Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sharing my shopping tip!

Forget the current swine flu scare... I am ALWAYs worried about germs! I am crazy about hand washing! I wash my hands so often, I am surprised they aren't raw. (but I am hand cream crazy too) That is why my action made NO sense last week while I was shopping in a produce store...After I tried over and over and over and I just couldn't open one of those hermetically sealed plastic produce bags... I actually... don't freak out now... I actually HAD to lick my finger tips! I was SO reluctant.. but I had so many items to buy and NO time to be F*&%ing around with plastic bags... It seriously Killed me! I was cringing! I couldn't stop thinking about it.. And sure enough.. 2 days later... I had a terrible sore throat and cold. I just KNOW it had to come from touching that shopping carts filthy, germy handle and then licking my finger tips! YuLK! So this week... I thought.. do I bring a wet sponge with me?? Do I care if I look like a nut?? And then the brilliant idea hit me! Use the produce! I looked around each aisle till I found the wettest looking green thing... It was Broccoli RAbe. ( which I LOVE but wasn't buying today).. So I ripped off a few very wet leafs and put them in my basket... Every time I needed to open a bag... I rubbed the leaves! ( I guess I looked like a nut even without a sponge) .. but it worked and I was able to open up at least 15 bags! I think rubbing those leaves may have been good luck too because I won $2.00 on a scratch off ticket! Who knew Broccoli could be so useful!
So...How worried are YOU about the swine flu and germs in general?

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

3 word wednesday


Sometimes while Working in a service profession
Opportunity for stressful resentment can arise
I know you should never quarrel with a paying client
But gee, is it okay to accidently pour shampoo in their eyes?

after reading some of the comments on
3 ww..
I am hoping it is even okay that I participate each week.
I am suddenly realizing this is a prompt for WRITERS... Not just an *average gal* like me,who likes to fool around... Hope I don't get kicked out of the club!
(*keep this in mind when u want to crucify me with criticism, okay?
'cause, I KnOW I don't Know what the heck I am doing!)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Didn't fully follow the prompt.

The sunday scribblings prompt is follow... what do you follow who do you follow, your take on follow..
well if you would kindly follow me... I would just like to tell you how the word follow applied to my day TOdAY...

First at work I had a client telling me in great detail his derogatory opinion of President Obama and WHY he feels We are DOOMED by his administration. I love Obama and found it hard to believe what this man was telling me .. but then again I don't FOLLOW politics as closely as I know i should and to be quite honest.. Much of what I was told today.. I didn't Follow at all!
(it was however the quickest haircut I have ever given! Lately, when I am made to feel uncomfortable... I've been snipping at double time)

After work I decided to take advantage of yet another Gorgeous day and I headed back to the beach board walk for a peaceful brisk walk. At first I was deep in thought, but then I began to realize that EVentually, EVeryone seemed to be passing me... I was constantly the one FOLLOWinG ... Fat people, old people, moms and strollers. I know I have short frog legs... but I was going as fast as those legs could carry me... Yet it was inevitable.. I would hear steps of someone following me... in no time ... they were 1/4 mile ahead of me!! As I was heading east I saw a VerY old woman with one of those walkers with wheels going west... I thought... If this lady ends up passing me... I am in trouble! ( i also thought.. BOY do I give her kudos!)

I followed the beach up with a nice long talk outdoors with my eldest.. and again.. the word FOLLoW kept slipping into the conversation...He suggested I FOlloW his lead and start tucking in my shirts more often!! haha This made me smile.. since he never used to care about fashion. Recently he lost weight and is enjoying this new look (for him) of tucking with a belt! He apparently has all his friends following his trend and ditching their baggy sloppy look for my son's tucked in fever!
(he really had me laughing and of course proud as usual) I took his tuck-in challenge(dropping my pants right there in the back yard and tucking in my blouse) and now that I've lost 4 and 1/2 lbs. following weight watchers (had to get that in there!)... following his fashion suggestion.. looked surprisingly nice! He then told me " You just need to get a belt now Mom, I will pick u up one at the thrift store!" (he kills me, does he think I am belt-less?? I own at least 20, I even have a special belt HANGER in my closet.. I just don't like to wear belts!) but instead I smiled ear to ear as he followed me inside to help with dinner.

