Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Did U ever?

I was talking to a friend the other day and I brought up the following story which I hadn't thought about in a long time.When I was dating my husband he was SO infatuated with an OLD car my step father owned and mostly kept in the garage. It was a 1950's or 60's something or other with very low mileage and in mint condition. (I should probably know the details to help my story, this pic from google looks a bit like it) Anyway, throughout the years together dating and then married, My husband would often exchange fun banter with him like.. Please if you EVER think of selling 'her' PLEASE please ask me first. I would LOVe to own that Car. He was so complimentary too about HOW wonderful it was that Bob took such good care of it for so many years.. But of course old stepdad declared he would never sell it. After we had our 2nd son, my husband decided (against my protests) to buy a motorcycle. My mom and her (cranky) husband Also thought this was a foolish purchase and told him so. He didn't keep it too long because he too decided he didn't want to risk his safety with such small kids needing him.
Shortly after he sold it we had been at my moms visiting when Her husband told us that he SOLD the mint car! My husband looked at him in shock and said "Bob, why didn't you ask me, you knew how badly I wanted to buy that car."Bob responded coldly with... "well, You bought that motorcycle Pete, you didn't need the car too! So I sold it to my friend Leroy." ( Later we found out Leroy was a new guy at Bobs job that practically Stole the car from him, he sold it so cheap!)
My husband was not only baffled by this but also so so hurt. What was that?? Was it ignorance? Did he think it was his job to punish him for making a bad decision with the motorcycle? Was it spite? He actually said it spitefully like a bratty child would. Bob passed away many years ago and I've often thought if Mr. Petals still had that car, it would have been one way to have a nice memory of bob.., also,Who knows, it may have helped to form a nice bond between them creating some extra happy memories too. Instead, This act of spite or hatred or whatever it was, along with many other bizarre behaviors by him, left us feeling flat and disheartened. Certain things are just baffling and they make you question... where is the love?
(turn up volume)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Who you gonna Call?

(two robins with chocolate covered faces!)

Sunday Scribblings!...
Super hero brings TWO things immediately to this mama's mind!
my first two Boys! When they were small they had a costume draw FILLED with superhero costumes and each day I was never sure WHICH alter ego's name I had to use. Once while out to dinner, we ran into clients and introduced them to our sons and our eldest corrected me and said "that's NOt my name, my name is Bruce Banner!".. (he was feeling like the 'hulk' that day)
I was always at the flea market picking up inexpensive Green or black tights for my SONS! I remember it striking me VerY odd one day and I questioned if this was appropriate for me to be encouraging them to dress up in girls tights while sporting leather armor, masks and plastic weapons! I decided it was perfectly normal and when Ghost busters became their new passion, I even got them the full length ghostbuster jump suits that their New heros wore. They went EVERYWHERE in those beige jumpsuits along with backpack! (this next photo courtesy of google) I was only able to wash them when they got their batman pjs on and went to sleep!!
When my younger son came along the two older guys had already stopped 'dressing up' but that didn't stop all three of my sons from Always being superhero's in this mama's heart!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Music meme time!

