Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Bettys secret

Did you ever have something strike you so funny, so hysterical, yet you were the only one laughing? Last week as I made my normal rounds to buy beauty supplies I was struck with such a fit of laughter. While browsing in my usual store, with my usual saleslady, A HUGE new sign stopped me in my tracks. It read: NOW YOU CAN COLOR YOUR HAIR DOWN THERE! INTRODUCING HAIR COLOR FOR YOUR BETTY! Well, I was so astounded( and a bit horrified.) I just started laughing and saying things like "oh my god, People on the street can see this sign" "Betty? Who is Betty?
Should I be calling her Betty?"
"What about men? Is theirs a Barney?" "Who is interested in this? Don't they know our country is at war?" "Now we need more maintenance? Our roots on our heads AND on our-Betty's?" I was seriously cracking myself up! My usual girl was smiling( no hysterics), however her temporary Christmas helper was looking at me with a frightened look. She apparently didn't see the humor. (She must be sporting a hot pink, heart shaped Betty) Yes,This Betty coloring kit even comes with stencils! Of course, my laughter didn't stop at the store. I, of course shared the good news with many of my female clients. Thank god I am NOT crazy, because their laughter made mine seem sedate. The women were crying with laughter. (Several, pretended to be outraged, but I predict they will be calling for a private Betty session!) Geez, I don't think i am set up for this task! I feel like that Seinfeld episode, where Jerry says" now I will have to hang beads, and dress differently" Well, he says something like that.( the episode is about the menage a trois)
Don't get me wrong, I do think Betty should be taken care of! Besides her daily scrubbings, She of course needs a trim, even conditioning treatments. If occasionally she needs a little excitement with a dramatic color change- Shouldn't that NOT be left in the hands of a stranger? Some things are just best done by yourself! Or here's a good suggestion- get your lover involved in the transformation. Please leave me out of this little boost in your love life. When i went to beauty school ( many years ago). WE just didn't have to past the state board betty test!
I think this should be on sale at K-mart or Cvs along with the do it yourself hair-coloring kits. Not in the beauty supply stores. Please tell me, you agree with me. Is the world getting a little wacko? WHO out there, is planning on calling their hairstylist for a New, New years Betty?

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Ch Ch Ch Ch changes

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Even with all my complaining and my overwhelmed attitude, we not only pulled off a delicious, organized, fun (and yes dust free) Christmas eve, but we also thoroughly enjoyed it! Besides our regulars ( my husbands family), Our best friends joined us and made the Eve even more jolly. They added so much warmth and conversation and holiday spirit. On saturday i was ranting that I will never do this holiday again, and by monday morning, i was making up next years menu in my mind. Like the song says, there is no place like home for the holidays. The amount of preparation and work and money spent was all worth while. ( i hope i remember this feeling come next December!)

I haven't begun my official list of New Year's resolutions yet. I know exercise and dieting will be on there, but i think what should be number one on that list is Change. Change in attitude for one thing. I want to stop being stressed out by my life.
I want to take each day with a calmer pace. The first step i plan on taking is putting myself ahead of my job. I am done making a million exceptions on when i work. I am going to set hours and days and stick to them. I am going to remember that my sense of peace is more important than making sure everyone is accommodated when their schedule permits. Running myself ragged is only running myself to an early grave. I don't think it matters if I accomplish less in my day than i feel i have to. I need to change the expectations I place on myself. I am not wonder woman, no matter what you may think! I need to breathe, I need to spend time with my family, I need to prop my feet up on those messy couch cushions. I need to blog more and complain less. I need to change. I need to walk my dogs. I need to take a yoga class. I need to clean less. I need to play more board games with Son #3. I need to make more lunch dates with girlfriends. I need to drink more of my favorite green tea. I need to be a changed me.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a Peaceful, Loving, Merry Christmas!
(Instead of blogging I will be egg nogging)
Hope to see you before the New Year!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wii are successful!

Well, putting out the word to find a wii has paid off. One of my kind clients called me with some great news and cute advice. He said " I heard from Santa, and he said, go out and buy some Wii games for your son". I was so excited that he found one and so grateful that he even searched. However, my son, who began helping me with my quest for Wii,
had been planning on camping out ( no tent) with many buddies. Even with his ecstatic joy of Mr. Client finding wii, he still asked if he could have the "experience" of the all nighter with his friends. And because Mr. Client said the wii would be delivered some time next week, and because I am a paranoid lunatic.....Well, Yes, We will have 2 wiis. The good thing about that is I know a few people who also expressed their kids desires for one, so I will hopefully help thrill another kid.

All this anticipation for granting this kids craving has been so distracting. I am hoping that now that my mind is clearer, I can focus on shopping & cooking for Christmas Eve, wrapping, cleaning, baking cookies and trying to make my clients look beautiful. I don't think there will be time for my roots or my much needed eyebrow waxing. So i will look a bit groucho as I am serving up my holiday dinner, maybe Santa can put a cigar in my stocking.

Friday, December 08, 2006

punishment and reward

The only thing my youngest son wants for Christmas is one of those Impossible to find, Nintendo Wii's. Seeing Sunday Scribblings prompt this week led my brain straight to the torturous punishment I have been going through, trying to locate one of these over priced,under supplied, overly hyped games systems. I feel like punishing those bastards at Nintendo by not buying one, but of course that would only be cruel to my kid. I have been calling every store in a 25 mile radius every day. I have been stopping in best buys and gamestops. When i asked one wise ass kid in best buy, if they were getting any of these stupid wiis in, he asked me, " do you own tent?" I looked at him with confusion and said " A tent? What are you talking about"
According to this guy I am not going to get one unless i camp out in front of the store. yeah, like that is going to happen. The sad thing is my little guy is such a great kid. He doesn't ever ask for anything. He is one of those compliant, good people that just rolls with the punches. He so deserves to get a gift that would totally excite him. If he does receive his desired reward, it would be so worth the punishment of the hunt.

Friday, December 01, 2006

In the last hour

Sunday Scribblings has helped to expand my blogging world. When I first tried my hand at blogging, I didn't realize how much enjoyment I was going to get by discovering other blogs. A great way of finding other blogs is through the Sunday Scribblings Participants. What I have noticed as I am snooping around, Many bloggers have met and even formed friendships through
blogging. I am lucky enough to already fall into that category. My new friend Jenny visited my blog back in the summer. We just seemed to hit it off! I now consider her a special friend and I think we will be E-pals forever.

In the last hour I have just visited several blogs that I have discovered through Scribblings. My hope is to have loyal readers of my blog and to be loyal to as many as I can handle in my crazy life. Sometimes when you leave a comment, The blogger will come visit you and politely reciprocate. Sometimes, they don't.
Let's face it, We aren't writing for just our own enjoyment or we would use an old fashioned notebook or start a file in word.
We are looking for the interaction with others. As I partake in Scribblings, hope I can connect with many nice people.