Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween

Well it's halloween night. Not much happening. We celebrated last week by going to a party at the dance studio where I take my zumba classes. It was a fun night, that started with a west coast swing lesson and led into dancing all night, buffet and unlimited drinks. All for the amazing cost of 36.oo per couple! Our Friends that came with us were as surprised as we were when everyone on the floor was AMAZING at dancing! It then of course dawned on me... WHO were the guests? Dance instructors and their dancey friends and dance students!! At one point they were all doing some beautiful waltz the same exact way, going the same way around the beautiful dance floor... while the 4 of us clowns (well.. actually 2 pirates and 2 cowboys) were free styling and bumping into them all! After only one cosmo, we didn't care that we were the only foursome that they thought had 8 left feet. We had fun and many laughs and know WE CAN Dance!!

this week was a good one, there's lot's of adventures going on yet it left me once again.. Thinking of my blog.. feeling obligated to write something on it... choosing instead to play my 29 games of scrabble that I have going on on Facebook. Facebook is probably the reason for less blogging. It is quick and a great way to touch base with many with one wall. But.. my blog feels like an old friend. A friend who I will always love but I have less and less to say to her.
So without much thought... I am going to ramble about my week and just fill my old friend in..
This past week, Mr. Petals and I celebrated our 29th anniversary! We had a date day that involved shopping for a dressy dress for me for an upcoming christmas party, A new sports coat for him and Ordering a new railing for our back steps. That evening we enjoyed a lovely romantic italian dinner at Marios.
One day, my son found a weird protrusion on poor Mr. cosmo that ended up being a tick! In all my years of having pets, I've never had a flea or tick on any of them! It looked like a rotten kernel of corn! My smart son insisted that it was some sort of parasite. We ran Cosmo to the vet who confirmed it was an engorged tick. So gross and so worrisome! But he is fine and since it wasn't a deer tick, he won't need to be tested for Lyme. It was so nice that our vet didn't charge us to tweeze it off of him. Cos was pretty stressed, but a few dog treats later.. just fine.
Another on going event of many past weeks is this college application stuff! WHAT an overwhelming, mind boggling process! I feel like WE are so far behind! I use the word WE so much ( We applied here and WE applied there) that my oldest son keeps asking WHerE I am going to be attending college next year!? He is right! I am doing way too much of the stressing over this! I hear my clients tell me that they NeVEr got involved... their kid did Everything!!
you know what?? I am going to add my name to one of these app's.. and You never know.. If I get accepted maybe I will be the one that sets sail next year and my youngest can do all my jobs at home!
Well, once again.. I thought I couldn't blog and I end up writing more than I think anyone will even read. Hope to be back soon

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Did you ever?

Lately I keep feeling like our world is getting more and more crazy. People seem to have Less compassion, Less patience, Less humanity than ever before. I questioned if it was just me thinking this way? Am I just getting older and crankier? You know what? No. that is not it. The world IS getting crazier and It isn't just the younger generation. Even older folks are... well .. Losing it! I see more selfishness and rudeness than I ever remember noticing before.

Tonight I spoke to my 80 year old Mom who lives on her own down in Florida.
Mom volunteers at the hospital a few days a week and volunteers as a bingo caller in between.
She has been calling bingo for years and gets much praise for her fun, outgoing personality.
Last week an 87 year old man got a bingo but hesitated a little too long to shout it out and My mom had already called the next number to which 3 additional people shouted BINGo! The 87 year old mans wife began repeatedly calling my mom a BITCH! Screaming that she went too quickly and that her husband deserved the pot all to himself! ISN'T THERE SOMETHING CRAZY AND SO SO WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?? I am telling you, something bizarre, scary and so sad is happening in the world. We seem to be desensitized to the feelings of others. Decency and morals a thing of the past. My poor mom was so upset and didn't know what to say or do.
I feel so bad to know she was spoken to like that. Mom called The director of the senior center, who told her that she did do the right thing.. Once the next ball was in the slot she had to Call it and honor the multiple winners. Just what an 80 year old donating her time needs, right? insults and aggravation.

On the way home from Bingo, mom stopped off for gas. She waited behind a station wagon while he filled up. After he was done.. He continued to sit in his car and chat with the attendant who was apparently his friend. They both acted totally oblivious to the fact that someone else was waiting. After waiting for a good 5 minutes patiently in her car, my mom leaned her head out the window and said.. "excuse me, would you mind getting going now?" The attendant went inside the gas station and the man in the station wagon deliberately just stayed in his car a few minutes longer. She knew it was just to bother her a little bit more!! HE was inconsiderate from the start and because She asked him to move, he decided to torture her even more?? Hello??? Is it just me?? Does this make any sense? Or are you infuriated too? He should have apologized and quickly moved over or out!! Finally my 80 year old (extremely brazen) little mama... Got OUT of her car and started walking towards him. He finally drove off! I got so upset that she did that! I warned her that with the looneys these days, you can NeVER assume he wouldn't have hurt her.
Hasn't this kind of rudeness and maliciousness happened to you? Do u feel it's happening more often too? What do you feel is the best way to handle hateful, ignorant strangers? I always say ignore these types but how can you in the gas station situation? I swear, I wish I could spray my mom with cretin repellant.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

From Dizzy to canine.

