Friday, September 29, 2006


My mom has been living in Florida for the past 19 years. She has had her ups and downs in life. I guess looking back there have been many more downs. Her first husband ( my father) died way too young, he was only 42. I was 3. My sister was 9 and my brother was 12. My poor mom was only 33. My mom had a full time job as a waitress. She tried to juggle it along with us. Life was difficult, to say the least.
Her one source of emotional support was from her sister, Terry. Nine years older than my mom, Terry seemed to be Moms guide. Her north star. (she was the reason my mom moved to florida) After many years, my mom remarried. After only 5 short years- he too, passed away. I think the loneliness that hit her was unbearable. In her lonely despair, she met her 3rd husband. They were married the longest- 19 years. Sadly, He passed away 11 years ago. Sadder still, three months before he died, so did Moms sister Terry. The loss was devastating.
This brings me to the reason I wanted to write about my mom. At 77 years old, she is doing unbelievably well. For the last 6 years she has been volunteering her time at her local hospital. Not only does she love doing it. It seems like she is being loved doing it. My mom sits in the surgery waiting room. While their loved ones are in surgery, family members wait with her. Well, she is not just waiting. She is singing to them. Telling them jokes. Making them eat something. Calling ( bugging) the Doctors to give them news. These family members are so grateful, They send her flowers, they write letters to the president of the hospital praising her. Recently, a reporter for a local newspaper was waiting for her moms surgery to end. She was so impressed with my moms caring and entertaining ways, she wrote a glowing article about her for the paper. ( she referred to her as a red hot mamma!)
Besides the hospital, she is a bingo caller 2 days a week. ( Here, she gets to tell the "off color" jokes) Instead of drowning in her grief. Instead of dwelling on the past and all the sadness. This very unique lady is giving of herself. She is touching lives. Her past has been heartbreaking. Her strength is inspiring. I Hope her future has only happiness.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Good Golly! Miss Molly

When we first were married, we got a beautiful Bichon Frise we named Blinky. We read all the books, did all the right things, including sending him to obedience school. As you "dog people" know, obedience school is really for the humans. They teach US how to train our pooches. It was great, Blinky would sit and stay, he would come when called,he walked beautifully on his leash, he even shook hands. The trend continued with our next dog a gorgeous wheaten terrier. She was even more intelligent than Blinky. I swore she was human. Her big brown eyes spoke volumes. She would listen better than most kids.( I think I will never get over her death)
Then a few years later, Cosmo comes along. Life was busy, kids were busy. I was always busy. We spent some time with the old dittos on training. He sits and will stay for a few seconds. He can dance around on his hind legs. He can even roll over( well, it's more of a half turn). Walking him however would be described as him taking you for a run. That brings me to my troublesome cockapoo, MOLLY. It is really not her fault that she is SO disobedient. When she came along 2 years ago, Life was even busier, The kids were busier + I was busier (and Older and more tired too)! Now that you have the background let me tell you about today.

Today was another dog grooming nightmare! Molly is terrified of EVERYTHING. Lately, she won't even go outside at night unless accompanied by Mr. Cosmo. ( her lover lover dog)(She worries about those noisy crickets) She whimpers outside as if she is scared of her own shadow. She is a nervous wreck if she goes in the car. Just Forget taking her for a walk! So today, when I walked her to the car on her leash to go into the car to go to the groomer, she pulled so hard, her collar popped open and she just took off! She ran so fast up our street, I ran after her (I don't really run so well) She was like lightening, Like a terrified rabbit, being chased by a wolf ( or by a screaming woman, purse flailing, high heeled sandals pounding) She rounded the corner and was a blur. I was so frightened. If a car was on the street, she would have run right into it. I ran back home to get my car. There was no way I was getting her on foot. Mind you, What I forgot to mention, Mr. Cosmo was going to the groomer too. He is already in the car and he is BARKING like fucking lassie yelling TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE. I hope none of the neighbors were looking out their windows. I was like an adrenaline crazed Lunatic. I am screaming for him to be quiet - I am looking for the keys- I am needing to urinate BADLY. Then a miracle happens. Miss Molly- she comes back to me! Maybe it was Cosmos barking - maybe he wasn't saying "trouble" maybe it was " get your ass back here you crazy bitch".( an actual "dog word") Whatever it was- I was so relieved. I was so exhausted - I still had to get these maniacs to their scheduled appointment. So I put Molly in the crate with Cosmo ( she is so naughty, she has to be crated in the car, she likes to ride ontop of my head, while I am driving) and off we went.
Thank god she is safe, she is home, she is clean and she is outside whimpering at all the evil crickets.
(by the way- there would be a photo of her - but she can't "sit and stay" long enough to take one)

Twinkle Twinkle

Thanks for the idea Ally.
If you would like to have a star too-go here
( it's been a light blogging kind of month)

Monday, September 18, 2006

happy birthday?

