND VOTE!!!

(DAY 4! Nablopomo)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Mutterings- Day 3 of Nablopomo- DOTS

THANK YOU TO MY SWEET FRIEND GIGGLES! When I saw her amazing New header and adorable DOTS, I felt like a little kid, I just HAD to have some dots! I've always loved polka dots! They are just the right whimsy to go with the adorable header she gave me for my birthday! So happy I didn't have to wait till Christmas to receive her gift of dots!
Sharing your dots! Now, THAT'S what I call being a true friend!

how about some mutterings...
  1. In love ::
  2. My first time was in 3rd grade. Jay Robinson! SO cute with shaggy blonde hair... I made my mom drive past his house,so I could show him to my sister. I hid under my seat and pointed to him and OH NO.. He had gotten a crew cut and my sister thought he was ugly! I said he Looks much cuter with his hair long.. to which my 'know it all' big sis said.. Well if he needs hair to look cute He is NOT cute.
  3. Be my guest ::
  4. Because of the lavish set and extraordinary costumes.. It Was one of my favorite scenes in the play beauty and the beast
  5. Number one ::
  6. I don't like the expression.. Look out for #1. Lately though, it seems it's the motto of many.
  7. Swallowed whole ::
  8. Not much is swallowed whole by me.. I even cut up OnE strawberry into four tinier pieces. No not a wacko.. sensitivity problem.
  9. 50 percent ::
  10. OFF an item!- Truly a shoppers paradise
  11. Made in ::
  12. THE U.S.A - we need to produce and buy more items with THESE tags!
  13. Supplement ::
  14. I am looking into other options to supplement our income.
  15. Right for ::
  16. Knowing what opportunity is Right for me is challenging
  17. Endless ::
  18. My worrying. It really is endless.
  19. Ceramic ::
  20. I love the huge ceramic Christmas tree that my MiL made decades ago and recently handed down to us.

unconscious mutterings

Sunday, November 02, 2008


She kisses daughter goodnight
Tells husband "i have errands to do"
She parks her car around the block
and waits for his blue malibu

Passion,concupiscence, surrender
entangled lips hips wantonness
Her gnawing wishful longing inferior
to guilt she desperately craves to suppress

Late at night she carries bags into a hush darkened home
converts herself into expected archetypal guise
She unpacks and tucks away fibs she bought yesterday
while struggling to tuck away screaming scandalous lies


I don't know why.. but as SOON as I read the prompt.. I was brought back..
Way back to a memory of a family I knew when I was a very young girl.
Way back then it was OH SO much LESS heard of and OH SO much MORE scandalous..
but I always imagined my friends mother feeling OH SO remorseful.
(please bear in mind.. This is a demonstration of a poetry attempt.... Kids- Do Not try this kind of poetry without proper training)
Happy Sunday Everyone!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

day 1 of NaBloPoMo!

My commitment to post everyday for a whole month seemed overwhelming at first! Then I noticed on my blog that I posted 24 times in October,26 in September and in August 34! Compare that with My first year of blogging.. only 49 posts from April- Dec. So maybe this won't add more stress to my already stressful life.
After all, Blogging is an outlet that I feel has helped ease my stress. Releasing emotions, venting, While- building friendships, discovering creative, favorite blogs to read.
If I had unlimited time, I would be at this keyboard daily every month. Unfortunately, Free Time is a precious luxury that I don't get to indulge in enough.

One thing I would like to share on day OnE..
Please follow the link on my side bar and indulge yourself into the precious comfort of a little book that has amazingly transformed my outlook on life. I used to be.. Always the doom and gloom girl, Always focusing on what HAD happened in the past. THIS Doctors soothing, positive approach to take overwhelming adversities and use them to move past your pain, has made me do a 360!
I wish I would have discovered His message a long time ago. I even find the title a comfort! His book is available at his website or on amazon. Treat yourself to a message, that you will want to revisit over and over again.
tell 'em Lulu sent you!
To any fellow nablopomo's visiting... GOOD LUCK this month! we CAN do it!