Friday, September 28, 2007


I've always admired Powerful women. Women who walk into a room and own it. Women who can shake hands firmly yet know they still own their femininity. They're the Women who are the first to speak up at a PTA meeting and touch on the issues most of the shy Moms wouldn't dare broach, but are relieved someone has aired. They run for office, they run marathons, They run successful businesses. They are leaders. This type of assertiveness is just one kind of Powerful woman. ALL women are powerful in emotional strength, in loving and in multi-tasking. Women can take on their own troubles, the troubles of their spouses, their children, their friends, their friends children, their parents and their Grand-parents, while chasing toddlers, paying bills, working full time, food shopping, cooking, cleaning, nurturing their families, entertaining guests, driving to little league and organizing a garage sale. (That is all on the same day!) A woman can and will handle whatever comes her way, usually never skipping a beat or sacrificing her families harmony. Self sacrifice seems to go hand and hand with being a woman. We just naturally put our loved ones ahead of ourselves. We love unconditionally. We want to give everything of ourselves. We bond with other women lending support and comfort. We can endure whatever we're dealt with poise and tactfulness. We laugh wholeheartedly, we cry wholeheartedly. We love wholeheartedly. Women are just naturally built with this passionate, massive, internal power.
I send this out with love & respect to all the women I know and treasure.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

How old are you REALLY?

Take this
real AGE quiz!

I hope it's pretty accurate, if it is I am NOT 48, I am only 34! I will live to be a nice old wrinkly age of 89!
I think I better work on de-stressing my life, I then may make it till 90.
I would love you to tell me what your real age and life expectancy is....
(thanks for the link Anna xo )

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Life has been pretty busy in a crazzzy way lately. I feel like I haven't written a Real- Life post in a long time. Real Life? What is real life anyway. Real life consists mostly of worries and work, no? Somedays though- when I am soaking in my "Now foam free" hot tub, being romanced by my husband, feeling totally relaxed and numb, The boys all happy and busy... I tell Peter- " I feel like I'm living Someone else's Life!" We did have many days like that this past summer and that phrase became the catch phrase of the season. Usually followed by me breaking into the song "living la Vita loca". Unfortunately, Many days aren't so peaceful. I'm reminded of the poignant lyrics of Regina Specktor... " Somedays Aren't yours at all. They come and go As if they're someone else's days". Does Anyone else ever feel like that? I was pretty bummed out last week due to an infected finger. Little things can trip you up and take your day away. What really pissed me off was my Doctor. I called on Friday to get an appt. Her receptionist said she was totally booked and couldn't see me. I asked if her associate was there. No. I said " Well, I KNow this is infected, could she call in an anti-biotic?" OH, She would never do that without seeing you!" Yes, but She CAN'T see me... So what am I suppose to do??" Go to the emergency room I said " THE EMERGENCY ROOM? Why would I want to do that and sit for hours?" Well, go to one of the walk in clinics "Why would I go there, when I have Insurance?" some of them take insurance She also informed me that her office was closed on Saturday.
IS IT ME??? OR IS THIS REALLY BAD MEDICAL CARE?? The next day I had to cancel my full day of clients. My finger was not only swollen, red and killing me, but the paranoid side of me was convinced I had cellulitis. I had this once before in my mouth! When I apologized to the Dr. for coming in for a swollen face, He had said to me... Good thing you did, Tomorrow you would have been dead! Apparently, with cellulitis the infection pockets itself and travels through your bloodstream. In the case of me biting the inside of my cheek, it would have traveled quickly to my brain. He had to give me an injection of antibiotics as well as massive doses orally. Something like that stays in the back of your head when faced with another infection.

So Saturday I decide to go to a walk-in clinic. One of my sweet clients works there, and gave me a 20% discount. The Dr. lanced my finger and gave me antibiotics. A few days later it was still painful, I called MY doc. again. AGAIN I got the run around, being told to see a surgeon or go back to the clinic! It is now getting better but seems to have taken a long time.
All I did was trim a hanging cuticle, and nip myself a tiny bit. I must have gotten a cut hair in the cut while working.
I've been soaking it all week and it finally isn't hurting to type! Now another day this week will be taken away from me, while I try to find a new doctor. I am going to ask bizarre questions like- DO you lance infections yourself? Or would you send me to a surgeon? Do you have weekend hours/ an associate/ a moron for a receptionist? Do you only write referrals and take blood pressure? OR- are You a REAL, hands on, caring doctor?