Saturday night, We went out to dinner to
Ruvo's .
We were celebrating a very special friends 50th birthday.
The food was so fabulous.The company was so fun,The wine was delicious.
50 is such a milestone birthday. Birthdays in general, to me, should always be special.
( especially these major ones!) My husband teases me that I am a nut when it comes to birthdays.
I really try very hard not to forget to send cards and call the people who are important to me. After all, major holidays are for everyone, but one just one precious day a year is yours all to your self. My son Frank, said something so sweet to me a few years ago when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said " Mom, I should be getting you a gift for my birthday, if it wasn't for you, i wouldn't be here". That was one of those melting mom moments.
It surprises me when some of my friends say they don't want their birthdays acknowledged. One friend didn't even tell her kids she was having a 40th. It was too depressing or something. How do you guys feel about birthdays? Do you love receiving cards and birthday wishes? Or, do you wish birthdays would just go away?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This little pinky went to market

I was e-mailing a friend, who wanted to know How I smashed my pinkie finger. A light bulb went off- hey maybe I will write about this on the blog. I've been feeling blogless these days. I feel like if I don't have a damn good story, who will be interested? Or as my son Nick likes to tell me- Who Cares Mom? Why do you think anyone wants to read about your life? He really is sweet but he is also painstakingly honest. So anyway, about the stupid pinky. Which, by the way I remember reading somewhere that eventually it will grow smaller and smaller and we won't have one as we evolve, because we no longer use it???? What's up with that theory, Don't they type? I've been trying to type without the pinkie, trust me, you need that little guy. So anyway, in case you don't know me- I do a lot of things fast- talk, drive, walk and CLEAN. ( to name a few). While Cleaning on Saturday morning, I was rushing as usual to finish before work, I was wiping my table like the karate kid doing " sand the deck" on speed. That little pinky guy wasn't holding the paper towel with his four pals, he was jutting out there like a happy penis. Ram! right into the wood chair that was tucked under the table. YEOWWWW- My nail lifted partly off! (I know!- don't you have chills right now-??) It hurt worse than child birth. Yet, I had to work, despite the pain the blood the tears. ( im a cry baby, too) It wasn't easy, but professional that I am -I managed. The best part of the pinkie story is it reminded me of how my husband makes fun of fast lulu. My favorite time was when we were shopping in Costco, and he must have told me to "slow up" ten times. ( anywhere we go, I am fast walking 20 steps ahead of him, till i realize and TRY to slow up, it's like torture for me) So, all of a sudden he grabs my shopping cart and starts running down the aisles, throwing things in the cart and doing a very hysterical imitation of me shopping. I guess you had to be there, I still laugh so hard when I think of it.
So there Nick! I told my story anyway, na na na na na

Thursday, September 07, 2006

color me- blue

Not much to blog about. The week went by quickly. My youngest son started High School. I'm feeling unusually blue.( not lilac) Having a hair-color dilemma going on in my salon. Need to change products- it's time consuming, it's confusing, it's expensive. As my clients get older and grayer, my color needs to get bolder and have better coverage. Changing each formula has been tedious, and I'm anticipating some whining women. I need to love the results or I won't sleep ( persnickety to a fault) ( got to love the thesaurus!) Let's hope tomorrow will be lilac day.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

You Are Lilac

You are a very innocent and pure person. Ethics matter to you.
Your friends consider you a great listener, and you often play therapist to your friends.
You are good at drawing out truths in conversation, however painful they may be.
Non judgmental and patient - people feel like they can tell you anything!

Since Purple is my favorite color- I thought this would be a cute quiz. Not sure how innocent I am, but boy did they hit it on the head with the "people can tell me anything". If my salon had ears- they would catch on fire! I often think I should have a hydraulic couch. I will tell you though, I really enjoy being able to listen and hopefully help. So many people, just need someone to vent to, a tissue to cry into and a great haircut all rolled into one.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Almost successful!

Thanks to ally bean I Do have a picture in my profile! Ally suggested I go to flickr, which I did but I didn't have luck till i took more time to mess around. I finally saw how to resize a picture and there was the much needed url address! Now for some crazy reason the picture is in my "view complete profile" section, but not on the title page. Ever have one of those days where you wish you would have been a rocket scientist instead of a measly hair stylist?
*revision- (never mind- I see it is NOW there! It's so tiny I have to find a better picture)