Sunday, November 25, 2018

My nose and ears are growing, my eyes are getting smaller

They tell me that I’m 4 -11 but I used to be taller.

Osteopenia! Saggy boobs! droopy Ass! 
I can barely See ya and I’m looking through Bi-focal glass

I’m feeling so forgetful or did I already mention?
Oh right, Doc now told me. I may have dementia. :/
Wrinkles and Arthritis! Thinning hair! barely there!
Some other kind of ITiS, Not sure as my ears can’t hear

Bowel Movements now a pleasure, some times they take all day 
To pass the time I count liver spots or pull out all my grays.
High Cholesterol! Crooked back!  Creaky knees!
Cant even eat sweets! Borderline sugar disease! 

My new pastime… Sitting.. as I hope for and wait for mail
My taste buds must be failing, I thought this bread went stale
Wasn’t it only yesterday I was young and peppy and spry
Wasn’t it only yesterday my vagina, not so dry!
Varicose veins!  Extra chin!  Back end fat! 
My brain is feeling so foggy. changed my name to dingbat.

They say to embrace aging, they say embrace the change
I don’t know who ‘they are” but they must all be deranged.
As long as I can still converse in coherent sentences
I’ll fight aging, hold it back! like a bad case of flatulence!