Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chronic Chronicles

This weeks Sunday Scribblings topic is Chronicles. I am so disappointed that I am feeling even Less Prolific than usual.
So I will go for definition #2 and attempt to do a detailed narrative report of all the things I've wanted to accomplish around here.

-Put on goggles and a particle mask and attempt to clean all the ceiling fans.
( maybe a rain coat too?)
-Clean out my living room closet so i can store the vacuum there without having to put all my weight against the door.
-( First-Put on a girdle) and try to clean out my bedroom closet - Get rid of all NON fitting Pants
-Get the shop vac from the garage and try to vacuum the boiler room till I see... A boiler
-Go through ALL the saved paid bill receipts that I've been piling on a shelf in above mentioned living room closet
( What do Normal people do with all these?? Do I need to keep them? Help me- I'm drowning in useless paper)
- Utensil draw crumbs!
-refold underwear draw.... THROW out orange bikinis (from Fantasy post) and Other Un- Desirable Unmentionables
And last but probably the one i will have the most difficult time doing-
-Organize pictures from the last 22 years, and make a scrapbook for each of my deserving kids. ( any advice on "how to scrapbook" or more importantly "how to get organized"
or actually even MORE important- " how to get motivated"- Would be greatly appreciated-..

Monday, January 22, 2007


Like most women, I find shopping for a dressy dress almost as torturous as the dreaded bathing suit search. However, Yesterday my shopping experience was terrifying. I finally found a dress I liked. They didn't have my size. The saleswoman suggested I try the dress anyway, If I liked it, they could order my size. Fine. The pickings were so slim, Even though I knew this dress was probably one or two sizes too small, I decided to forge ahead. I entered the the desolate hallway that housed 3 small fun house mirrored boxes. In my foolish haste, I forced this tiny beaded contender over my crazed (apparently) Large head. I squirmed and shimmied and shoved and pulled. I got it over my huge head and managed to strangle my raised arms as well. That was it. I was stuck like that. Panic struck. I wanted to call out for help but the glimpse of my bikini underwear barely on ,while a beaded straight jacket covered my head and arms, was too embarrassing to draw attention to. The mental image (or in this case - fantasy) was clear and frightening. The firemen are called- they need the jaws of life to remove the assailant. I am left in my bright orange (too small) bikinis, battered, bruised, breathless (bra-less) and totally mortified. BUT- The handsome fireman (who axed the door down)gives a sexy smile & his bright yellow jacket to cover my flustered, perspired body.
Even though the fantasy of him eases my panic a smidge- I know I need to do this on my own. Miraculously, through my one eye that isn't enshrouded in material- I spy a Zipper! Oh my God, this dress had a zipper? I manage to reach it and pull just enough to get a whole hand out. I escape! Let me tell you though, For Five LONG minutes I didn't think I would without ripping that (fantasy sized) bully in two.

A Meme

I was tagged by the Delightful Jane. I'm so happy that she chose me because I love reading her beautifully written blog.

This is how it works:
1. Find the nearest book.
2. Name the book & the author.
3. Turn to page 123.
4. Go to the fifth sentence on the page. Copy out the next three sentences and post to your blog.
5. Tag three more folks.

I'm too young to get old by Judith Reichman, M.D.>
We all- doctors and patients alike-need to get the full picture. Are we dealing with dying parents(80 percent of all 50 yr, olds have a living mother or father, and 25% of us have to take time off from work without pay to care for them)? Do we have adolescent children whose remarks or behaviors make us feel old and ineffectual, or a spouse who's sick, either mentally or physically?

Okay i have done my first Meme! ( what the F*%$ is a Meme anyway? I have seen some that are lists of things)
Anyway, This is one too i assume. So now I have to tag 3 people. Let's see.....?????
I have to tag the only other bloggers I know! haha Sorry guys if you don't want to play... No Problem!
I tag annie, Ally,
and Jenny
Hope it's fun. Thanks Ladies. :)

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Stuffed Peppers

Weight Watchers update.
I haven't mentioned this diet in a long, long time. Yes, I am still trying. Yes, I am still struggling. Yes, I am still hungry.
I had lost 9 pounds since starting on Oct. 3rd. This week,I have gained 3 pounds. At first, I hopped off that scale and thought-This is so unfair. This is so ridiculous. Then I started adding up all the points I never wrote down. The Eggplant rollatini at Emilio's. The 2nd hamburger on a KAISER ROLL. The handfuls of semi-sweet chocolate morsels as I pass the pantry.( i foolishly bought the humongous bag from Costco, for the few cookies i baked )
That's it! I am going to start again. Tonight I made Stuffed peppers that I think are SO good! They are low on points but a little time consuming. Would you like the recipe? You would! I like to make 6 of these so we can have it another night.