Saturday, September 22, 2007

"Hi, My name is..."

This title is the Sunday Scribblings prompt for this week. I have been wanting to re-post my first blog post and another old one because many friends have asked me, Why I chose the name "Lulus Petals". Due to the fact that I am still struggling with an infection in my finger after one week, It would be a way of participating without too much pain! So here is my first post and 1/2 the explanation........Having decided to try my hand at blogging, my first obstacle was a name. My name has never sat well with me. My parents named me after my fathers mother. Lucille. No offense to all the Lucille's out there, but I never cared for that name. I also had never cared for the nickname that came from Lucille. LuLu. Since I was a wee little baby, my family called me LuLu. For many years ( like "baby" in Dirty Dancing) I didn't realize there was anything wrong with the name. Then my first passionate kiss at age 12! This innocent young boy (Eric) whispered " Oh LuLu". Well, the silliness of that name had me laughing instead of kissing. He felt uncomfortable and I felt my name didn't fit me. To the rescue my big sister- who suggests I take the Lu from Lucille and the Anne of my middle name and become Luanne! A New Lu is born. From that day forth I introduced my self to everyone as Luanne. In school I was still Lucille, At home the LuLu would not die. At my wedding I had the priest call me Lucille ( for my moms sake mostly) and several friends afterward said how sorry they were that the priest got my name wrong! I never legally changed my name so the confusion has been troublesome. Well, here I am now many, many years later, My husband and my friends call me Luanne. My mom still throws an occasional LuLu at me, which I now do not mind at all. After all the hoopla and insecurity and awkward circumstances..... I wish I would have just been.... a Lucy.
This second SHORT post explains the other half
I never expected this to happen, But I've introduced myself to all my new friends at Weight Watchers as Lucy. All my new wonderful cyber friends email me as Lucy and even my husband has affectionately thrown a few Lucy's at me.( Usually in his Best Ricky Ricardo voice!) I plan on using it in all my new introductions! It may be wacky to want a new name at 48, but I've never denied being a bit of a Wacko!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ny State of mind

We had so much fun at the Mike and Juliet show! I had never been in the audience of a live show before. Watching all the 'behind the scenes' chaos and excitement was very cool. The host Mike was real friendly and Juliet was beautiful and skinnier than any human I have ever seen! haha I said to my friend " Have you ever seen anyone this skinny on Long Island? We sat for the live taping of todays show and then they did pre taping of segments for future shows. One segment was with Kelsey Grammer. I have never thought of him as handsome, HOWEVER! Up close he was quite handsome and distinguished. Another segment was with Zack and Cody two cute boys from a show on Disney called the suite life of Zack and Cody. I had never heard of them or seen them before, but they were adorable and VERY entertaining. I don't know when these segments will be aired, but I hope to try and catch them for that exciting chance of seeing us in the audience! What is it about that?? It was so exciting today, when my husband said he saw me in the audience. What a ham! Yet, they asked me if I would like to ask a question in a segment about relationships and I said NO WAY! What a fool! They ended up Not taping the relationship part so I wouldn't have had the chance anyway. Next time, I will be brave!
As we were leaving the stage I shook Mikes hand and got such a thrill, when he looked me up and down and said and I quote " Look at you! How cute are You?" haha
I think I am still gushing and blushing. I don't even remember if I said thank you or just kept smiling my goofy smile! It felt like those long ago teenage days, when the cute boy finally asks for your number. My poor family and friends will hear this story about 99 more times. I promise this is the last time you will hear about it on the ol' blog!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Mike and Juliet Show

Tomorrow ( 9/18), I'm going into the city with a sweet friend to see the Mike and Juliet show. I like these hosts and try to catch them at 9 am on fox. My friend E. gets tickets to the show often and I find it so exciting to just catch a glimpse of her in the audience but better yet watch her ask or answer a question, or state a comment. I am hoping to be 1/2 as brave as she is and actually get a chance to maybe 15 SECONDS of fame. Maybe if she speaks, I can just put my face near hers! Just enough that it is worth programing our DVR box. Kelsey Grammer is going to be a guest. I've always enjoyed his shows from Cheers to Frasier and now he has a new show- "Back to you" starting on the 19th.
So put on your glasses buddies and try to find me in the quick panoramic pass of the camera through the audience! I will be wearing my much needed distance glasses! (Don't let them throw you.) Not sure what color I will be in, depends on the temperature at 6:30 am. If tomorrow is anything like my house right now, I will be the one in a snow suit. :)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Somebody Stop me!

