Saturday, June 27, 2009

Little boys and their toys

When ever I think of toys.. my mind goes right to the toys of my children.

When I was pregnant for my first son, Mr. Petals drove me over to an adorable store in a tiny quaint town nearby us. It was simply called "the teddy bear shop". Inside this sweet store there were wall to wall stuffed bears, many were dressed in various flattering outfits. I remember how happy I felt to try to find the perfect crib mate for the little cub hibernating inside of me. I was drawn to one little brown bear with an humble expression, who reminded me of a bear from my childhood. He wore a simple long white cotton nightgown. I named him Emmit Bear and he was lovingly placed inside my babies crib awaiting his arrival. He was very loved for many years by my eldest son. When my second son was born, time and money were a bit tighter and a trip to the teddy bear store was an extravagance that never entered our minds! Instead on our babies first Christmas, we went to toys r us and we picked up a cute stuffed lamb for him that had a blanket sewn into one 'hand' and a pacifier sewn to the other. My middle son dragged that little white lamb everywhere he went. He couldn't fall asleep without rubbing the lambs pacifier. I can't count the number of times I threw that little guy in the washer AND had to sew that plastic nipple back on this ragged little lamb! other toys that stand out to me are my older boys ghostbuster and Ninja turtle toys and my youngest son's Thomas the tank engine trains.

An adorable toy memory that also comes to mind goes way back to my eldest sons toddlerhood. This little guy just LOVED tools! My husband was in the trades and our little guy mimicked him whenever he worked around the house. He had a play electric saw and drill. He had plastic hammers and wrenches. He would build towers of wooden blocks and use his pull string electric saw to knock it down! He knew the name of EVErY TOOL he saw and would sometimes shock ME by saying .. No mama that isn't a wrench it's a Pliers. My husband brought him home a real tool belt from the hardware store. My son never took off that little canvas tool belt! One night after a long day visiting friends, our little one was so overtired and began getting cranky and went into an unusually crazed crying fit that was so out of character for him. I vividly remember how panicky Mr. Petals and I felt, because we had never seen him like this and we weren't sure what to do! Well, Mr. Petals sat on the floor with our boy and rocked him and just quietly started naming TOOLS! In a few minutes our son was so soothed and fell asleep right there in his daddy's lap. It was one of those priceless father/son moments that moved me to tears.
We just got back from celebrating at a Mexican restaurant because That little tool loving baby turned 25 this week! I am so happy that he decided to use his brain and heart as his tools of choice and he is on his way to becoming a special ed. teacher! Thanks for listening to me travel down memory lane! After two delicious margaritas... I am a bit nostalgic and a big mush!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

We are the world

Today is my eldest son's 25th birthday.
As I was busily preparing one of his favorite shrimp dinners and at the same time, making an 'organic' birthday cake, I heard the shocking news of Michael Jackson passing away. I was just as shocked at how much this news affected me as I was by his unexpected death. Like millions of people.. I loved his music. Like millions of people, I felt so sad to hear that he died at such a young age. But, maybe it is weird of me to talk about this.. but it also touched me as being unusual that HE would die on my son's birthday. Let me tell you why.. When my first baby was born in 1984, Michael Jackson was THE hottest pop star of that year. As I filled in my new little babies 'memory book', it asked questions like WHO is the most popular star of the day...
I remember so clearly filling in Michael Jackson's name, The name of his latest album-Thriller.
The names of hit songs from the album... (never imagining that my babies 25th b.d would be the day this performer passes)
One year later.. 1985...that same little baby LOVED Michael Jackson's video.. 'We are the world'
I had taped it and when ever my son was cranky I would replay it over and over for him and it helped to soothe him. He would often stand in his playpen and point to the vhs tape to let me know, he needed another dose of we are the world.
So do u see why I am left with chills and tears today? I think it is an eerie sign or something. (anyone have any idea what this crazy woman is feeling??)

Then of course there is poor Farrah passing away today as well.. Her birthday? FEB. 2nd the same as my middle sons! I don't know why all this has my head spinning, i guess I am just seeing signs of strangeness where there probably are none. Oh yeah... the other eerie thing.... Michael was 50... I am turning 50 this year.(although he is one year older) BUT also born in AUgust like me!! I grew up with him! I remember so clearly watching the jackson 5 on T.V. and knowing Michael was my age. I felt connected because of that. I am so sad for him. Regardless of all the accusations and suspicions and surgeries and criticism... The man was an amazingly talented artist. An incomparable legend of generations. I hope the media is kind and he is remembered for all his extraordinary accomplishments. rest in peace poor Mj.
(I cannot post the video (wish someone would help me with this!!) but you can click here to see it)
we are the world video

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

first kiss

The Three word wednesday words brought me back to this memory..