6 red peppers- Cut off tops (It looks nice if you save the top and put it back on after pepper is filled, i don't do this anymore because we don't want that much pepper)( okay, you're right- It's because I'm in a hurry) Clean out peppers. Wash them and put them in a steamer ( my preference) or just in a pot of water to boil. Don't let them get too soft.
Meanwhile make your sauce. I like to do it this way-
saute 1 1/2 onions, and 4 cloves of garlic and fresh parsley in a little bit of olive oil. Low heat till very soft
When done- remove 1/2 and put aside ( you will use this later for the meat)
Add two large cans of tuttorosso ( or your favorite) crushed tomatoes. Add Fresh oregano and basil , Sea Salt and Pepper , 2 or 3 drops of tabasco sauce.
( For pasta sauce I would also add red wine) ( just in case you want to know)
bring to boil then simmer.
Now it's time to make up your filling
I like to use turkey chop meat ( only because of W.W.-If I was eating my old way it would be pork/veal mix.) Trust me- If you don't have a dress to fit into for an upcoming wedding- You should GO for THAT!
In large non stick fry pan brown 2 pkgs. of chop meat. (about 2 lbs?) Drain ALL the fattening meat juice. Now add the sautéed onion mix. that you saved. 1 can of diced tomatoes.A few ladles of your delicious simmering sauce. Salt and Pepper and Old Bay spice. ( of course you should elaborate and make this your own filling- maybe you would love cumin or zest it up with some curry)
Once this is all stirred together and you taste it and it's delicious- You can start filling it into your pepper.
I like to put the sauce in an ovenproof bowl then the peppers. (Use a slotted spoon so they aren't too wet.)
At this point you can sprinkle a little FAT FREE mozzarella . I like to do all this work ahead of time. Then I bake it for about 30 min.( till every thing is nice and hot.) I serve it over Brown rice with a vegetable. My husband Loves sautéed mushrooms with this. It makes a filling addition to the meal. Make sure you Glob lots of sauce over rice and mushrooms and Yum! Hope you enjoy this!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Lights On (hope u will help)

I have a friend who is doing all she can to make a difference in our world. I have been lucky enough to know her since the day she was born. I have never met a young woman with more kindness and compassion for humanity. When she was a young teen, I remember asking her what she wanted to do in life. I will never forget her powerful answer. She replied- " I want to make a difference". Well, She certainly is. One of her many Ideas, is participating in a marathon to raise money for Leukemia and Lymphoma. I'm hoping if you think it's a good idea too, you will visit Elanas training page and make a contribution of whatever you can afford. I'm so impressed with Elanas Determination and drive. She is an inspiration to all generations. Go Elana! I Love you and I am rooting for you!
For more on Ideas go here

Sunday, January 14, 2007


Peeking out as if to say, "Can't you see how comfortable I am?" Cosmo the sleepyhead schnoodle enjoys his daily nap, curled up like a baby. His back leg is laying up near his head- It's difficult to see clearly because of the black background of his favorite chair.
This little pooch would sleep all day (if only his bitch Molly would let him!)

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Lights out

What's the big Idea?
Who's Idea was this?
Any one have any Ideas?
Good Idea?
Bad Idea?
Bright Idea?
I have NO idea at all.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Recent conversation with my mom- "Mom, I have great news! Your grandson has graduated from college!" ( then i go on to explain to her (again) what his major is, That he has earned a Bachelors Degree. That we are so relieved because Math almost held him up from completion. We are SO proud of him! He is SO proud of himself!)
Moms reaction- "So when does he go back up to school?"

Monday, January 08, 2007

Oh Pabbi Minn

My dad passed away when I was 3 years old. My memories of him are more ingrained in me because of the stories I've heard about him. I'm not sure if they're real memories. My dad had a heart condition that was brought on from having Rheumatic Fever as a child.( With todays medical technology, he could have been cured.) He was frail and restricted from vigorous activities. One story about him was that he always carried me around on his shoulders. My mom would always worry that I was too heavy and would tell him to put me down. As a parent myself, I understand why he didn't listen. If you know you aren't going to be with your kids for too much longer, you take your chances and hang on tight. I was ( and still am) " the baby" of the family.
( When you are "the baby" you take this title with you till the end! I'm 47 and my mom still refers to me as the baby).