Being Bored out of my mind for the last two days may be a good reason to try and write a blog post.
On Monday I went to Dr. Gordon's office for the Epley Maneuver. After seeing the Youtube about the procedure I was expecting that it wasn't going to be too awful. Damn You youtube. My experience wasn't so cut and dry or tear free. After the first procedure of gently rotating my body and head for one minute in each position, They told me they now had to repeat the same procedure and this time I most likely would not be as dizzy. As soon as he laid me backwards, not only did the dizziness feel much much worse, i could also feel my eyeballs spinning quickly around in my head!! Nausea kicked in, It was terrifying! As if all that wasn't scary enough, Dr. Gordon indecently said... "This is very unusual" and he began to tell his assistant something about my eyes. I was so busy panicking and crying that I really don't know what he said. I remember saying.. What's wrong !!?What's happening???!! And he said.. I'm not completely sure but just hang in there the spinning will stop any second now.. and it finally did!! He continued with the rotation of positions and explained to my husband Something about my crystals being in different canals, but I really couldn't comprehend it in my state and I didn't need an explanation later either as I was so queasy and lightheaded, and i just wanted to go home.

What I did understand was that i couldn't know for sure if this maneuver cured my vertigo until after 48 hours had passed. So, If I was still feeling dizzy, that didn't mean it was unsuccessful. (but I sure have been frustrated that I am still feeling dizzy and lightheaded)
As part of the after care.. to prevent the ear crystals from being moved back into the sensitive part of the ear, I've been wearing a soft cervical neck collar to prevent sudden head jerks and bending. I can't sleep in bed but in a recliner at no more than a 45 degree angle.

It's been quite uncomfortable but will be worth it if this works..(as u can see, it has been very comfortable for Miss Molly and Mr. Cosmo, who haven't left my side and feet) If it doesn't work.. He wants to repeat the Epley Maneuver when I go back on Tuesday. I've read that Sometimes a few times is the charm.

The strangest thing happened monday night while attempting to sleep in the recliner. At about 4 am.. I heard this high pitched sound. Almost like a radio frequency that was out of whack. Without bending my head, I wrigggled my way out from under Cosmo and out of the recliner and started wandering around my home, trying to find out Which of my sons had left his tv, radio, cds, game player or SPACE TASSER?? on... I went all the way upstairs, I went down again. i went into the basement... and then I realized it was loudest in my kitchen... Where though?? First the napkin holder. I held it up to my ear.. it was buzzing so loudly.. then I put my ear up against the Light switches and FOUnD the source! High pitched sound waves or something?? I was so so confused... and then the light bulb in my dizzy head went off... Holy Shit! this may be ALL in my head?!! In my ears?? Does this mean the maneuver worked? Or does this mean I will be picking up the local radio stations in my ears and fillings now?
As I maneuvered myself and the dogs back down.. I felt this keen sense of hearing for the rest of that early morning.... I heard several loud jets. Trains. (which are so far from our home... I didn't know we ever heard them over here) I heard the crickets as loud as if they were sharing the recliner too. It was the weirdest experience, and I am trying to look at this as a positive sign that I am fixed! Even thought the audiologist said my hearing test last week, was good... who knows... maybe My hearing is even better than good and like My friend Carol said.. Maybe I have dog hearing now! Wouldn't that be great. Well, I already have the collar on.... Maybe I can get a matching leash and pooper scooper for Christmas.

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

An exciting addition to our blog family

I want to share a fairly new blog with you! On Lives was created by my sons friend Mike. He has come up with such a clever, creative blog to touch ON so many varied topics in our LIVES. He also has guest writers contributing and from what I've read so far.. Everyone is talented and interesting! Hope you will pop over and browse, comment and then perhaps decide to follow this talented writer.
I've decided to start at his first entry and work my way up his assorted posts.
(btw..ON dishwashing cracked me up!)
Thanks blog buddies... And thanks Mike.. it's so nice to expand my blogging family.

Friday, October 09, 2009

BuMp in the Night

With Vertigo spinning me out of control this month... HOW appropriate is the sunday scribblings prompt??
My spinning is the worst at night while trying to sleep. Rolling over is a thing of the past as I can only sleep on my right side. Turning left makes me fly around the room. Unfortunately... visiting the bathroom in the night seems an inevitable occurrence and BUMPing into the walls is my typical way to sidewind my way to the toilet! This past week...I've knocked over my alarm clock, my lamp, stepped on my dog cosmo and knocked a picture off the wall! Luckily I caught it with my hands and not the top of my head!! Luckily too that Cosmo didn't even yipe (he has an unusually hard head for a little schnoodle!) All this while spinning and needing to urinate badly!
Each morning mr. Petals gets annoyed and says.. Wake me up!! I will help you get to the bathroom..
but I just don't want to disturb him that way... Best he is only disturbed by lamps and clocks and pictures bumping in the night, right??