trying out a new prompt site called The music meme although.. there is something familiar about it.. hmmmm I am wondering if I participated in it a few years ago and like everything else... I FORGOT.
OKAY.. this week it asks us to name the top 5 songs that make you think of your best friend..
this is easy if I choose my husband since i've always felt he is my #1 best friend.
It's also easy because Mr. petals IS THE music man! he Knows, loves, eats and breathes it!
He has introduced me to so many great artists and constantly keeps up with new ones.
#1 your my best friend (queen)
This is really OUR song. it means so much to us and was the album he lent me when he was trying to Wooo me!
#2.. our wedding band couldn't play 'you're my best friend' so we chose 'Till there was you" (beatles) as our official dance song at our wedding and after 30 years together, it has also become 'our song'
#3. everybody hurts (rem) We went thru a very sad time with someone we love and this song seemed to come on constantly then and it always moved my husband to tears. I can't hear it without thinking about his heart and his sadness during that time.
#4. ANYThING by Bjork.. because I always remember him saying a day without bjork is like a day without sunshine, and making our teenagers friends laugh! haha Also because he introduced me to her music. But I will choose a specific song.. Hunter because this is the song he heard late at night when he couldn't sleep and he was haunted by her incredible voice.. ran out the next day to buy the cd and was THRILLED to learn she had others before this too!
#5 wounded bird (by Graham Nash) because again he introduced me to this album and I fell in love with it and he used to always sing the line to me..."feel a little smaller and in Stature you will rise"...
can I pick a number 6 too? Lazing on a sunday afternoon!(queen) instead of singing.. 'Fridays I go painting in the louvre'... My best friend ALWAYS sings fridays I go painting with LULUuuu . I've always just loved that and Him!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have been chosen by Daily Panic over at a day on the orb Edge to receive this award! I was surprised because I haven't been blogging much lately and didn't think the crap UH I mean posts I've been writing were too creative. So THAnKS Panic.. this means a lot!

Now to get on with the rules of this award which will involve a series of truths and one lie or vice versa. (I did my own thing and decided to choose to lie 3 times and tell three truths.) Can u guess? I hope you'll guess.. or this HOUR worth of truth and lies took away from my life that is growing shorter and shorter as i type.

1. When I was a little girl I met Paul Anka who was a big to do back then. We were at my cousins party in Queens and he was there with her brother who was dating Pauls sister. He got up and sang a song called "Dance on little girl" so he picked me up and danced with me! He was so handsome and even though I was only about 4 years old.. I was smitten!

2. I met another celebrity when I was on a date with my husband. We went to the city to see Woman of the year with Rachel welch and Charles Bronson was sitting a few rows from us. He was pretty scary looking but I made sure I walked past him and said Hello Mr. Bronson. He nodded his head and said Hello back.. I'm So lame!

3. While I'm on the topic of celebrities... Before he was on Saturday night live or making movies or famous for AnYthing.. Eddie Murphy who is a long islander like me.. was at my local Ground Round restaurants comedy night and he begged them to give him a chance at stand-up. We were there that night and he BLEW away all the headlining comedians! It felt like only a few months later that he was a household name.

4. I guess I am on a celebrity roll without even planning this that way... Before she had her own talk show and became the woman we all seem to either hate or love... Rosie O'Donnel was getting her haircut by guess who?? NO, not me...MR. PETALS! She used to give us tickets to see her at a local comedy club and she always promised him that when she made it big... HE would be her personal hairstylist... Yeah Right!

5. Long Island has produced many famous people.. to name a few more...Billy Joel, Pat Benetar, The Baldwin Boys and one of My VERY favorites... Jerry Seinfeld! My connection? I've enjoyed Billy in concert, In the 80's people told me I looked just like Pat and one of my friends has been to a party with ALeC Baldwin (who he said is an asshole).. but Jerry... HE is my favorite celebrity of All... and here is what happened..
While at a traffic light in the early 90's out in Montauk... JERRY himself walked in front of my car!! I got SO excited, I beeped my horn and nearly gave the poor guy a heart attack!

6. Well since I do have another celebrity story from my past, I guess I have a theme going here..
Back in the late 70's I was working at a very Posh Salon and one day a limo pulled up and out Popped Cyndi Lauper! She was tiny but BIGGER than life. Before she was on her own she was in a band called the BLUE ANGELS.. There album has been one of my favorites from that day forward. She Was super friendly to everyone and my friend Tina (who was KNOWN for her artistry with crazy color) dyed Cyndi's hair HOT pinK! It wasn't long after that meeting that she became a pop icon! I've adored her forever!