The weird thing about losing someone so important at such a young age is that the grieving process is the opposite of losing someone as an adult. As an adult the pain is present for a long time and fades a bit, the longer time has passed. The opposite is what I've been experiencing. Of course at 3 years old I had no clue of what was happening to my family. As I grew, there were times I felt curious and even embarrassed about not having a dad. During my teen years, I thought often of him and wanted to hear the stories and "get to know" him. As a young woman planning my wedding I wept -- knowing that he wouldn't walk me down the aisle. He wouldn't know the woman I had become or the man I was going to spend my life with. Now, 44 years after he has died, I think of him often and get choked up as I am now, trying to write this.
One of my favorite songs brings me to tears each time I hear it. It is Bjorks version of an old song called oh my papa. In her native icelandic language it translates to Pabbi Minn. ( If you click this you can hear her beautiful version) Even though I don't understand a word she is saying, I can't hear this song without missing my poor dad. As I listen to her flawless, gripping voice- I can imagine myself weightless on his loving shoulders, being carried into my future with him always being there, making my childhood simply idyllic.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Where did the custom of kissing people hello & goodbye originate?
It seems some people are more comfortable with this tradition than others. I myself happen to be quite kissey. I've noticed a few people are not eager to make that warm connection. They seem uncomfortable with touching.
In my business, you get very friendly with your clients. ( hairstylist, not hooker). Touch, is a necessary part of it. Usually, by their 2nd or 3rd visit, I greet the women I truly like, with a warm hug and kiss on the cheek. Most people, seem to appreciate and cherish my friendliness. Some days (depending on who the client is and what their situation is), I realize that my warm hug may be the only one they receive that day. Several clients who are widowed and live alone, hold on to me a few seconds extra. This always tugs at my heart strings. I know they may not get much affection in their lonely lives. To realize that my touch may be the only warmth they get in maybe a week or more is so touching.
Those of us that are lucky enough to live with family members whom we love, Have several hugs and kisses each day. My boys, even though 2 are men, hug me at least once a day. I feel very blessed that my husband and I kiss each other often. In our 26 years married, we have always had at least a kiss each morning and before bed each evening.
Our kissing didn't start out so comfortably.......

He still teases me about that first kiss...
In my own defense Please keep in mind-
A. I was VERY young and B. I was EXTREMELY nervous-So, When my husband made that first kiss move.... i kissed him sooo fast, he thought he had a propeller in his mouth! Luckily for me, he wasn't deterred and on our second date things got very enjoyable. One of my favorite kissing memories of our early days, were the kisses we would catch at all the red lights. Every once in a while, he will still plant one at a red light and it brings me back to when "date kissing" was done for hours. I may be a kissey person, but seriously How did we tolerate all that friction???

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Destination retro

Don't these just make you smile? These tin wall plaques were one of my husbands Christmas gifts. He loves to collect tin toys. When he saw these in a catalog he really liked them. Remember the drive-in movie theaters? Do you Remember these dancing and singing treats? I remember how the hot dog would JUMP into his bun! We don't have any drive-ins on Long Island anymore. Before the last one closed, We used to love to take our boys there. It always brought back memories of when we were kids. We would go in our pajamas. We would play in the playground before the movie began. The first time we brought our oldest son, we told him about our memories. So, he cheerfully wore his pajamas. He was totally embarrassed! No one was doing that anymore. Kids were playing baseball with their dads before the movie started. My oldest wanted to play, but was hiding in the car, in fear of being seen in his ghost buster p.js.! He was only 4 or 5 but was mortified if regarded as a baby!
Times were so innocent back when we were young. Kids were kids a bit longer. No one made fun of you if you wore snow pants to school over your tights. It wasn't UN cool to bring your lunch in a barbie or batman lunch box. My kids ditched the lunch boxes so early for the "cool brown bag". When I saw Sundays prompt, it made me nostalgic for a time far gone. A time that can never be made as clear as it is in our memories. A time I wish we could have captured and miniaturized and hung on the wall along with these retro snacks.