With a sparkle of impulse and a spunky wink
She tip toes to reach for his willing lips
shyly wrinkles her nose, delivers tickles to his ribs
Her fickle escape from her very first kiss

Monday, June 22, 2009

Two Prompts on tuesday!

And I don't have the time and patience I wish I had... Solution? combine them! Over at heads or tails the prompt is Summertime memory!
One of my happiest childhood summertime memories was staying overnight often at my best friend Linda's house. She had the 'fun' neighborhood. Every house on her street seemed to have a bunch of kids living there! We would often play neighborhood hide and seek, running into every back yard to hide out. You can imagine that this game would last a long time with so many homes involved! Another favorite part of my summer time sleep overs... when School was out so was an official 'bedtime' at Linda's house. We loved staying up till the wee hours and sleeping all morning.
Late Late at night we would find our way into her kitchen and start making crazy snacks.. Or we would start making some prank phone calls! One of our favorite past times was playing 'shows'
We would take turns performing! Put on an old album from her parents 'weird' collection and start lip sinking and dancing around! Often crazy costumes were involved!! We had our own vaudeville right in her musty basement! I remember vividly LOVInG and performing the song...
"im just wild about HArrY and Harry's wild about ME!" hahaha (During the late 60's early 70's of my youth... this song was WAY out of date! But not to me!)

Sweet Linda adored Shirley Temple and would often tap dance and do Shirley songs! We each had to judge the others performance, we had our very own 'americas got talent' down in that haven of a basement!
It was After one of these critiques ... that Linda and I had an awful argument and I got so hurt and so angry at Her ....I decided to walk all the way home all by myself!
I lived quite a ways away and was only about 8 years old. When I think back now I thank god I made it safely there, and I think What spunk that little girl had! When I walked through my kitchen door, My mother was shocked to see me and couldn't believe I didn't tell Linda's Mom that I had left. She couldn't believe I walked all the way home all alone! I remember getting in a lot of trouble that summer! Linda and I of course made up as we always did. I remember her clearly... explaining to me and Clarifying what she had meant in her critique by saying..."well,Lulu
you would have understood me, had you waitedA few minutes for me to explain it ALL to you." ( hmmm...i guess I've always been a little impatient)

Saturday, June 20, 2009


With a birth sign of Pisces, a whimsical dreamer he was certain to be
Optimistically visualizing his future bursting with success and glee
unexpected assorted crisis, pummels a vision that only expected perfection
A glassful of regrets with unrealistic presumptions stirred with a twist of dejection.

This poem came to me as I realized that sometimes being overly optimistic and
reaching for gigantic goals can backfire when these dreams don't come true.
Where as if your expectations aren't so grand...and life hands you a few lemons..
You aren't as crushed by the disappointment of it all. You make the best lemonade you can with what you've got
and get on with it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lucky Lucy

About a month ago Mr. Petals was thinking about purchasing tickets to see 'menopause the musical' We've heard from many clients and also his parents about How hysterically funny this show is.
Considering it was at a playhouse on long island, not in an ornate, grand Manhattan theater, I thought the ticket price seemed too steep. I was also concerned because we have Many affairs coming up which means gifts to give and clothes to buy.
So, I put the old kabash on his good idea! ( NO! I don't wear the pants in this house, but I am the voice of reason and he is reasonable enough(and smart enough) to know when to agree!) I then saw in my newspaper, there was a contest to win tickets to see the show. So, even though it was a long shot, I figured I'd go online and fill out the form and .. well, WHo knows! I remember so clearly saying to him.. Hey! I know! I will win them for us!! (he of course, just rolled his big hazel eyes) Well... WE WON!! ( I know!! I still can't believe it either!! My blog friend Jen used to call me Lucky lucy.. I thought it was cute but now know she was also right!) Amazing! I got the email the other day.. Two tickets to see Menopause the musical!! I almost fell off my computer chair! I am so excited. AND More so, than if I had purchased them! Am I alone on this or am I correct in assuming that most women are never as ecstatic as they are if there is a bargain or deal as part of the bargain or deal?