Following our delicious yet easy dinner, my husband and I plopped into the hot tub. While soaking together I asked Mr. Petals what his thoughts on the word 'follow' were?
He said... 'hmm, I don't know... I just know I would follow YOU anywhere.'
I can't tell you what followed that... but let's just say...If the days that follow today are half as sweet... It will be a beautiful weekend.

hey.. did u follow that whole long story?! Thank-you!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

mama mia

Boy do I love a man who knows how pants should fit!
I just can't stop saying... mama mia...
(And Woooooof!) (while sweating)
(move over clooney... make room....)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

3 word wednesday


I was only 8 years old When I had my first taste of liquor
A toothache had hit me hard, each minute the pain getting quicker
Mom foolishly gave me a shot glass of scotch to dab on my gums that were thumping
After deceitfully guzzling down several glasses, my little heart started pumping!
I stripped off all my clothes and started running wildly around each room
Mom had already left for work and wouldn't be returning too soon
My big sister realized I was drunk and frantically called our big brother
He caught me and tried to calm me and threatened to call our busy mother
I can't remember for how long I sickly hung over our putrid pink bathroom sink
All I know is I made an oath to my young self..Never AGAIN to indulge in drink!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Once upon a time

Once upon a time you walked through a grocery store... aisle by would often see a young mother, Baby in her cart, talking with animated expressions, happy to be spending quality bonding time with her baby as she accomplished food shopping along with the gift of lovingly spending time with her child.
Once upon a time you walked through your neighborhood.... street by street... you would often see a young mom pushing her baby in his stroller, sometimes she would be singing a soft lullaby to lull her sweet child to sleep, other times... the animated expressions and songs of wheels on the bus and the itsy bitsy spider, teaching and loving and enjoying this precious moment.
That is, Once upon a time, before technology took over the brains and common sense of normal, intelligent people.

Now I find it distractingly disturbing to see children being ignored while parents are busy talking on their phones to... WHO?? really.. WHO is more important than the one who is with you in THIS moment? I've witnessed couples in restaurants, each busy texting someone else, Oblivious to the moment they're in. Today I saw a woman walking her dog while on the phone.
The dog was pulling and distracted and totally needed to be taught how to heel, but NO corrections could be made... she looked like she was oblivious to the fact that she even had a leash in her hand. I know I am getting older and to some i must sound like an out of touch old cranky biddy. But I really feel strongly about this and I think that everyone needs to step back and look at each moment in their lives and really see what is important. Trust me, Children grow up in a heartbeat. They really really need your special attention now. Life is so busy, Parents Need to work long hours, I certainly understand all that... but when your child, loved one or even your pet is there with you... Make them feel special. Give Them a special moment. Let them know THEY are worth your time, or you may find your self some day saying... Once upon a time I had a child, but they don't seem to have any time for me anymore.
visit..heads or tails

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sort of a fish tale

What BEAUTIFUL weather we had on Saturday! Unfortunately I had to work through most of the day, but after dinner, The sun was still shining.. so, my son, Husband (aka mr. petals) and I rushed off to the board walk and we enjoyed a long walk, the gorgeous sunshine and fun talks, it felt great! We are training for a 5K walk we are participating in on Fathers day. (I'll tell u more about that another day) While walking and talking Mr. Petals shared an old story with our youngest son that he hadn't heard before. Even though I remember the story well, I not only enjoyed hearing it again... I decided to share it with all of you as my 3 year blogoversary gift!

Many years ago while walking the same board walk we ran into a long time client of my husbands and he introduced me to her... Her name was Bonnie. For many years, My husband used to cut Bonnie's hair and her son Jimmy's hair. In our business, you often watch people's children grow up each month, right before your eyes. Well, Jimmy, it seemed, was always getting into trouble. First he was kicked out of his high school, so Bonnie enrolled him into Private school. He was expelled from that school as well. Jimmy also could never hold down a job, he was drinking too much and he was always in some kind of trouble. Bonnie was at her wits end! One day she asked my husband for help. It seemed that Jimmy really really liked my husband and always opened up to him while getting his haircut, so she thought maybe, just maybe, my husband could try to talk some sense into this confused boy, who was going no where in life, and being he was so fond of Mr.Petals, he MAy finally actually listen to some good advice. Well.. It worked!
After a long talk with this young man, my husband discovered Jimmy had artistic abilities! So, Clever Mr. Petals set Jimmy up with a job working for a faux artist friend of his, painting houses. Jimmy was happy and was finally on the right track. The faux artist claimed Jimmy was working out well! Bonnie was so so grateful, SO... when we ran into her on that board walk many years ago, and I was introduced to her... She couldn't stop hugging Mr. Petals and she was RAvInG to me that He was her hero! (sounds so nice, right?? read on!...)