I went to a doctor yesterday that specializes in... DIzZY people. (people have been calling me dizzy for years...who knew it was a specialty?!)
He diagnosed me as having BPPV and feels he can fix me with NO meds and NO surgery...
(Mr. Petals asked him ..."what are you going to do, say a chant over her head?" but is called the Epely maneuver and it looks crazy and I fear it will make me vomit... but I am praying it will help me. (my quick explanation to my sons was.. I have little crystal rocks in my ear that are out of whack.. He is going to turn me around a few times and move my rocks to a better place!! ) He said 80% of patients with BPPV are able to be helped by this method, saving lamps and pets and additional potential problems that could be caused by spinning and bumping out of control.
After the maneuver I have to wear a soft neck brace and Not lie down for 48 hours, I'll sleep in a recliner chair... No bending, driving, working. NO ZUMBA for sure!!! (I"ll have to ask him.. i sure hope it means no cooking, cleaning or laundry either)
WISH me Luck on Monday!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

September Synopsis

If I have any readers left they would know.. I haven't been blogging lately.. lately.
But I thought I would summarize my September for ME.. just to write something. Just for my own entertainment. Just to pass a few minutes while I try not to SPIN out of control.( explained later)
September! Wow It really flew.. Just like I feel the year has flown by.
My youngest Son began his senior year of High school. We both began the crazy college search.
I have found myself BEYOND overwhelmed with the whole process. Even though I had two other kids go off to college... this new OLDER, forgetful Me.. feels totally clueless with the entire process.. as If it's all new to me. I sent a frazzled email to his guidance counselor and I was wacky enough to write.. It may be menopause or Dementia but I sure need HeLP!

Another wacky undertaking in September... I actually went to a 10 hour Zumba workshop and am Now a Certified Zumba instructor! I know! Hard to imagine, right? I love this dance/exercise program so much but while taking the course.. I initially felt I would never be able to find the time (and talent) to choreograph routines and be courageous enough to begin teaching. After another week of reviewing the dvds they gave me and speaking to my amazingly inspiring Zumba teacher.. I began to think.. Hey why not? I don't have to be as intensely energetic as her or as skilled... and in her words... 'there are different types of zumba teachers for different types of students YOU CAN DO IT LUCy"... So I was ALL excited and pumped and

hello hello... I am (once again) in a place called Vertigo...
The spinning hasn't been as bad as back in '06 but it is preventing me from living my normal life and I am pissed off about that beyond any words! The last time it occurred, my doc sent me for an MRI.. but she never sent me to an ENT.. I really think that is who I need. Besides the usual spinning and nausea I am feeling like my ears are full of fluid. I have also been experiencing Crazy CRAZY buzzing in my ear! Especially while laughing hard!
Last week a New client had me hysterically laughing.. All of a sudden I SLAPPED the side of my head so hard it knocked my glasses off my head! Because I Thought a BEE had flown into my ear! She looked at me strange and I Laughed and only said.. "i am laughing so hard my glassses fell!!"..... ( and she looked at me weird as if thinking... YEAH! because you slapped yourself in the head Wacko!)

There have been some good things going on in September!! BAck in August for my 50th b.d. My friends had gotten us tickets to go see BYe Bye Birdie on broadway and an italian dinner before the show. The play was so cute and I was excited to see John Stamos play Dick Van Dykes role.
Gina Gershon was also in the show in the role of Rosie.. I had loved the movie back in the 60's when I was a kid. I thought they did a great job!
Also for my B.d., One of the gifts from Mr. Petals was Tickets to see Rusted Root in concert on Sept. 24th.
We have loved this band since the early 90's and I was so happy to get a chance to see them perform. The venue was a small theater, so after the show they signed Cds.. and I actually got to meet, TOUCH and talk with the lead singer Michael Glabicki.. who I loooveee!! Mr.Petals thought I looked 13 years old running to get on line to get his autograph... and u know what?
I felt 13! it was silly but fun and it made me happy! We also met and really really enjoyed the opening band.... The Kin. We bought their cds and are really enjoying their music as well. Two nice brothers from Australia. I hope they become popular because they have beautiful voices and are so talented AND so so nice.
I think synopsis means a sHOrt summary?? This is more like a September Story...

but anyway... besides my vertigo... i had a few other problems in September that are wearing my nerves down. First.. I injured my knee the week before the zumba workshop.. I have been trying to baby it, ice it, massage it, hot tub it and do some exerises that my son showed me he did in Physical therapy for his knee... but it may be time to see the doc. since it is holding me back from being as active as I usually am. Another problem that has me shocked and pissed off...
the Opthamologist is pretty sure I have glaucoma.. No I didn't turn 80 last b.d.. Only 50!
I am so worried.. He wants to repeat all the tests again this time early in the morning to see if it is the same result.. but it is an inherited disease and my mom has it ( although she didn't get hers till 79!)

So let's see.. what have I forgotten.. I Touched on the knee the eyes the spinning the zumba the college stress
and the two fun shows... what have I forgotten about September?? Blogging!
I haven't kept up with my favorites or posted much of my own.. Hope I get inspired soon to post regularly and with a bit more flair than than just recapping.
Also let's hope October takes it's sweet time because I hate to believe that freaking Christmas is around the corner!