Sometimes a collection starts out with the innocent purchase of one adorable bear. When Friends gather, they admire your new bear. You point out the details and the adorable paw print that his hidden somewhere on all of the artists pieces. You show them the poignant saying on the bottom of the bear. They all say" Awww". A birthday comes up, Friends give you another cute bear, another paw print to find and a sweet saying Like this one- "Where your treasure is, there will be your heart also". Aww, Your family is touched, they think "Great! Christmas is coming, Mom seems to like having these bears around the house". They shop for more little brown resin bears with cute paw prints and sayings to melt the mushy mom. Your husband discovers they also have them in plush as well! Mom gushes and finds more spots to display these little guys. How thoughtful her family is to notice her fondness for these bears. Another Anniversary, Another Christmas, Another birthday. Bear, Bear, Bear. OOOH, The wife is having a bad day, why bring flowers?....The bear will brighten her! Then, you realize another shelf is necessary. A special shelf to hold the precious first bear and all her bear friends. Initially, You treasure the bears .Then You try and remember who gave you each one? Why the hell does this one have a broken arm? I've never broken MY arm.??

Some stand out in your memory like this one from my son who loves baking Christmas cookies with me.

You start to skip dusting them as often. You approach the bear shelf with your pledge and cloth..... You think why the fuck would they make these with so many grooves and crevices? You realize that white haze of dust gives them an antiqued quality that they'd lacked.

The plush ones need vacuuming. Your lucky if life hands you the luxury of extra time to run Mr. Orek across the floors never mind attachment time to suck up dusty hairbows and tiny sweater vests. You think of that sweet saying that says where treasures are so is your heart. Your frustration subsides. You swoon again, this time it's for tea pots and Lenox disney.
Your husband falls in love with tin toys. The insanity begins again. Soon we need more shelves, more attachements, more pledge.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

stupid is as stupid does

As I waited patiently reading a book in the hospital waiting room this week, I over heard a conversation that had me thinking of Abbott and Costello.
A doctor came over to the woman next to me and told her that her dads surgery went very well. Then they spoke further and I wasn't paying any attention to them until this started...
Doc- "So, All looks well... I won't call you unless things should change."
Woman- "What day would you call me?"
Doc-"No, I'm saying if he stays doing this well, I Won't call."
Woman-"Yeah, But IF you call.. When would that be?"
Doc- "No, No, Don't worry... Everything looks great, I would only call if he wasn't doing well."
woman- "Oh, So You're not calling me?"
Doc-( looking dumbfounded)- "Only IF he ISN'T doing well."
Woman- "Yeah, but I mean Like WHAT DAY would that be? You know?"
Doc- (remains silent and staring at her in disbelief for a few seconds)-"IF after a few days he doesn't show signs of improving.
( reassuringly) I'm sure I won't be calling, He looks great.."
Woman ( interrupting his sentence).. "But HOW many days would that maybe be?"
Doc- ( at this point the doc makes eye contact with me, and I give an expression with my eyes equivalent to saying HOlY Shit!) "Listen.... IF in 2 days or 3 days or 5 days, he is NOT doing well, Then THAT is When I will have to call you. OKAY??"
Woman- "So you don't know when you're going to call me?"
Doc- "No because he is doing well. Your dad is fine, let's not worry about the call, Okay.. Have a nice day. You can call ME if you need anything."
Patience IS a virtue, that guy was a fucking saint
The next day as I was shopping for a bar-b-cue. The MANAGER of PC Richard's said to me... " I've PUTTEN many barbecues together."
I thought ..... I Bet HE is that WOMANS Bastard son.
Gee, it's only wednesday ..... I wonder how stupid the rest of this week will be.