Perfect example...getting a great sale! Like receiving the 30% off coupon in the mail from your favorite store, instead of their usual 15% off coupon. (Boy do these stores KNOW how to get me to visit them!) Or like today, quickly observing the cashiers mistake in charging me twice for my 3 pack of cantaloupes at Costco. (great catch Lucy!) Or like Yesterday, my husband bought some clothes which included purchasing identical pants in 2 different colors . The sign said they were on sale. Yet, The 50% off, sale price applied to one pair but not the other in a different color? They were on the same rack under the same sign. I not only caught this unusual error on my receipt, but calmly, clearly and OH SO nicely insisted that an adjustment must be made. (voice of reason again? or was it the menopausal intense "don't F*&*ing mess with me" sign on my forehead?) i guess both..... They really ARE the same damn pants! Today I teased Mr. Petals that I am saving him a fortune by being such a sharp, savvy and don't forget Lucky woman! He reminded me of my biggest savvy deal of all time... This Free Mac computer that I am using to tell you about loving a great deal!
Tell me about some of your amazing bargains and wins!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Did u Ever?

Did u ever notice how absurd some of the text messages we send & receive are? We have really become a world that reads each others minds! Yesterday without putting much thought into it, I sent my middle son a message that was simply this..
I hve chickn what up ? xox
the translation of that? I made your favorite! chicken for dinner! Are you eating home? or do u have other plans? I love you so much! After I sent it, I realized I should have been a bit clearer.. "I have chicken" made me laugh out loud! What made me realize that we have become mind readers was when I received this reply from him.. Thx Mama I ate @ wrk. stopn at Oscars to chill for a bit.
He totally got my rushed message!

No matter how rushed I am, I always have to end each message with ALL three hugs/kisses symbols! Just like HAVING to say 'be careful driving' each time I say goodbye to my kids, the XOX has become a superstitious habit for me knowing I am truly conveying my love to them. As if, even in my haste if I should write only X O , they will assume I love their brothers more? Anyway.. back to the subject of absurd texting. Today despite my crazy busy work day, I wanted to let my husband know I was thinking of him AND that I did get a chance to have an unexpected lunch break! This message was sent to his cell...
hi honey lunch! jst thinkng o U xox
I never heard back from him which isn't weird because he doesn't like typing and if he is real busy at work, he can't make a call. When he came home i told him I sent him a message and when he looked he had never received it! Just then my youngest son walked by and said "Mom.. Why did u send me that note that you were thinking of me when you were eating lunch? I was right in the other room when u were eating!" Gee, I don't even know HoW i sent it to the wrong name?! Which made me start wondering.. Have any of my abbreviated crazy messages been sent out to baffled friends and family members in my address book? Or worse? a doctor? The pharmacist? The butcher? "i have chicken" How confused would HE be? (Come to think of it, he does look at me like I am a bit loopy)
(I really should stop denying that I could use reading glasses to see those tiny letters on this small phone.) In the meantime.... u txt weird 2? Hpe u lve commt

Sunday, June 07, 2009

soul mates

The sunday scribblings prompt is soul mates..
This is a poem I wrote a few years ago that I thought was fitting to re-post
for this prompt.

We declared I do I do I do
We promised 'I'll always love you'
young pillow talk idealistic dreaming
romance rapture euphoric gaze gleaming
guarded inner identities comfortably revealed
vows before friends and god properly sealed
heart and soul-mates, our spirits happily unite
then life's bumpy road inflicts a challenging plight

like a random coin flip chance had tossed
woes force some to abandon vows seek divorce
still others sustain, dance the to and fro
give and take hold on tight don't let go
ups downs sickness frustration
sadness stress financial devastation
raising kids extremely crazy
work ceaseless, love-life lazy

perseverance through thick and thin
Love comes Full circle, rapture again
faith devotion patience strength-galore
love and passion grows all the more
ripening promises made years before
Sharing life as lovers and best friends
Empowered commitment brings amends
'Till death do we part' our traditional adage
believe treasure promise enduring marriage
Each bearing witness to each others significant life
Divine the intimacy of soul mates husband and wife

Saturday, June 06, 2009

One Warm White Woman

My book club chose the book '1000 white women' **by Jim Fergus as this months selection.
It is so true that you can't judge a book by it's cover, because when I scanned this one, I thought.. oh pooey I don't want to read some book about indians in the 1800's. THEN i read the prologue and was Hooked immediately. This brilliant author wrote a fascinating story of fiction based on One TRUE fact in our countries history. That fact (which I had never heard before) is that a Cheyenne Indian Chief proposed to our president Ulysses S. Grant, a way to make lasting peace. The Chief proposed that If the government was to give the Cheyennes 1000 white women in exchange for 1000 horses, The Cheyennes could plant their 'seeds' and the next generation would be born with the white mans privileges and joined bloodlines. In reality the Chief was denied but in Mr. Fergus' clever book, he spins the entire concept into an interesting tale by questioning... what if the answer was YES?

