Thursday, September 02, 2010

a quick blog update...
*Summer just FLEW by!
(i feel sad to see it pass, the weather has been Beautiful and I enjoyed extra days off from work)

*My youngest son is leaving for college in a few days.
(I've been an emotional wreck, although I know he is going to thrive and LOVE this school, I keep questioning so much like ...Did I prepare him enough?)

*I've accomplished my goal of getting a job teaching Zumba!
(I am contracted to two local libraries beginning in November, NERVOUS but so excited too)

*Today...My husband just gave me an EARLY 30th anniversary gift! (which is not until October) A new setting for the diamond from my engagement ring and a matching wedding band!
(I feel so spoiled and have such a difficult time justifying this but he's been saving since our 25th anniversary! The gold band on my old ring wore out so dangerously thin, I haven't worn it in years. So why are my palms so sweaty!? Major purchases shatter my nerves but I am so excited too.)

* I've forgiven my mom, Once again.
(after that last rant and how upset I felt, I thought I would be feeling awful for a long time, but letting it go and forgiving again, gives my heart peace.)

Well.... that's my update! I am hoping I can try to blog a bit more frequently, but between Making Many oatmeal cookies to send in my son's care packages and practicing my zumba routines and creating new choreography, while working my normal job... I have a feeling the next few months may have me blogging even less. Happy/safe labor day weekend to all! and Also a Happy Fall!