Shortly after that encounter...... I won concert tickets to a Phish concert from a local radio station. ( 'be the 10th caller and win tickets to a Concert !!' I was hoping for don henley tickets)
My husband and I had no desire to see this band ... so I said... 'do u know anyone who would want Phish tickets?' My husband thought of Jimmy! He got in touch with him and Jimmy (who was still working at that SAME job and Still happy) was thrilled to receive free tickets to any concert!

About a year after those free tickets.... We were walking the board walk again and WHO do we see? Yes... It's Bonnie again! All smiles, Mr. Petals greets her with a hug and asks about Jimmy. ( I am sure he was expecting the familiar praise and hugs he had received from Bonnie during the last encounter). Coldly Bonnie stares at him and says... "hmmm Jimmy! I haven't seen Jimmy in a year! REmember those tickets YOU gave him to see Phish? THat band! PHISH!..
WEll... He decided to FOLLOW them!" We were confused at first... Until she explained further... Jimmy is a Phish follower... One of those crazy fans that just follows the band from one gig to another!! My poor husband felt so awful AND responsible! He didn't know What to say to her, except...'I am so sorry to hear this'. No hugs and kisses goodbye from Bonnie this time... instead, she just gave a phony... "nice to run into u" and was on her way!! ( like a cold phish!)
We haven't run into Bonnie on the board walk or anywhere else since, and We have NO idea if green around the gills Jimmy is still on a phishing expedition, living in a phish bowl, drinking like a fish, into something fishy or just plain lost at sea!

** To Mr. Petals... don't be discouraged aren't responsible!... always reach out and help someone .. cause... (sorry.. i just can't resist).... there are plenty of (troubled) fish in the sea
Hope u enjoyed this TRUE tale as much as our son did. . .(fishing for a compliment?)
***these are all pics from 'our' board walk at sunken meadow park(courtesy of google)

Friday, April 17, 2009

A luscious language

I often think that when my children look back on growing up in our home, they will always have memories of me in our kitchen. Always with a pot of something yummy simmering on the stove top or roasting in the oven.

To me, nourishing my family with healthy home cooked foods is the same as telling them How much I love them. Tonight while preparing a pot of my Moms broccoli soup, something dawned on me and no matter how hard I tried to reach back through my memories of my early childhood, I just couldn't visualize my mom in our kitchen back in our first house on first street. I can see the railroad rooms, the tv, the front sunroom/dining area. I see these few blurry things but I don't remember a great many details of our first home. I do remember that we had a broken couch leg and it wasn't until we moved away from first street when I was ten that it hit me like a bolt of lightening ....we had been poor!! I remember that my Mom had worked in Tony's pizza restaurant as a waitress until I was about 6 and then she moved down the street a bit to a restaurant called the 'red barn', which I guess was equivalent to an applebees of today. Most of my early memories of her are during this stage of her 'career'. I visualize her In this restaurant but never at home with me and my sister and brother.

My mom has had a rough life. She fell in love with and married my dad despite his serious heart condition. When Dad passed away my mom was only 33 yr.s old. She had to leave her 3 children, pretty much on their own, and take on a full-time, pitifully low paying job which barely made ends meet for us all. Stirring my soup again just now, I can't remember what healthy foods sustained us during this early period, I only have memories of Many pizzas and italian heros from Tony's (our neighbors pizza parlor) and the rare exciting outings to Wetsons.(they were long islands Mcdonalds before we got an actual Mcdonalds).

So why then as I sit down and am eating this delicious bowl of soup, am I feeling my mom's love with each warm spoonful?
Ah! The memories of my later years with mom, that's why. After re-marrying and cutting her hours down to part-time, She was finally able to reach back through her memory and stir up the favorite recipes that her Mom had loved her with.
Favorites like, Zucchini Soup, Pasta and Peas and Tonight's Broccoli soup which inspired this post and will probably inspire my kids to use as their language of love towards my future grandchildren.