While reading this book something strange dawned on me and I made an alarming personal discovery. (hope u are listening to primitive on my playlist)
I am extremely 'fired up' by primitive love! ( I was going to write Savage S** but Knew the hits on my site meter would be frighteningly over the top if I used the "S' word!)
My husband reminded me that I shouldn't be so shocked because this discovery is certainly not news to him... ( This statement after I told him I was buying HIM a loin cloth and full indian head dress for MY birthday) He reminded me That years ago the Tarzan greystoke movie very much eh hemm... 'affected ' me. As of course did Hottie HuGH Jackman the moment his claws appeared in the first Xmen movie! ( i remember clearly removing my sweater and asking my husband... Did it suddenly get hot in this theater??) Then of course there is BILL the savage vampire in HBO's Exciting series -true blood. (even if you don't have time to read this old post.. please DO read the 4 funny comments it got!)

So anyway... I started questioning what this all means about me? I mean.. I really am a mild mannered, peaceful, REsPECTABLE LADY!! I started questioning WHEN this obsession with 'the untamed??" began. How far back has savage S** been making me eh hmm 'feel all aglow'. Then it came to me... I distinctly remember being on a date with my husband, I looked at him while he was animatedly telling a funny story.... And was FONDLY reminded of a 'favorite' childhood character!! THE UNGA BUNGA MAN FROM MY BELOVED BUGS BUNNY CARTOONS!! HE was my first heart throb as a young girl! ( boy I should be lying on a couch somewhere!)

** excerpt from 1000 white women...
'it must have been a dream, for my husband was now in the tent with me, he was still dancing softly, noiselessly, his moccasined feet rising and falling gracefully, soundlessly, he spun softly around the fire, shaking his gourd rattle, which made no sound, danced like a spirit being around me where I lay sleeping. I began to become aroused felt a tingling in my stomach, an erotic tickle between".... Sorry....'cause...

Friday, June 05, 2009

Gee it's been a long time...

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages! Sometimes when i am feeling blue which happens from time to time, I seem to close all doors of communication. Sounds familiar doesn't it? My last post wasn't about me but I guess it could have been. Sometimes feelings of being overwhelmed can make us distance ourselves but sometimes feelings of sadness can do it too.
I usually try to make my posts light and humorous. After all, who wants to hear about my bad week! Well you are hearing it! It's just been an extremely trying, mentally exhausting, sad week.

There! I shared it! (sans the details) This morning when I tried to greet my first client with a happy smile, I instead burst into tears and into her arms where for the first time in the 12 years that she has been coming to me with gray roots and frayed troubles... SHE comforted ME. Shortly after I began wrapping her perm, my joints started aching, my head throbbing and I began to shiver and raised the thermostat to 80 degrees. My son stayed home from school due to a fever and cough and I had guessed that I must have caught it. After a short work day, still feeling a light head and a tightness in my chest, I drove my poor youngest son to the pediatrician.

You can imagine my shock when Dr. P. told me that he was sure my son had the flu and since the flu is rare in June, YES he assumed he had the dreaded swine flu.( cue the DA DA DA DA alarming organ music here or turn up and listen to my playlist pick for this post! )
Dr. P. did a swabbing of his nasal mucous and 10 minutes later confirmed that my son did indeed have the flu. ( Dr.'s are now being instructed NOT to send the swab out for further testing to pin point the specific strain) He also said that most likely I had a milder case and suggested I see my doctor too. (which I did) He then said 'The good news' for us is that he is expecting a horrific number of swine flu cases this coming winter and since My son and I now have the antibodies, we most likely, will be spared. (Gee that sounds like awful news really, doesn't it? I hope he is wrong in that scary assumption. ) So my son and I were put on Tami-flu which is an anti-viral medication. If you begin this medicine within 48 hours of feeling ill, it can help you start feeling well much sooner. This brilliant pediatrician also put our minds at ease explaining that only 5 people died of the swine flu as oppose to the 30,000 that die yearly from the usual type of flu's. The media being responsible for blowing it out of proportion and making us all so fearful.

I always try to put things into perspective and so I realize that this isn't SO terrible compared to so many troubles in people's lives. But my heart breaks for my son, who is a junior in high school and is missing much year end reviewing and two Very important tests. A chemistry test today AND he was scheduled to take the SAT's tomorrow morning. He wanted to go take the sat's despite the 103 temperature that he has! I, of course, Would NEVER let him do that. According to his chemistry teacher who I emailed with today, MoST of my son's high school seems to be out sick, which makes me think this swine thing is much more wide spread than we are being told....
So there you have it... My reason for not blogging too much and the reason I now look and feel like this..