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Dear Sunday Scribblings,
I am writing to let you know how much I enjoy your weekly creative prompts.Writing has always been something I've enjoyed. As a child, I would practice writing cursive in many dramatic styles, trying to find one that would be my signature signature.
As a pre-teen, I poured all my feelings into writing in a daily diary.
I also wrote constantly to my best friend Linda. We were inseparable through childhood, but we loved
to write back and forth to each other something we created called " Future Letters". As strange as it sounds,
we would write letters, as if we were already grown women, creating a fantasy life style and keeping in
touch with each other,( because Of Course, circumstances had led us to different parts of the world!) I wonder if it was our way of hoping for a brighter tomorrow? The letters were very detailed. We had names for all our children and our husbands. We had fantastic jobs with names and stories for all the coworkers. What wacky kids, huh? This is another reason I love your prompts. I haven't thought about those future letters in forever. Your prompt this week, brought back a wonderful memory. I even think somewhere in my unorganized garage, I have a stack of these precious letters saved. I can't wait to try and dig them up.
As a teen and young adult, I always attempted poetry and song lyrics. ( I know I have some of these saved as well) (somewhere?) My poem titled "unconditional Love" was written for my youngest son as he sat in his high chair, spitting food in my face. Like much of what I've written, I never feel like I can share these words with anyone. I don't think they're "good enough". I wrote for the way it made me feel.
About 10 years ago , I actually started writing a book of my life story. ( I exaggerated a bit for excitement.) I have it in a spiral notebook, with lots of cross outs and grammatical errors. I know I don't have the talent to create a novel worth publishing, However, My talented son who has a BA in English does! Last year, I apprehensively showed him this very personal attempt at creative writing. I told him that someday, maybe we could collaborate my ideas and his abilities and seriously attempt a draft. As usual, he was encouraging and supportive. He also reminded me that I should have pursued the children's story that I had written a while back. He feels it would definitely be published and do well. I had googled publishing and read that you need a literary agent, and how difficult it was, blah, blah, blah. So, I put the pages in a draw and there they've been for many years.
When encouraged to try blogging, I was reluctant to say the least. My insecurities and fear of negative criticism were screaming, You can't do this". I'm so happy my friend nudged me along. The positive feedback from the amazing blogging community, my friends and family gave me the " I CAN do this" feeling that was not only encouraging but heartwarming as well. Then, You came along sweet Sunday Scribblings, with these motivating prompts and a way to connect to the nicest people I've ever met! Through your inspiring creation, you've allowed me to be connected to a talented writing community full of beautiful, caring, extremely creative people. You've helped me continue blogging longer than I expected I would. I hope you continue your generous weekly gift. I wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.
Sincerely grateful,
Lucy Lulu

Thursday, September 06, 2007

back and forth

I haven't posted in a while. Not much visiting of blogs either. Life is feeling too crazy, too busy, too much. Where are the hours in a day going? This week my youngest went back to school. Last week my oldest moved back home. My middle son is working back to back between college and his job. My husband is back to being frustrated by our bubbly hot tub.
(Look what happens when you listen to the "pros" or should I say scumballs at Leslies pool store)

I wish I was back on my Aug. Vacation, my lazy back against my lounge chair, my nosed pressed into my book.( I am really enjoying Khaled Hosseini's new book, "A thousand splendid suns". Have you read his first novel "The Kite runner"? If not, trust me get over to your library or book store and sit back and get ready for one of the most beautiful stories ever written.)
Anyway, I don't know why I am feeling so overwhelmed and a bit depressed. Considering what life has dished out through the years, things are really going well right now. I keep trying to focus on all the positives, all the happiness. Thank god, there are many to focus on.
When I think back through the years, I realize the beginning of each school year has always made me blue.
Many feelings come into play. School signifies the end of summer and its ease and carelessness, its beautiful sunny days. It signifies that the long winter and its confinement is on its way. It means we go back to the routine of getting up early ( 6 am) and conking out earlier. The weeks fly by even faster. I always miss my son. The holidays which bring more cleaning, shopping and preparing are creeping up. Geeez, If you were feeling good when you started reading this, I apologize, 'cause you must be feeling pretty shitty right about now.
I think I need to get back to my exercise routine. Those endorphins could be really useful right now. I also, need to get back to eating right. I haven't been counting points, calories or how many cookies I consume for lunch. Yesterday, lunch consisted of 5 dunkin munchkins, 2 giant oatmeal cookies, a spoonful of peanut butter and a cup of tea. Dinner was 3 slices of pizza. Gee, if we really ARE what we eat, no wonder I feel like crap. It is so hard to get back into the habit of eating healthy, but NEXT WEEK I plan on giving it my best shot.
(You can't start dieting on a thursday after all, I think that may be an actual deadly sin)