Sunday Scribblings

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

3 word wednesday


Perched on my computer chair
watching Mac's vivid screen a-glowing
The allure of 3 word wednesday calls
but I have no ideas a-showing :(

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A reason?

The heads or tails prompt is 'reason'
It made me wonder...
What is the reason I have been blogging less?
One reason that I am aware of is Zero inspiration from my routine life.
Nothing much is happening, nothing that is, that makes me think ANYONE would be
even mildly interested in it. I also have less and less free time.
Another reason for my lack of motivation? Fewer Comments. Hearing everyones comments
was THE best part of blogging. However, Lately, Not as many readers are commenting. I would normally assume it must be that my posts are for shit. BUT according to that (sometimes scary) site-meter thingy.. MANY more people pop in on me and read posts than are commenting. What is THEIR reason? Who knows? Maybe once they REad the posts they think they ARE too shitty to motivate THEM to take that extra step and time? Could a reason be that I am hitting my 3 year blogging anniversary soon and that MAY indicate a good reason for quitting time? After All, How long Do most bloggers continue to do this? Let me end yet another shitty post on a positive note...
Would you like to know What DOES help me to find enough inspiration to sit down and try to think of a reason to blog?
The wonderful prompt sites like Heads or tails and the others in my side bar. Thanks! Without you guys I wouldn't have made it a year.
(hope u choose to leave a comment! )

Heads Or Tails

Saturday, April 11, 2009

time of your life..

Tomorrow is easter Sunday already?
No! How did nearly four months fly by?
I don't think I've accomplished too much so far
Yet here we are, in the blink of an eye

Wasn't it just my sons second birthday?
But..He turns 25 years old this June
HE is teaching children to read and write?
I swear he just learned to eat off of a spoon

Remember all those dreams you were so sure of?
Wasn't Life going to deliver it ALL on a chichi golden plate?
It's SO scary HOW quickly Seconds and Birthdays are ticking by
Let's Get going... Shape our dreams into reality, before it's too late



Thursday, April 09, 2009

Right round (to the advil)

I guess I got a little over zealous while watching the rapper Flo Rida on
American idol tonight. I was really loving the driving song he was singing ( turn up your volume if you want to hear it!) I remember this song from the Crazy Eighties but his rendition.. as much as it was downright dirTY, was also downright driving! I love it!
It motivated me to toss off my fleece blanket put down my jelly beans and get my butt off my little cozy corner of the love seat and start dancing and singing! I really startled Mr. Petals over in the other corner!
While dancing... I TriED SO hard to do that gyrating hip hop motion that my ZuMba instructor does so effortlessly.. and you know what happened?
I got an instant awful Headache!! I think my hip bone is connected to my headbone! I also think that at my age I better stick with the eighties version. I bet if you are listening You ARE moving too.. at least your feet?
Btw.. Who IS your favorite idol?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Black and white


She flirts with titillation draped in a revealing black and white gown
snubs her nose at shocked refined women or just coldly stares them down
A stunning cunning lolita with one ploy challenging her young convoluted head
Weave husbands into adulterers, seductively luring them into her wicked spider web bed.

This poem is for black and white week at true colours thursday and todays 3 word wednesday.
I couldn't decide who looked more like the poems lolita? Which pic do u like best?

Monday, April 06, 2009


Over at Heads or Tails the prompt is make a list of 3 things....
This is so difficult..because it's too easy.. hmmmm.
my favorite snacks? My favorite movies? books? songs?? WAIT.. While listening to Colbie Caillat's cd (listen! she is singing to u) there is a song that quotes that famous poem that I love... I just looked and discovered it's a quote from the bible... So here is a list of 3 Beautiful yet random quotes that I love, the first happens to be biblical.

1.) "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always preserves."