My Nominee are:
1. Bone Not only do I love his writing but he was already nominated by daily panic too, so he can kill two awards with one great post. He is also my fellow Seinfeld lover!
2. Sherrie because she is not only creative and artistic she is one of my bestest blog friends and I adore her!
3. Diana is also a dear blog buddy and she writes creative posts from the heart!
4. Granny Smith: Because she melts my heart, she is brilliant and she also already has the task from Daily!
5. Skittles is awarded because of her creativity, honesty and humor! Another dear friend.
6. Keith because I think he is one of the most creative writers blogging or in print!! and he is the sweetest man I know!
7. Last but Not at all least... Tamara! Queen of humor, Queen of honesty and Queen of my Scrabble life and a Queen who is so creative and SO worthy! I love all these bloggers!
The rules for this award are:

- thank the person who gave you the award
- copy the logo and place it on your blog
- link to the person who nominated you
- tell up to six outrageous lies about yourself and at least one outrageous truth, or vice-versa
- nominate seven "creative" writers
- post links to the blogs you nominated

You may comment to say what you think my 3 truths are and I'll post the answers in a week.. (IF anyone responds!) haha Thanks!

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Lucy WHO?

This week Sunday Scribblings asked us "what's your take on MESS?"
I would probably have answered this with a different answer a different day, but today.. I can't help answer that my memory is my take on a TOTAL mess! All of my menopausal friends joke about how deficient theirs are as well. They all try to make me feel normal when I can't find the missing word in a sentence or recall something they've already told me. However, yesterday really took the cake or in my case the PB&J. As I was making myself a peanut butter and raspberry preserves sandwich I really realized WHY the expression "a LIGHT bulb went off" when referring to memorizing something, is SO on the money! I stood like a deer in headlights and realized that for the last school year EVERY nite before bed, I Make up my pot of coffee for the morning and make my son a sandwich for school, and Like that bright light, It illuminated to me that I had FORGOTTEN to make his sandwich for at LEAST the last week!! Isn't that bizarre!? How could I have forgotten this? What is REALLy bizarre as well.. is that he never said ANYTHING to me! Not a reminder, nor a question as to why I stopped! I texted him and apologized and asked him WhAT he has been doing for lunch?? He said..'nothing, that's why I've been coming home so hungry'. HEllOoo??? who is wackier here???

If this memory dilemma isn't proof enough of my messy brain, Also yesterday I was giving directions to my home to out of town company who were staying only 5 minutes away and I BLANKED, I mean really blanked out on which way they should turn to come here!! I give these directions ALL the time to new clients! How can I forget? Good thing Mr. Petals was in the room and with a worried expression, he filled in my spaces. I've also been forgetting things I've confided in people, Forgetting birthdays, graduations, anniversaries (I used to be so great with dates) AND forgetting Clients names or mixing up the names. I had an Ellen and Evelyn at the same time, women I've known FOrEVer and EVERY time, EVERY single time I used their name, I said the others name!! At one point I really felt embarrassed by it!

I have had a lot on my mind lately, but is that really an excuse for this mess?
Between the recent migraines and this messy memory loss I am truly feeling worried and that worry fills my head and that takes up even more memory room which must be making my problem even worse!

Today I was talking to my friend about How a few years back i saw an older woman walking in my neighborhood and she kept turning around and then going the other direction and I could see she was VERY confused. I pulled my car over to her and said "are u okay? Do u need some help?" She was so sweet and looked embarrassed and said.. "I always walk up to the bakery and I was sure it was on this street but I can't find it." She was about two long blocks from the bakery so I offered to take her there, helped her up into my car and gave her a ride. After dropping her, I was worried that she wouldn't find her way back home. My friend then told me that almost the SAME thing happened to her a few years ago too, Only her poor passenger was looking for her own home in the pouring rain and had NO idea of the address or where to go. So my friend asked her to search her pockets and see if she had something with her address on it and the woman reached inside her rain drenched coat and pulled out a travel soap dish with a bar of soap in it!!
(HOLY Shit! Someone better start sewing address labels inside of all of my clothing!!)
My bewildered friend ended up calling the police station who had been alerted of a missing person from this poor souls family. Maybe she stepped outside to take a shower? Life... it's sometimes a sad, strange mess.