2.) “Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” by Elizabeth Stone

3.) "You must be the change you want to see in the world" by Mahatma Gandhi

And because I would like to try and add a smile to my blogging friends faces... here is OnE extra for good luck!
"Friendship is like peeing on yourself: everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings."
thanks for the prompt Barb! xo

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sunny Sunday

I don't think I realized How badly I was having the winter blues till I stepped out bright and early this morning and felt the sunny sunday sun beam down on me. It's effect should be condensed into a tasty yet healthy cookie that we can eat each day. Wouldn't that be great? packaged energy, happiness and appreciation. I was determined to make the most out of this feeling and this beautiful day.
First.. I headed off to a Zumba class! WHAT an Intense work out!! I started sweating after only 5 minutes and didn't stop shakin' my hips for a full hour! ( according to weight watchers that earns me 6 additional points today!! Thats 5 milano cookies!)
After that I did a few errands, took my son to work with the roof open and great music enhancing my feels so good feelings.
After a healthy lunch, My husband and I drove to the beach and walked 2 miles on the board walk.
It felt so wonderful. We enjoyed hand holding and talking and the water and the sky and The sunshine! I also enjoyed the man who jogged past us with headphones on while singing ... HELP, I NEED SOMEONE.. really loud, like he was the only one in the world! haha An older man with skin tight spandex pants and a crazy jacket! Others around us were laughing and looking at him like he was a nut job.. but, I said to my husband.. I want whatever he is taking!
After we showered we headed out to a nearby village to do some window shopping and more walking!
I found a fancy but quite reasonable little q-tip holder for my vanity in a little shop that had just opened yesterday. I felt good to give the friendly owner a little business. I sure hope he makes it in this scary economy. Then we stopped in a restaurant for some dinner then headed home and played rummy-o.
(I Love games.. so he pacifies me!) What a wonderful day! Now My husband is picking up our son and when they get back we are all going to sit down and watch Slum dog Millionaire. We still haven't seen it! Tomorrow the forecast says rain all day long... but It's okay.. I absorbed so much of todays warmth, I will still be feeling it's affects, whatever the weather!

Saturday, April 04, 2009


This week Sunday scribblings asks us...
what have we got to Celebrate?
ELEVEN WEEKS that my husband isn't smoking!! WOooo Hoooo! He has tried to quit so often, once being successful for SIX whole years! THIS time, I just know he is going to beat them for good! We are also celebrating that he lost 5.4 lbs our first week back at Weight watchers and I lost 2.4 (reason to celebrate with a cupcake maybe or maybe...those desirable doritos!)
This week I am also celebrating that my stomach is feeling much better! My bloated condition has lessened enough for me to finally ditch the sweat pants and put my clothes back on! I am still waiting to hear from the gastro doctor to make sure my abdominal sonogram results were as good as my pelvic sono results. Based on how I am feeling, I am confident that the doc will give me good news! My genius friend Sally most likely solved my belly mystery! She thinks the bloating must have been caused by the iron supplement my doctor told me I needed to take due to my blood test showing I am anemic. The gastro doc. thought that her assumption could very well be what what causing all my symptoms.
If all these reasons aren't enough for us to have a party over here...
Check out my Crazy son....

Even though I don't really understand the attraction to his bizarre style of experimental music, apparently there are many who do. He and his band mates are getting a lot of attention due to their latest performance in Manhattan and in anticipation of opening for Sonic youth in their next show. Sonic youth! I even remember who they are and am impressed by this development! They are playing at the No fun fest in Brooklyn on May 16th.
My son is here with his chains that he slams against sheet metal in this particular song! WOW! That's-a My boy! CeLeBrAtE!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

True Colors Thursday

On my way home from my Weight watchers meeting I approached a red light and pulled up right along side of a Doritos truck which was in the right lane... Feeling Starved for my lunch, which I was on my way home to prepare, AND MISSING AnYthing by Mr. Frito lay... I was hungrily staring at the picture on the side of the truck! WEll, I guess that is why The driver then looked in my direction.. he then gave me a cute smile and a wink! NOT thinking clearly( due to my starvation! I like to weigh in to weight watchers with a pretty empty belly!) I proceed to lick my lips at him and rub my stomach while making 'yummy eyes'. He literally jumped back in his seat showing how surprised he was by my gestures. It wasn't until the light turned green and I drove off leaving him in the dust, that I realized he must have thought I was thinking HE was yummy!! How could he have known I was admiring the Giant sized 3-d doritos?? It was then that I could just FEEL myself turning SCARLET with embarrassment! What an idiot I am! Especially when running on empty!

visit true colors thurs

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

3 word wednesday

the 3 word wednesday words today are....

The word 'crush' brought me back to my silly youth!

Her heart ache varied from dull to sharp pain
for each 'crush' who didn't even know her name
An eternal knack for choosing THE most unobtainable guy
A young starry-eyed dreamer lusting for pure pie in the sky